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nunatak: Analysis: "The gentlemen we spoke to didn't quite say it, but let's be honest - the D500 is a camera for DPReview readers. All those who complained for years that the D300S didn't have a proper replacement can take pleasure in the fact that it was your complaints that lead directly to the creation of the D500"

indeed, let's be honest. DPreview had far less to do with this, i think, than Thom's persistent and nagging criticism. to be fair, when Thom engaged daily at DPreview, he got the crowd going. if he had his own forum, Nikon would have read his readers complaints there. simply said, w/o Thom stirring the pot as hard as he did ... i suspect the chances of realizing a D500 were far, far less. JMO.

Yes, Thom was instrumental here. On his own website,, he has been presenting knowledgeable business analyses of the compelling need for a D300s replacement, for years. He has met with top Nikon executives. They know him. They respect him.

I'm sure all the folks here have made a compelling case for Nikon to make the D500. DPR forum members have been vocal and unanimous in clamoring for a true D300s replacement. Nikon has surely been motivated by all of us here. After all, we're the ones spending the money that keeps them in business!

The only mystery is -- why didn't Nikon figure this out themselves? Why should it take years of customers vocal insistence to come out with a camera that's bound to be a big seller? Even more mysterious, why did Nikon opt instead for a camera no one was asking for, the One series?

Ah, the mysterious East. But they are making great cameras still. Congrats to Nikon -- and to us.

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I LOVE my D750! I love it more than my D800E. A lot more, actually. It's powerful, compact, feels great in the hands, solid strong build, so far quite weatherproof, very quick focus, phenomenal detail in the images, amazing DR, amazing in low light, full bracketing options. And a flippy screen, which one day I might actually use.

Negatives? Nothing serious I can think of. It's easily the best camera I've ever owned. And, I repeat, that includes the D800E.

I would agree on the D750 being the best of the year. And not just because I own it. The D750 has (temporarily) calmed my gear lust. It's that good. It's a pure delight. You just want to keep using it!

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On article Happy Holidays from dpreview! (119 comments in total)

to all DPR staff and members!

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As you said on the front page, it was obviously a slow news day.

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