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Kwick1: Canon needs to realize that the money is in the lenses, not the bodies. Doesn't matter if it's a DSLR or this lame attempt at a MILC. If you sell the blades, it doesn't matter whose razor it is.

I don't think that is the case any more - unlike the days of film each body has its own sensor, which gets surpassed by new technology plus we use our digital cameras more and actually wear them out... I think purchasers of a modern system are likely to buy as many bodies as lenses over a long term, as lenses do not wear out or get replaced by something that is markedly better.

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Good luck to them!

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Well done Nikon. The fix will be expensive, but easier to bear than damage to reputation. There is a real need for adequate product testing - trouble is that market pressures can lead to product releases before they are fully ready - this could well apply to other brands (who will be under the same sort of pressures) as well.

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On High-end full frame roundup (2014) article (584 comments in total)
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Onteo: Any chance of getting a curved FF sensor? //genuine question

Heard that curved sensor would allow for smaller optics so my dream comes true. A very small travel/trekking camera with a couple of lens, either two zoom or 3/4 primes to cover it all.

It must be a very hard thing to do if it is not yet done.

Difficult for an interchangeable lens camera - current interchangeable lenses are corrected to focus on a flat plane, so if a curved sensor is used it would most likely be in a fixed lens camera like the RX1..

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On Sony announces US pricing for full-frame Alpha 7 II article (177 comments in total)
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stormy_weather: "The a7 II is the world's first full-frame camera with in-body image stabilization" ... really?

Sony a900, a850, a99...

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Very glad to see sensible pricing! I was driven away from DXO as a RAW converter because of the prohibitive price of a version that would handle full-frame RAW files. Good to have access to the best RAW converter again, and even better that it integrates with lightroom so well.

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W5JCK: I've got the a7 and a6000 E/FE mount cameras, several Sony lenses and a large number of third party Canon and Nikon lenses. None of my lenses or adapters wiggle or have any issues with the E/FE mounts. I think this is merely a product you never knew you needed until a slick "snake oil" salesman convinces you it is indeed necessary! The stupid are so quickly and easily parted from their money by slick salesmen. This is a totally unnecessary replacement part designed to satisfy the growing number of idiots who buy cameras, really good cameras, but have no clue about how they work and function. I bet that replacement mount fits so tight that some lenses won't detach!

While I agree that the add-on is probably not needed, I think it is a little unfair to label those who show an interest as idiots or as stupid..

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CameraLabTester: "Limited product warranty on loose threads, lost screws inside camera body, misaligned mounting, AF readjustments, and other shocking surprises awaiting the adventurous tinker tailor soldier spy."


AF readjustments not likely to be such a problem as AF is assessed at the sensor.

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Good to see Damien gainfully employed!

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On Sony SLT-A77 II First Impressions Review preview (680 comments in total)

That wider focus area will be much appreciated on an a99 MkII..

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On Blood moon eclipse: Night of April 14-15 article (64 comments in total)

The moon moves surprisingly fast...

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On Fujifilm X-T1 First Impressions Review preview (1645 comments in total)
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Kevin Sutton: Anyone apart from me think this camera looks rather ugly? That faux-pentaprism is not very pretty, unlike the E-M1 version that harks back to the OM-2, which was a truly pretty camera. Cheers Kevin

Yes it is ugly, but a lot of very good cameras have been. The vertical grip is why they have gone for a 'hump' - imagine it with a side viewfinder and it would be much prettier... The bulge might have given them the option of upping that viewfinder magnification though.

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On Using third-party lenses on Sony Cyber-shot a7 / a7R article (495 comments in total)

The 57 f1.2 will probably be just a Hexanon - the M-Hexanon is an M mount lens which I don't think would ever be found for $30...

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On iON announces tiny rugged HD video camera post (42 comments in total)

..but isn't it just fantastic that this sort of stuff is even possible?

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On Sony Alpha A7 / A7R preview (2371 comments in total)

I think a fair amount of the attraction of these cameras is to use legacy MF glass on them: I bought a NEX 7 about 18 months ago and still only have one AF lens, the rest is via adapters.

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On Sony Alpha A7 / A7R preview (2371 comments in total)

No, they both have Mag-alloy top-plates and chassis, but the front plate of the 7r is also magnesium alloy. The construction of the dials is slightly better on the 7r as well.

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On Sony Alpha A7 / A7R preview (2371 comments in total)

Think the comparison panel on page 1 might have a transposition - I understand the 7r has the magnesium alloy front panel, whice the 7 has polycarbonate.

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On Sony A3000 preview (678 comments in total)

Good price point for a mirrorless with EVF: if people want a better viewfinder and rear screen, the NEX 6 seems to fill the bill...

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I guess if you didn't have comments with the articles you would just get a topic being opened up in the forums - might as well keep the stuff with the article...

I do however like a separate "message to the author" option - sometimes you just want to point out a typo without advertising the mistake to the rest of the internet.

Moderation of comments is always a touchy subject as there are those whose attitude towards on-line communication resembles the spirit of the old west - "I have the right to bear arms and will start shooting at anyone I think has shot or might shoot at me"; others just have an off day, or make a posting they regret while under the influence (shocking, but it happens).

The personal abuse moderators receive is often over the top, but if a moderator has acted in good faith they should be able to avoid too many sleepless nights, even if they do make an unintentional mistake.

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On 17 signs that you were alive before digital photography article (149 comments in total)

I score on most, although I only lusted after 9 and 10...

I confess that I'm not familiar with 11 at all - can someone enlighten me?

Bob J

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