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forpetessake: How is Sigma's "try before you buy" any better than buy and return for full refund if not satisfied most vendors offer? In fact it's worse, Sigma offers just one week, while most vendors allow 30 days of use.

I guess it depends on the store. At least here in Switzerland the retailers are legally bound to state the device is a customer return when the box was opened, and if the gadget was used, they have to reset it to factory default. Thus, you regularly see some techGadget for a reduced price (in the average for 15%) yet they offer full warranty of course. Or they end as showcase model and are being sold later when a particular model is being superseded by a new one.

Now independent of return policies, I thought hearing about some manufacturers having a policy instructing the retailers that they *have* to send back customer returns, to ensure the quality - and image of their brand. Last thing a reputable manufacturer want is a customer complaint saying they got a non-brand new camera from a reputable store.

Anyhow, just my 2c worth.

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What Apple is for computer enthusiasts is Leica for camera enthusiasts I would guess?
Just my 2c worth, and not meant to be condescending; in the contrary, it's nice to see stellar-crafted tech-gadgetry; even if it is beyond my price range for the time being.

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On Samsung NX mini First Impressions Review preview (559 comments in total)

Ok, that's it!!
/Finally/ a worthy successor for the Fujifilm FinePix F31fd, at least from the quick looks of it.
As I was once asking in this thread here:
Especially regarding battery life, that is something I truly appreciate on my F31fd.
Only thing to wish/hope is that there is no slow battery drainage whilst the camera is off and stored away; works perfectly with the F31fd, I put it away for couple of months, then I can use it again where the battery capacity left off. Most modern camera seem to have some kind of hidden voltage consumption even when the camera is off, only thing is to take out the battery.

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On Sony DSC-RX10 preview (725 comments in total)

To me, the RX10 comes at a hefty price tag - I mean, a MSRP of approx. 1300 is quite steep. Yet, the specs are impressive, a f/2.8 lens for the whole zoom range, 1" sensor, 8x zoom, one could be pretty creative with this.
Then again, the asking price could also buy some "basic APS-C cam" such as a Canon 1100D with a nice zoom lens (albeit definitively not f/2.8) and plus some kind of superzoom travel compact cam à la Sony Cybershot DSC-WX300 just for fun.
Other than that, my guess is that the RX10 will see the $999 mark relatively soon.

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Now let's see how long it will take till Hasselblad will offer the A7 / A7R with their design interpretation à la Hasselblad Lunar. My wild guess what the name will be adhering to the two previous celestial body-related names:
"Hasselblad Planetar"?

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One thing I first noticed is the absence of design. But I mean this in a good way. Design the inner specifications, take a fitting flat box, cut a cylinder into half (sort of) call it "handgrip" and glue it onto this box, put some kind of prisma-shaped thing on top to give space for the viewfinder and done.
This straightforward design reminds me the good old times in the era of the Canon AE-1.
Yeah, I'm looking forward to this Sony one.

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On Fujifilm X-M1 Review preview (220 comments in total)
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Mirrorless Crusader: DPR why are you giving almost every half-decent camera a gold star now? Literally a large a majority of $600+ cameras now are getting gold stars, it completely dilutes the rating system and makes it look like you are just using it as a marketing ploy to sell cameras at Gear Shop. Can't you come up with a system where only a few cameras at most each year get the top award? Then we would actually know which you really think are best, because right now it looks like you're just trying to satisfy everybody and as a result satisfying nobody.

Just my 2c, but I think these days every half-decent camera just _are_ technical masterpieces, and thus it may be hard not to give a gold award. Well I'm just expressing this from my modest photography-gadgetry needs ;-) Anyhow, yet I see the point where gold awards tend to be given away easily and looses its exclusivity. Having said that, maybe the introduction of some "Platinum Award" might be an idea which would strictly be reserved to anything which would be "outstanding"?

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Now here's the thing: First off, I myself personally would not be aspiring in saving and acquiring this camera, primarily because of budget reasons. Even if I had the budget and it was easy to get to it, I would get something else since I'm rather the type of 'form follows function', i.e. function (and features) first, then form, design, coolness, etc.
And yet, I find this Sony/Hasselblad partnership very interesting with the following alleged ulterior motive: _IF_ this means Hasselblad is also going to build their E-mount lenses in their super-top-notch tack-sharp quality, which will be also usable on Sony NEX cams then this is a BIG YES! My NEX-C3 with a native Hasselblad E-mount lens would portray much more stylishness than a Hasselblad Lunar with a 'Sony' kit lens ;-)

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Slightly OT, but still gotta say this: Frankly, when seeing this concept image above of a camera, I may have second thoughts in actually getting it; talk about total absence of aesthetics to put it diplomatically. However, knowing that this would be the one camera with all the features I would like to have, the perfect camera, I'm pretty sure I still would get it; since I'm well aware just a good design of a camera doesn't make the photographer shoot good pictures, it's the photographer's experience which makes the good pictures.
And if Nikon would indeed adopt this design and release this kind of perfect camera, I imagine it would even become a classic pretty fast, also or especially because of the "no-frills-aesthetics-but-feature-packed" attributes.
I wonder if this discussion post may even have been initiated by Nikon themselves, including this concept image... ;-)

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On Hasselblad responds to Lunar criticisms article (613 comments in total)

When I first learned about a Hasselblad model going NEX so to speak, I first thought "eek", what a regression. Plus, the design isn't something which appeals me either, however that's just a personal thing.

HOWEVER: On a second thought I was thinking, WHEN Hasselblad starts developing lenses for the Lunar series, i.e. E-mount, which would be mountable and fully compatible on Sony's NEX cams, then this is a BIG YES and here we'd be taking good and serious partnership.

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I'm fond of the more pocket-able cameras while still having excellent image-quality at hand. Sony's NEX-series and especially, the RX-1 is something which just meets my taste to be frank and shows the trend IMHO.
Specifically, pretty all class of cameras, from prosumer and higher are well feature packed and it boils down to the taste. However, indeed there is no camera which "packs all nifty features in one packages".

My ideal camera for my taste is:
- Body-size in the lines of Sony's RX-1 or NEX-series for that matter.
- Full-frame sensor
- Full easy accessible manual control of all parameters
- High-speed recording feature in Full-HD
- Super-high speed burst-shooting à la Nikon J resp. V1.
- Timelapse recording please!
- Fully articulated screen
- Exchangeable lenses
--> And now the killer-feature: Ability to exchange the sensor (and image processing module) when new ones come out. Hello sustainability!

Price-tag: If a manufacturer can offer this for 1990$, it'd be awesome!!

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