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On Panasonic announces Leica DG Summilux 15mm F1.7, and GM1 kit news story (277 comments in total)
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Cane: What's the purpose of going with such a small body if the lens sticks out this much? If you of manage to get it in a pocket, people are gonna think your too happy to see them.

Far too many assumptions, my friend. Are you assuming that because someone has a small camera (and may also have small lenses) that they wouldn't want to have or ever use a larger lens that are faster, better, zooms, etc.? Or does one have to have a big camera to have a big lens? And small cameras are only for small lenses? Or small lenses are only for small cameras? It sounds like the point in having an interchangeable lens system would be rather pointless if that were the case.

The purpose of a large lens is to accommodate the glass required for big apertures, proper image reproduction, etc. While the GM1 is probably for those in need of compact cameras, there could be a time when they need a super zoom lens, fast primes, etc.

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On Am I missing something here? article (563 comments in total)
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Black Box: Opinions are like... you know how the metaphor goes. And, just like the metaphor, this particular opinion should have been kept well hidden and only accessible to your doctor. It's SO (stereo)typical American. "We don't understand it, and that's why it's wrong". USA don't like MILCs. For you "bigger is better". You "don't get" MILCs while the whole world loves them.

MILCs are aimed at people who don't want to fiddle with buttons and rings every time they take a photo. Those who want their cameras compact. Those who rightfully think they'll look ridiculous walking around Paris or Tokyo bedangled with photo equipment. All of this makes sense to anyone who has at least once looked at the globe and thought, DAYEM, that's a big world!

Americans live and think in templates and cliches. A truck should have a 5.7L engine. A real man should have a BBQ grill. A serious camera should be big.

Trying to explain how wrong you are is useless - if you haven't understood by now, you never will.

Interesting assertions but I don't think you can support such massive fallacies and generalizations. Your whole post is a parody of itself.

To point out just ONE thing; most people (around the world) these days are using their smartphones as a primary camera. It would appear bigger isn't better. I'd estimate convenience is what people are going for.

But yes, opinions are like... and so it yours. My recommendation: don't make hasty generalizations, cite your sources, and be careful will assumptions.

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On Nikon D4s First Impressions Review preview (819 comments in total)
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JPR.lda: This is an amazing camera, it is all that D4 should have been from the start,


No Wi-Fi
No Dual CF cards
No 4K video

I will keep my D3s, until D5 or D6 has these features

How exactly do you come to the conclusion that this is what "the D4 should have been"?

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On Panasonic Lumix DMC-GH4: a quick summary article (456 comments in total)
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jorden mosley: "Shut up and take my money!"

This is my dream camera. I never thought I see the day that a manufacturer would make such a thing, but by god they did it. Everything on my most wildest and unrealistic wishlist my imagination could come up with, this camera has and more.

Welp, Panasonic, you pulled me back in. I should have never left you for Sony. "Please take me back baby, I can change!" lol.

@jkoch None of what you said is needed. You do not need a special computer to edit 4K, you need proxy media. You do not need a 4K monitor, you need a 4K future. You do not need 100TB of storage for 100Mbs 4K footage (this bitrate is pretty low compared to most 4K cameras). This can all be done on a MacBookPro, Final Cut Pro X, and a 4TB Thunderbolt drive, and use proxy media (about 20Mbs).

Source: Me, professional director/cinematographer; having shot with Alexa, F55, C500, Scarlets/Epics, and more.

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On Panasonic Lumix DMC-GH4: a quick summary article (456 comments in total)
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ArchiDeos: Nice Camera.. but still a comparable size compared to DSLR rig. Well this is just only the first quarter of the year, expect new Camera will be release soon and this model will be the least to consider. CANIKON new model will rock the show as always.. Happy shooting guys..

The Canikon version of this 4K camera (Canon's 1Dc) is $12,000.

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On Panasonic Lumix DMC-GH4: a quick summary article (456 comments in total)
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Cristian Mihai: My Macbook Pro ( not that is important here! 16Gb RAM with 2 SSD SATA 3 linked at 1Gb/s ) but with the normal Graphic card CANNOT play the 4K sample videos normally. 4K will force high end computer sales, storage, cloud space, etc...I

Use proxy media and you'll be fine.

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Ed555: He should have been ask why no printed manual was included with the RX100 -- and for that matter any high-end Sony camera. And the answer to "it's green" should have been answered with "how much would it have cost."

Manuals aren't included with a lot of devices anymore. The Internet and PDFs have made the possibility a reality.

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I wonder if by 'new' that includes the outrageously priced 35mm f2.8 lens that he wants people to buy. Haha

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tkbslc: Honestly it seems like a nice lens, but created for an already crowded focal length range. They should have gone for something wider or longer to make it more interesting. I mean are there really many m43 shooters that were dying for a fast wide prime that didn't already buy one of the 12, 14 or 17mm options?

The 20mm 1.7 is a great lens. Anyone who says otherwise has no idea what they are talking about.

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Interesting story but unless this thief kept opening Dropbox, this story is false. Dropbox for the iPhone will only upload photos for 10 minutes, and only over wifi unless said setting is changed, before it stops the camera upload. Only does it resume the next time the user opens Dropbox again.

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On Panasonic announces Leica DG Nocticron 42.5mm F1.2 (again) news story (190 comments in total)
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goshigoo: From Dof prespective; it will act like 85 f/2.4 on 35mm FF

a 6D + 85 f/1.8 will have shallower Dof
Also, IQ wise, 6D + 85 f/1.8 @ f/2.4 could be better than this lens

35mm FF still has it's value when shallow Dof is needed

Please cite your source regarding image quality of this lens.

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On We put the HTC One's ultrapixels to the test post (172 comments in total)

Nice results from the HTC (and even from the iPhone 4S). I think it would have been more appropriate to have compared the iPhone 5 rather than the 4S, however. The iPhone 5 has significantly better results than the 4S.

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On India, Instagram and a smartphone post (55 comments in total)
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peterstuckings: I have to disagree with this whole malarkey about smartphones.
Firstly, smartphones are crap at photography. The image quality is poor, resolution is too low for anything but quick, light, superficial online use. High ISO noise, etc. But forget about all that - the responsiveness is rubbish - it takes whole seconds to shoot sometimes.
Secondly, if it's about social media, I use a 3G iPad with camera connector when I'm on the road shooting stuff in countries like India, & get it online very quickly, but with the added benefit that I've started with a high-res, high quality file, then edited it in any one of a range of high quality photo-editing apps. Simple!
And finally, if a photographer has trouble getting up close & personal with a conventional pro camera like a DSLR, then maybe they're not much of a photographer. Simple again.
So with all due respect to Misho, I'm not convinced that smartphone photography is anything but a gimmick. Gets you in the press these days, that's for sure!

So what you're saying is, the camera makes the photographer? Interesting supposition.

I always thought that engaging content and good composition was what photography is all about.

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Just my pragmatic two cents... I have a Nikon FX camera, 14-24mm, 50, 70-200mm and my Olympus E-M5, 14mm, 20mm, 30mm, and a lousy zoom that I rarely touch. Love them both, but especially love traveling with my E-M5.

All this equivalence such talk is interesting on paper but I find it hardly important in the real world. Go out and shoot and know you equipment. Advantages or disadvantages; learn them, use them, make a disadvantage into an advantage or become so skilled that the limitations don't matter. If you can do that, you know you're a great photographer.

I've been paid for images I shot with my iPhone. When they ask what equipment I used to shoot, they are stunned to find out what it came from. Didn't matter to them, though, they just loved my picture.

Go out and shoot!!!

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JazzMasta: I think what upsets some of the 'real' photographers (whatever the hell that is!) is that with instagram, regular people are taking really good pictures without using 10k dollar cameras. This is causing stress and bitterness because it's like they are taking a shortcut, not buying all that expensive equipment, and 'not taking it seriously'.

Too all you bitter 'real' photographers:
Yes we know, there are lots of crappy mobile pictures out there.
But with millions and millions of mobile cameras out there, some pictures are bound to be good too, and some are really really good! All mobile camera users are not the same, please acknowlage that!

And don't blaim instagram or hipstamatic, that's just the final touch. Good pictures run through instagram may look even a bit better (to some) but a crappy picture will never look good whatever app you might use.

So, stop being anti and bitter and embrace mobile apps as a compliment to other kinds of photography instead of as a threat!

A "real" camera? Well, I guess Ansel Adams wasn't a real photography cuz he didn't use a Nikon D4.

I'll put my iPhone photography up against anyone's "real" camera photography any day of the week. I know how to use my iPhone's camera; I know its weaknesses and strengths. And that is the test of a true photographer.

I shot at the Chicago NATO protests. I got hundreds of amazing images with my Nikons but the one that I have that has gotten the most attention was shot with my iPhone and shared on Instagram. I caught something with my iPhone that I didn't with my "real" camera. Call it luck, call it a mistake, paint it whatever color you want, but anyone who says Instagram is not a "real" photo tool is just old and stodgy completely out of touch.

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Dan Wagner: I don't need Instagram because there's no way Instagram can give me the look I get with my Rolleiflex, Tmax black and white film, and real vintage flashbulbs. Can Instagram do this: http://www.blurb.com/bookstore/detail/3525816 ? I doubt it. Plus I scan at 30 x 30 inches 300dpi.

You've missed the point entirely.

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On Is Instagram 'debasing photography'? news story (291 comments in total)

Short answer, no. I don't think that Instagram or the like is any different than using any other camera. You either take bad pictures or good ones. The filters are fun and in some cases can add a certain flair to your images. It happens all the time in the studio when some extra processing takes place on a photo.

There are some really impressive images on Instagram. I treat Instagram as a creative exercise in photography. If I see something, I shoot it. My iPhone just might be the most handy camera I have. My Instagram feed (adriangalli), mostly I try to take more "artistic" shots; landscapes, architecture, etc.

I think a lot of people misinterpret "debasing" as it is easier to share. Are pictures worse or better than in 1965? No, but we certainly have an easier time finding the bad ones because of Flickr, Instagram, etc. I think one would be hard pressed to find statistics to show that more bad photos are taken now than good photos vs. that of the same comparison from 40 years ago.

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FTW: What makes me somewhat upset is that way to start making mirrorless lenses with that useless 4/3 format when realizing lenses. I would have taken an OMD right away if it had been made with an apsc sensor. Oly and Pan users have a huge park of good lenses they can use while NEX users are just waiting for a better offer on low diameter lenses. Sony's 16 is not what we look for and Sigma found it useful to make a 19mm instead of a 12 or 14mm we wait all for.If Schneider just takes the Samsung NX lenses and adapt them to Sony E-mount, they can earn a huge amount of money.

A camera is only useless if you don't take pictures.

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On Canon announces EOS 5D Mark III 22MP full-frame DSLR news story (500 comments in total)
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Sdaniella: Nikon using 5DMkII video to promote it's D800... sad... lame... desperate... FAIL...


So what? I own a film/TV production company and had we been hired to shoot that video we wouldn't have shot anything on DSLs. Red herring argument. Although, we do use Nikons for stills.

I'm sure GM has a Ford somewhere in its company. Apple probably has a PC or two somewhere in Cupertino. I'm sure a Coke exec. has a taste for Pepsi. Etc.

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