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John: If this will be selling at 10k, then it will be a compelling proposition.

Ha! Wouldn't it be brilliant if it shot 4K video too. ;-)

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If this will be selling at 10k, then it will be a compelling proposition.

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We're doomed Captain Mainwearing... we're doomed! ;-D

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rondom: He looks rather depressed for someone with a dream comes true camera...

He's Scottish. We're all depressed. Have you tried living here ;-))) ...and it's midges, not mosquitos ;-)

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As someone who knows LR inside out, can I tell you something...

There is no way on this earth that the grain settings in LR can accurately emulate the grain patterns of traditional film from Kodak, Fuji, or anyone else. PERIOD.

If you really want to dispose of $119 I'd urge that you donate it to charity as it would do more good.

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I had a budget of £12k to spend on camera equipment for my new media company. I contacted Jessops Glasgow by email twice with a list of equipment I wanted to buy. No-one contacted me back. I phoned on 3 occasions to try and get someone interested in dealing with me. I was told on the three occasions I phoned that that someone would call me back with a quote. No-one ever did.

If they are not motivated enough to deal with someone who wanted to splash £12k, what chance has a normal punter got. No wonder they are going down the tubes. Calumet ended up getting the bulk of the business.

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On article Photokina 2012: Interview - Stephan Schulz of Leica (195 comments in total)

I've got plenty experience of MF. I've Shot Hasselblad, Phase, and S2.
I bought a D800e. For the money - it's unbeatable.
He's La La.

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zavart: Nobody and I repeat NOBODY has as yet seen even one picture taken by this camera! and yet you're ALL ready to hang this project before it has even started ! No evidence is needed "the Negroes" did it ! It's like KKK alll over again ! Prejudice is indeed , the deadly sin ! and YOU're calling yourselves professional photographers !!!! What a joke :(

...and nobody will at that price ;-)))

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Freemindset: ...I hope now you understand that photographers are not just a bunch of consumers, ready to play with every new toy on the market. Profit is nothing compared to your name in the industry. Please do yourself a favor by redesigning this concept before it's too late.

All the best,
Freemindset photographer

I'm a photographer. I've shot the H4D-31, 40, 50 and 60.
I bought a Nikon D800e because it offered great quality and excellent value for money. At over 5x the price the H4D-31 could not best it!

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Richard Franiec: A vision of one man can be completely unacceptable to what the market feedback is indicating. Time to learn something simple?: listen to what potential customer is saying. Defending the lunatic dreams might not pay for the mission, in fact it could upset and alienate more of the usual market share. It is not to late to face reality and adjust for the sake of iconic company Hassy used to be. Mr Luca will be judged by his decisions in due time of course, we should wish him best in the spirit of free enterprise regardless if we like his vision or not.

Take it from me - when it comes to criticism (even constructive) Hasselblad don't listen.

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On article Hasselblad responds to Lunar criticisms (613 comments in total)

I dunno what's worse; their cluelessness as to the market, the cluelessness of their staff, or their arrogance. Either way, Luca Alessandrini and Hasselblad are f#cked.

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Should look like something Dieter Rams designed for Braun then! ;-)))

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rjx: I was excited when I heard Hasselblad was rumored to announce a mirrorless camera at photokina. But i'm very disappointed with what they actually decided to produce.

Coming from Hasselblad, I didn't expect something cheap or inexpensive. But this camera? Are you joking? I want Hasselblad quality both internally and externally + quality Hasselblad glass to go with it. If I wanted a Sony Nex, I would already have one.

In the past I thought Leica was bad with their pricing. Yes, Leica might charge more than they have to. But a camera like the M9 / M is a special camera and no other camera manufacturer is producing anything like it at the moment.

But in Hasselblad's case, this is just a luxury version of the Sony Nex 7 with a major price increase. I really expected more from Hasselblad. Hasselblad could have created something very unique with their own spin on the mirrorless market. Instead they basically repackage the Nex 7.

Ventizz have wasted their money. I'll be surprised if they are still around in 3 years. This Franken-blad of a camera will not revive their fortunes.

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carlos roncatti: This must be the worst marketing decision ever made in photographys history...

Mate - you are soooo right. Hasselblad have been struggling for a while. This is an unmitigated disaster! I think Luca Alessandrini might be looking for a new job soon!

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sandy b: I think it simple means hassy is going to buy some Sony sensor and try and make an affordable camera so that they can survive.

If they want to survive they need to release a D800, only £100 cheaper. ;-)))

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CFynn: What happened to Swedish design?

The classic 500c/m Hasselblad was a masterpiece of design - this is absolutely hideous.

Looks like some Italian bloke with a guide dog is behind it! ;-)))

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io_bg: Did the designers want to make the ugliest possible camera? I think they've made a good job on that.

I agree it is really ugly... so ugly that Stevie Wonder would'nt touch it, but the Leica Paul Smith Limited Edition is even uglier. ;-)))

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v_roma: US residents surely can't complain about the price. UK and other weird international pricing issues aside, the only reason I can think of why people would be upset about the price is that it was higher than what was indicated in a rumor site... This is a current gen FF sensor dSLR. How cheap can it really be?

EDIT: I don't work for Nikon nor do I intend to get the camera, by the way.

It's not the sensor, it's not the features - Nikon charging £1955.00 in the UK for a camera that sells for £1300.00 in the USA is daylight robbery! That's not justifiable in any way to anyone with a modicum of intelligence. Gilbert and his team should be sporting a mask and a musket at FOCUS next March!

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John: This translates dollars to pounds as £1303.00 body only. If this priced at £2000 in the UK, then Nikon will have shot themselves in the head big time! No-one can justify a £700 price hike in the UK over the US price! Even at £1599 they would be pushing the boat out!

Even with VAT taken into consideration that's a shocking supplement to pay over the US price. This should be no more than £1599. Nikon UK better watch themselves here - there's a recession on, and this is blatantly taking the Michael. Nikon UK are in danger of being classed alongside Fred Goodwin and his cronies.

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JEROME NOLAS: So this the new and affordable full frame? Affordable for who?

Blatant rip-off of UK customers again. £700.00 more than I'd pay in the USA = SHOCKING!

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