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Pentax: K7, K5, various DA, FA primes, and, older manual K, M and Tak lenses
Panasonic: GF1+20mm, LX3, FZ35
likes: nature, wildlife, architecture, old cities, portrait
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  • Replied in Full stop.....
    Tedolf, A small sensor 1/1.7" does not give good DR. It's very easy to get burnt sky. That's obvious even on web sized pictures. With APS-C or MFT sensors, it's much easier to get good DR and avoid ...
  • Buy more SDHC cards. Use F+RAW. You can discard the RAW files later (if the matching JPEG is perfect enough).
  • Replied in pls return it
    that is not normal, for any camera, nor electronic devices. get it fixed or simpler, return it, with the lens.
  • Suggestions: You have to decide if you want a ViewFinder or not... Without EVF: (1) E-PL7 + 14-42 kit lens With EVF: (1) E-M5 + 12-50 kit lens, both are WR (weather resistant). ...
  • The K5IIs did solve my frustrations with low light AF. I still feel irritated that the original K5 AF tungsten & low light AF made me spend so much energy in vain for 2 years or so. (The micfro AF ...
  • Replied in battery
    The K30 is still great (16mpx, better AF than the original K5). One weak point would be the smaller capacity of its battery. The D-LI90 battery has a very good capacity.
  • Replied in DA15
    great pictures with the DA15 ! And, nice examples to show how this lens handles the Sun to make  it  part of the composition directly.
  • Replied in DA15
    Indeed, the DA15 copes very well with situations that often provoques bad flares in images. It's amazing. I can use it at F/4 (the corners are soft because of lack of DoF, usually). Of course, ...
  • (To avoid being flamed to ashes, I am not asking this quesion in the MFT nor in the Fuji forum). Does anyone here have experience with both lenses for travel photography ? I do love my Pentax ...
  • I agree that a "super-zoon" camera can be an alternative to a long zoom for MFT. Before getting a Pana 100-300 in 2013, I had a FZ150 in 2012. The 100-300 did give sharper, and, more contrasted ...
  • What you wrote is (usually) true for APS-C and FF lenses. I have 4 fast APS-C primes which are F/1.8, F/1.9, F/2.4, and F/2.8, and, they have their optimum IQ between F/4 and F/5.6 -- nonetheless, ...
  • I have the X-E1 + 18-55. It's a very nice kit. If you can, go for the X-E1 + 18-55 + 50-230 :) Don't forget to buy a second battery (at least). And, perhaps, the inexpensive (non-Fuji) grip. The ...
  • Replied in EVF
    EVF, no mirror, quiet shutter, really good focus peaking, fast refresh in live view, CDAF *and* PDAF. Why CDAF? Because adjusting PDAF is a bad joke. Let's move forward and leave Canikon in the dust.
  • Replied in in Japan...
    I had vacations in Japan until last week. There were many Japanese holding E-PLx (5, 6, ?) cameras walking on various streets, parks (cherry blossom season starting) and in tourists spots (temples). ...
  • I'm not sure that the votes gathered here say something about M43. The results of the same poll in another DPR forum might be similar. just wondering...
  • When using a Pentax camera, we have to give enough time for the SR mechanism to get ready. My experience is that if the camera was idle for long enough, the SR went to "sleep", and, when I try to ...
  • Richard, You're right. The lab tests might show some weakness in some measurements, but, in practice, those Ltd primes give awesome results. The DA15 f/4 starts at f/4, but, the results are good ...
  • camera: E-M5 (WR) or E-M10 (WiFi) or E-PL5 or 7 wide: 12/2 or, inexpensive, 14-42 kit lens portrait: 45/1.8 -- great and affordable! optional "normal": 20/1.7 or 25/1.8, or, inexpensive, Sigma ...
  • Replied in DA15, DA70 ?
    Thanks, for that interesting comparison of Fuji & Pentax prime lenses offerings. Unless, I read too quickly, I did not see the DA15 f/4 in your Pentax primes list. Also, stopping the range at 90mm ...
  • Commented on Boing, boing in the My Best Photo of the Week challenge

    very nice picture

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