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On As good as it gets. DSCN0043 photo in BLM367890's photo gallery (3 comments in total)

Neither is the composition...but thats another story.
Why f8?

Bad choice,IMHO.
These small sensored camera's have huge DOF compared to D-SLR (APS-C ) and FF sensors. You didn't need any more DOF, and shutter speeds would of been faster if bigger aperture was chosen.

Use lowest aperture possible.
Avoid auto mode.
Takes a bit of time to learn a camera.
Go to Nikon Coolpix Forum, and see the results some folk are getting...clearly much better than yours.

Sometimes, It's the photographer and not the camera

Have a nice day


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Cane: I love to see all the old people grab for their oxygen masks when a camera is released without a viewfinder.

It's the older crowd, and those who lost their near sighted ness, that really need a EVF. These folk have to hold camera at arms length, to see the LCD, but that far away, and the glare from the sun, as well as lack of stability, make it difficult for them.....but the younger crowd can hold camera about 5 to 7 inches away, avoid sun glare, and get more stable photos. I take plenty shots between 600 and 1200 mm, and an EVF is optional. See my posts , to see images obtainable at these focal ranges. I use pinhead sensors...FZ200 and SX50...and for 8x10 prints, or viewing on monitor, IQ is more than good enough.

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On Fujifilm announces new rugged and long zoom compacts article (29 comments in total)
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mpgxsvcd: My 8 inch diameter telescope is only 800mm! Why in the world do people think they need 16 megapixels with 1200mm? Spotting scopes for rifles don’t even have that kind of focal length.

If they can shoot people miles away with a shorter focal length then you certainly can take a picture of them with a shorter focal length.

There's plenty to shoot with a 1200mm lens .
Birds, wildlife,
Here's a link ...first shot is handheld@1200mm, and shot through a fence!

Actually few more of these are at close to or 1200mm!

Thanks in part to the focal length, you can't tell that i was 5 feet in front of a fence, nor can you see the fence.

For 8' x 10' prints, these smallish sensors, with big telephoto zoom lenses have their place.

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On High-end pocketable compacts 2013 roundup article (264 comments in total)
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Timmbits: @DPR, with a title like that "High End Compact Roundup"...

one would expect an Actual Roundup of High-End compacts.

But no... 3 out of 6 have a tiny sensor, 1 has a very small sensor, of which none are "high end"... only 2 out of 6 is a failing mark in everyone's book.

Who composes your article titles? Someone who used to work in a paparazzi sensationalism newsroom?

A more apt title would have been simply "Xmas gift ideas" I know it sounds disappointing... but so is the roundup.

PS: " large sensors (compared to those in smartphones)" seriously, anything larger than a smartphone sensor is a "large sensor"? When did this new standard come about?

Some need to learn to read better...this is strictly a 'pocketable' category.

What composes their article titles?

Or do you mean' how do I learn to actually READ the titles, before I comment, and thus discredit myself ' , lol.

Small sensors are needed for such smallish camera's, in case you didn't know.

Gee....thanks for making me feel smart, after reading your comments :)

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On High-end pocketable compacts 2013 roundup article (264 comments in total)
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Paderborn: Why oh why have viewfinders disappeared from point and shoot cameras? Having to push the camera out at arms length to look at the screen virtually eliminates any possibility of candid photography. I find it far easier to shoot discreetly with a Canon 7D with a bolt on battery grip!

Funny...shooting discreetly with a 7D.....quite big for discrete, no ?
Especially in that this review is for pocketable camera's.

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On Panasonic Lumix DMC-ZS40 Real-world Samples Gallery article (90 comments in total)
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nikon power: For all the cameras with zoom power that I've owned, my first shots with them was the moon. God had placed the moon up there in synchronous orbit for a reason. It's easier to compare the same moon's face as seen by all eyes and all cameras. Google knows everything...Mmmm 4 billion years ago the Moon collided, etc.
Funny, wait another 50 years or so, and a different story will be told about how things came to be...or is the earth still flat , lol.
When I was in school Pluto was the ninth planet...heard that isn't what they teach any more. I know we keep learning more, and that changes info....but Science states facts, when they aren't always facts. Evolution and the Big Bang Theory, is that...a belief, a theory, since no one can go back in time, especially billions of years, lol.
To believe all life and order came out of chaos, or an accidental deep minded thinking going on there, IMHO.
Still no scientific proof of the Earths origin, nor how old it really is.

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On Panasonic Lumix DMC-FZ1000 First Impressions Review preview (1267 comments in total)
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wootpile: I have never shot anything at over 200mm. Still, the fz1000 seems like a pretty good grab-and-go camera. I would prefer a shorter lens and smaller size though. Good to see the 1-inch sector growing! Nikon - are you zzz?

Funny...just in the last few weeks, I have taken shots from 1200mm !

For wildlife and birds, the longer the better, all things equal. But for scenic s and landscapes, I also would favor a shorter telephoho range, for smaller size.

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On Panasonic FZ1000: Not just another superzoom... article (158 comments in total)
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Mikofox: Does the FZ1000 preclude a successor to the FZ200?
This release just adds to my confusion on choices.
I'm still shooting the FZ35 and a GX1 for infrared, but was looking for better IQ and a camera that doesn't control me with it's sluggishness. The FZ1000 would do all this and more, but the IQ is still lacking if I compare it [studio scene] to the Fuji X-T1, which is on top of my list.
Also I like the design of the X-T1 much better, or that of the Olympus M1. But this camera seems to have equal IQ to any MFT it seems.
It's become so darn difficult with all the choices, and now DPReview is drooling over this camera, which makes it even harder for me to decide.

Decide first what your needs as a photographer you mainly shoot landscapes....or wildlife...or indoors, low light?

This is a newer version in the FZ line.Different camera's for different needs.

This should have the IQ in line with the Sony RX-10/RX100MIII, due to the larger 1" type newer features ..i.e.. better AF tracking , Capable of recording 100Mbps 4K video ...even more controls than FZ200. Faster startup and operations..and more.

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On High-end pocketable compacts 2013 roundup article (264 comments in total)
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samfan: Let me put it this way. As advanced as Sony or Canon are, or as sympathetic as Fujifilm is, or as much as I like lots of other cameras...

The viewfinder, such as it is, on the LF1, gives it a million mile headstart against anything else in its class.

I will never, ever understand how can so many people shoot with their arms stretched, using cameras that are completely unfit for such a goal. I can make due with a positionable LCD (such as on my EX1), but fixed LCD? Never. Even though I have such a compact. It's just a terrible way to take pics (except macro/closeups).

I never liked Panasonic cameras, but recently it seems they're the only one that 'get it' in compacts.

Heck, if I want to carry a small pocket camera, I carry a FILM COMPACT just so I can have a viewfinder in a small camera. Maybe I'll consider such a Panasonic some day.

Those with decent vision only hold LCD about 5 to 7" inches away.

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On 2013 Waterproof Camera Roundup preview (123 comments in total)
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falconeyes: How many more times needs this be said?

It makes no sense to compare 35mm-equivalent focals and not compare 35mm-equivalent apertures. Sensor size is not even mentioned in the table, so it is impossible to draw own conclusions. Even if all cameras share one size, this should have been said.

Compare apertures?
Not sure Why?

Small sensored camera's like these are known to have deep DOF.

When comparing exposure , it's the same.

My FZ200 exposes the same as my GH2 did.

Sensor size is different, but not exposure for given aperture.

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On More pictures leak of purported Olympus PEN 'E-P5' article (237 comments in total)
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Jim Evidon: Still no eye level finder either optical, EVF or hybrid. Therefore, not a serious camera for serious photographers. I'll stick to my OM-D and avoid the hand/arm shakes, thank you.

One fact we forget is, many older folk would need to hold camera at arms length, to actually 'see' the LCD, and sun glare, and unstable holding creates a reason for them to 'need' a EVF. Not about 'good photographer' or 'serious' photographer.

It's not about what is better. I'm only 47, but can use LCD 5 or 6 inches away, and have no real need for any type of EVF. (I used to wonder why anyone would hold camera at arms length...till I found out any closer, and the LCD is a for those folk, they 'need' EFV or they would't get the shots others can, using 2 eyes , just like they see the world now.)

I have good photo's taken at 600mm, handheld, and using one here would claim ' non-serious user' , if they seen the photo's, but tell them I used LCD and....:)

Direct link | Posted on May 3, 2013 at 14:11 UTC
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Cameron R Hood: The distortions in that lens must be unbelievable. a superzoom...of course !
Panasonics FZ200 with sharp , fast lens(constant f2.8) shoots RAW, as does Canon's latest SX50.

Adobe Camera RAW fixes CF/PA and barrel distortions automatically, too

Direct link | Posted on Mar 23, 2013 at 14:06 UTC
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forpetessake: I'm not sure the lens on the long end is usable at all, it's equivalent to 1056mm f/40 in FF format. With such a dim lens even in best sunny day one has to use high ISO, slow shutter and will get a lot of noise and smeared action.

So true....take a FF D-SLR and a small sensored P&S, and at the same apurture, same shutter speeds will be's only DOF that is different, and that only because of the size of the sensor. But folk here still don't get it...mainly because they never shot or compared the proof of this, by actually shooting a P&S and a D-SLR in the same lighting conditions.

My FZ200 shoots faster shutter speeds at f2.8, than my GH2 at f5.6@ 400mm.

Direct link | Posted on Mar 23, 2013 at 14:01 UTC
On Olympus announces Stylus XZ-10 enthusiast compact article (198 comments in total)
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Timmbits: Don't let the f1.8 number fool you! For all you guys who think that f1.8 is a big deal with a 1/2.3" sensor, it is equivalent to only f6.4 on an aps-c sensor camera.

According to the link below, you would need a f0.5 on a 1/2,3" sensor like this one in order to compete with an f1.8 on an aps-c sensor.

And we're not even comparing to FF (which is the more common reference).

Here is a very useful link for everyone in this forum:

Anyways, I realize that this is a high-end in the low-end cameras, and these comparisons aren't really relevant to it't target consumer market.

Just putting things into proper perspective here, so we can all understand what we are looking at.

We are looking at a lens that gathers as much light as on a FF sensor.
It's just the DOF will be very different. Huge DOF with this small sensor...and Narrow DOF if this lens is in front of a FF sensor.

So light gathering principles are the same, regardless of sensor size. For these small sensored camera's, we would want faster glass, as that would keep the iso low, where the IQ is good....not so good once leaving base iso.

Direct link | Posted on Feb 1, 2013 at 13:22 UTC
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AngryCorgi: GREAT!! I was holding off on purchasing a 1-system camera until they wised up and launched it in orange! Getting rid of that silly gimmicky "VR" nonsense is just icing on the cake! :)


good one...needed a laugh today!

Direct link | Posted on Aug 9, 2012 at 16:14 UTC

Whats with this 25x less light?

Take the LX7 at full wide open aperture, then put it next to a FF D-SLR, with same aperture...and iso...look at the shutter speed.

Is it 25x less?
Oh...same shutter spped, eh?

Because it's same regarding light gathering ability, but is much more close to 25x ONLY when comparing DOF.

Having a fast lens on a small sensor camera gives same shutter speeds, but not same DOF, as larger sensored camera's..

I've proven this from using my GH2 and small sensored FZ's.Taking photo's at the Zoo, same shutter speeds are obtained, regardless of which camera I use,when set to same aperture and iso..

Try this, and experience this...but why type erroneous info?

Direct link | Posted on Jul 18, 2012 at 10:22 UTC as 30th comment
On Just Posted: Olympus OM-D E-M5 test samples article (458 comments in total)

New King of m 4/3rd ?

Comparing it to the GH2...seems the OM- D is slightly better.
I see less chroma noise in raw, at higher iso's.
Detail retention seems the same.
That's good news !


Direct link | Posted on Mar 16, 2012 at 20:50 UTC as 98th comment
On Just Posted: Canon PowerShot S100 review article (134 comments in total)
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PaulRivers: "As far as its operational ergonomics are concerned, the only thing we wish the S100 had, which it does not, is a dedicated ISO button."

Wish the review had mentioned that you can iso to the shortcut button - err, the "Ring Func." button.

It did, Paul.

"'re left with two choices for ISO - either assign it to the RING FUNC button, on the rear of the camera, or just dive quickly into the FUNC menu. Easy enough."...

"...The 'Ring Func' button is customizable, and can take on any of the functions offered by the S90 / S95's 'S' shortcut button. We suspect many users will set it to control ISO, and leave it there."...

Have a Merry Christmas/Happy Holiday Paul !!

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On Preview:panasonicdmcgx1 (318 comments in total)
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mauro paillex: Buy an fx100 Fuji.Best Viewfinder ever seen in a compact camera! A true photographer needs a viewfinder. Cameras like gx1 and similar are toys!

Haha... only true photographers need/use OVF/EVF ???

Only those with bad eyes, need such a old fashioned one eye viewfinder.....many younger folk can use LCD with no problems, and don't need to hold it 12" away ...more like 5" .

Better to use two eyes to compose than one, me thinks.

Posted on Nov 7, 2011 at 21:09 UTC
On Preview:canons100 (323 comments in total)
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jmellas: 75% less noise than the S95!! If that's true I'll shed the $400-500 no problem. What non-professional DSLR zoom lens allows u to shoot at f2.0?

If shutter speed was a constant, say in a low light indoor situation, and the widest a typical zoom opens to is, say, to around f4 then:

Canon S100
f2.0 + 1/30s + 400 ISO = proper exposure
f4 + 1/30s + 1600 ISO = proper exposure

Those two images should be a lot closer in quality than one may think! Keep in mind that the subject may run away when they see the DSLR pointing their way... :)

DPReview list the max apertures, at different focal lengths!

They are:
24 -f2.0
28- f 2.2
35 - f2.8
50 - f4
85 - f5.0
100 - f5.6
120 - f5.9


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