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On Hands-on with the Panasonic Lumix DMC-GM5 article (304 comments in total)

Panny kicks butt. One tiny gripe is that the lens mount is still very low on the camera and my 20mm will still stick out at the bottom.

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koolbreez: If the IQ is up to par, and the VC works good, this will make a nice addition connected to my Nikon D7100, set on the 16mp 1.3 crop setting, essentially making it a 300mm-1200mm at F5-6.3 and then in focus at 2.7meters away, decent macro shooting comes to mind at a good working distance. Now that is a respectable "reach out and grab it" wildlife optic. It even makes it more enticing at 1680mm at F8 with a 1.4 tele-converter attached, although manual focusing hand held might have to be completely reconsidered depending on the VC quality...hehehe.

It nothing you can't already do with a Canon SX50 :-)

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Every time he adds one more camera, he is breaking his world record :-)

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CameraAddict: Since you are mentioning that people "criticize our content for not being good enough, fast enough (or long enough or strong enough, or the wrong color, etc" I must concur with them on the "wrong color".

Could you please make a button that switches the color scheme from a black background to white? I for one can't stand the painful white type on black background contrast.

No way, keep the black background because when I am on the net at 2.00am and my wife is asleep next to me, DPR is the only website I can use without the glare from the computer screen disturbing her, thanks to the black background.

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On Panasonic DMC GF5 preview (70 comments in total)

Its using the same old 1st generation sensor that has very poor DR. No amount of software trickery can change that. I would rather buy a GX1 with a 14mm lens and have a similar size camera kit but with a much better sensor and lens, for a similar price.

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Joe11: Thank you for your investigations.

But can contaminated raw-material from the Fukushima disaster really be excluded ? These are my only fears. And if Fuji does not know the reason for white orbs itself, this should be checked urgently!

If it is due to no AA-filter or weak AA-filter, then everything is fine and I will buy this camera the next days. But what is it really ?
If there is no AA-filter or just weak AA-filter, then I'm looking forward for overall picture quality tests, especially sharpness and details! For this reason I would not care much about white orbs, if everything is ok according to specification.
But again: Hopefully it has nothing to do with contaminated raw-material from the Fukushima disaster. Can Fuji confirm ?

The X10 is turning into Fujishima

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