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On Panasonic Lumix DMC-GH3 Hands-on Preview (416 comments in total)
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acidic: I'm a pro Canon shooter heavily invested in the EOS system (since mid-90s), and have recently bought into the entry-level end of m43 to test the waters for more compact gear to use for personal and/or less critical pro work. So I got an EPL1 and some pancake lenses, and can see myself upgrading to high-end m43 gear for those jobs in which the benefits of lighter gear outweigh the image quality from FF or 1.6x crop bodies. So imagine my excitement when I saw this GH3 preview. Until I saw how big it is!

It's the same/size weight as the Canon T3i, which for someone like me, would be a preferable option for a light weight body since I have lenses for it already. I won't be getting a T3i (due to lack of rear dial and size), and I won't be getting this GH3 either (due to size). Maybe a used GH2 or an OMD is in my future. Or wait for the GH4.

Why don't you add lenses to your calculations? Their f/2.8 glass is 2x+ times lighter and more compact than corresponding Canon lenses even at f/4.

I, for one, is so tired of carrying kgs of gear in wilderness expeditions, that I finally decided to part ways with my old 5D and 9 L lens. And I want proper video with fast AF too.

I was waiting 7 years for the ultimate light and compact photo/video camera with high grade lenses. GH3 and their f/2.8 glass make me VERY happy!

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