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  • -Maybe because thats sale, and also is good for political reasons?

  • ''Design and patented from russia in 1946''..!!
    -Huhh the lens is clear a symmetrical formula, this formula come from 1860!!!

  • -Yes, some lenses are designed to win tests, some lenses are designed to take beautiful images ...
    -BUT 600euro!! are you kidding?..

  • -I mean the normal sensor of Sony not the special one with dual photo-detector, i hear that fuji make they own s3 & s5 super CCD sensors in the past, maybe now take from Sony? (huh what a...
  • -Thank you. I don't think they have better DR because the sensor is Sony, the same as in Nikon, maybe the color is Good but without¬† good DR the white texture in dress is just hole..
  • -Yes, i have try Nikon but i don't like they're skin tones, and for DR is not even close to Fuji.-My problem is that 6mp is small for studio portrait and so i use until now a Mamyia for that reason.
  • -Well i have for many years now¬† my s3 & s5, the only camera that give me the texture in whites and skin-tones that i want in wedding. Now is getting old and i want to look again for my next model,...
  • -Wait for raw files and good converter to handle them.
    -I still use my s3 & s5 as its the best DR capable camera available until now but is getting old..

  • -There isn't any scanner out there ho can make a 60mp from 35mm, the imagon that we use is 9000dpi for 35mm and give about 45mp if i remember correct.
    -But again any scanner first of all have...

  • -I now what he mean Stu, but the truth is the opposite, i work in the past in professional lab which we use the best of them imagon e.t.c..

    -The limit is the scanner and when this is no happen is...

  • -You are right about that, even my scanner can't take out the finest detail of my negatives, they claim is 4000 dpi but under my print head i can see details that my scanner miss..
    -You want DR...

  • -From your answer is clear you're ignorance, the megapixel is size, they don't have something to do with quality.
    -BUT even with that i can scan my 6x7 in my Nikon 9000 to take a 130 megapixel......

  • -I keep shooting film, if you have one antiquated film camera, send it to me.

  • -And one cable in the mind to press the button..

  • -You now? there is one more type of film, have a film that i keep shooting ho have a name NEGATIVE.. and that in medium format which i use for wedding, they blown ANY digital to garbage..

  • -I don't care for other opinion dude..

  • -And also don't take the lens cap off..

  • All that is garbage, i wait to improve DR.. I am photographer no tech freak..

  • -Maybe you have many years to see real photograph from wet printing, its not even close.. I am not so stupid to stay in the dark for make my client happy..

  • -Good for Nikon keep the Megapixel down, that give breath to improve DR which remain the big problem for digital photography.
    -I wait for the test in that DR department and keep my breath...

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