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On Retro Nikon 'DF' emerges from the shadows article (1514 comments in total)

Just jumping sidewards (sorry) someone else posted that they were dropping their Nikon DX system as they now have an Olympus Pen (lovely cameras and Zukio glass) my brother in law has done much the same - I love this Pen 5 BUT to my eyes the colours it produced are ALL WRONG - far too pink and not a nice pink. Is it just me that has seen this ? And no its NOTHING to do with colour balance etc as I've checked this carefully when he wasn't looking - still far too pink....Canon too warm / red (but I prefer it that way) Nikon too green / cold looking on their newest cameras. But Olympus too PINK.....sorry Pen users.

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On Retro Nikon 'DF' emerges from the shadows article (1514 comments in total)

The marketing for this new camera has been outstanding - Nikon should be proud of their UK or US based marketing team....I switched (mainly) into Canon some years ago but this is the 1st new Nikon that has ticked my boxes (and I don't even know its spec!) as regards marketing image - I want to be that man with a bag of primes and my Nikon DF in my hands. I look forward to the Canon reply - say what lets call it the DF 1....!!

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On Canon EOS 70D Review preview (628 comments in total)

Well love it or hate it ( and I could do both as I use BOTH Canon & Nikon) I see the 70D as the new class leader - even if in some areas Nikon or Sony etc can out weight it or deliver more - OVERALL the 70D is where the money will be going and Canon will still remain way ahead in total sales. Frankly Canon lost its way with the 50D/60D and the 7D was far from perfect (still a lovely camera anyone bored of their is free to pass it on too me) but the 70D is / will be the market leader...

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On Nikon video hints at long-desired 'digital FM' article (554 comments in total)

Bring it on ! I still have my FM from 1979...and whilst your at it how about a FF rangefinder camera ? Oh sorry Sony already have one.....

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On Sony Alpha A7 / A7R preview (2381 comments in total)

Well I'm no fan of Sony still cameras (sorry) I still have two Sony 8mm camcorders etc but for some reason their stills stuff leaves me cold - until now. Well done to Sony - this if supported by decent glass (Zeiss - that'll do) it deserves to do well. Several years ago Sony stated that they had set out to replace Nikon as Number 2 brand within 3 -5 years and then overhaul Canon at Number 1. It hasn't quite worked out that way with Sony supporting Nikon (sensors etc) helping Nikon hold on to their Number 2 slot. If Sony ever walk away from Nikon boy are Nikon in this space!

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On Fujifilm XQ1 Preview preview (161 comments in total)

Anyone else starting to get confused by Fuji and all their new cameras....?

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On In pictures - Nikon's large and pricey AF-S 58mm F1.4G article (111 comments in total)

Well done to Nikon for adding yet another item for me to LUST after. Of course glass like this is meant only for 1: BRAG value. 2: The few photographers who will make full use of it (few - many others will buy but never unbox) this comes close on the heels of my other LUST LENS the new ZEISS. Actually it would make much more sense for me (as I'm primary a Canon user) for Canon to update their 50 1.4 with better glass and IS (YES PLEASE ! ) and it should sell for far far less than the new Nikkor or ZEISS. Of course if Canon really do want to follow with a BRAG lens what about a new improved 50 1.2 L with FASTER AF and IS ? Now that would turn a few heads my friends.....

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On Nikon D610 preview (634 comments in total)
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Boerseuntjie: What was wrong with the D600 it was a well oiled machine ;)


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On Nikon D610 preview (634 comments in total)
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Panasonicus: Fans of global Nikon expert, Ken "Kenneth" Rockwell, will have observed Ken's conversion this year to Canon. I was a faithful Nikon user since the late 60's and converted to Canon about 7 years ago after a few failures of non-made in Japan Nikon equipment. However, due to the need to downsize I am now quite happy over at Panasonic and a G3 owner. Nikon need to up their game and return manufacturing to Japan, get rid of the cheap gold paint on their lenses that symbolises bling and not quality.

I also made the move from Nikon ( I still own / use Nikon and still have an FM from 1979) across to Canon some years ago. I think that with massive tech help from Sony (sensors etc) Nikon have remained in the game and the specs of some of their new cameras are simply excellent. I love their D700 - but you make a very good point - Nikon need to sort out their QC in a hurry - I wouldn't ditch Canon now for any other brand and look forward to my next DSLR - the 70D. If Nikon stand for anything it should be QUALITY comes 1st and with any half decent camera or lens the words MADE IN JAPAN should be stamped on to the metal work (just like my beloved Nikon's of old).

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On Nikon D610 preview (634 comments in total)
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Vesto: I was hesitant about picking up the d600 due to all the complaints being received about the sensor issues. Now I will definitely be making the purchase of the d610.

Interesting to see that d600 owners aren't happy there is a replacement for a defective camera they may have and upset that they won't get enough money for selling it. Due we buy cameras to takes pictures or to sell them in a year?

As a Nikon owner since 1979 (yes I am that old) I feel that Nikon have never come clean (no joke intended) over the problems with the D600 and have moved on leaving current D600 with a camera with a collection of known faults that will (as the D610 is so similar and is bound to cost less) have its resale value hit massively...Bring back the Nikon values of old and have decent cameras made in JAPAN

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On Nikon D610 preview (634 comments in total)

So so bored.....sorry Nikon & Canon ( I have BOTH so can dis BOTH too) this is simply a TINY improvement over the D600 and for most users makes no sense at all. Wake up Nikon - the game has moved on - its ALL about FULL TIME working AF with VIDEO - Cue the Canon 70D = the biggest step forward in DSLR cameras since the first FF Canon 5D. Most of the rest are just like the D610 a tiny step forward trying to gain as much cash from us photographers as possible.....

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Calumet e-mailed me details of the new D610 - they said: 100% glass pentaprism viewfinder. I said 100 % free from muck ? We'll see.....

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On Going Professional, Where to Begin? article (30 comments in total)
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Devendra: go with canon? which koolaid are you drinking? and then you shoot with Canon 40D?

i stopped reading after that

i wish DPR would monitor this absurd articles from so called "pro"s

Sorry - but Ive shot 100's of weddings with a range of cameras - a couple of Nikon D70's served me well for several years, I recently sold them off - they had paid for themselves a long time ago. Surely if your running a business making a PROFIT is more important than the latest kit ? Two important points: 1: Within reason its the photographer that MAKES the picture its the camera that TAKES the picture, any camera no matter how fancy is just a light box allowing light in after all. 2: A pro photographer knows that the camera(s) and lens(es) are only a tiny part of running a business. If you can make money shooting with a Canon 40D - why not ?

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On Going Professional, Where to Begin? article (30 comments in total)

Best advice - DON"T TURN PRO - I was a pro wedding photographer for over 10 years but moved to vintage vehicle hire a few years ago.

Recently we gained a complaint (our 1st) from a wedding we had driven for: 'Your drivers have jeopardised the work of my official photographers by demanding pictures for your website...I am most unhappy - do something about it'.

Well wind back a little - our driver took 15 pictures, working WITH the pro's the client had pre agreed to them, was very happy with only very positive comments on the day. The TWO pro's took 100's (1x Nikon D3 1x Nikon D800) of pics...

Now this is 1: The truth (really ??) 2: Is trying to get some cash back from us. 3: The pro photographers have co*ked it up and are blaming us. 4: The client is trying to get money back from us AND the photographers using each other as the reason....

Being a professional photographer is a swell way of meeting the worst kind of customers who will cost you money and tell you lies.....

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On Nikon 1 AW1 preview (587 comments in total)

Much as I dislike the Nikon 1 range this one caught me as an interesting surprise - well done Nikon ! But its FAR too expensive at its RRP - perhaps a 50 % discount is coming as with all of the other Nikon 1's ?

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Cool stuff !

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On Sigma 18-35mm F1.8 DC HSM Review preview (333 comments in total)

'Inconsistent autofocus in difficult conditions even after microadjustment' - for me this is the KILLER - sorry Sigma I won't be buying one....

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On Sigma 18-35mm F1.8 DC HSM Review preview (333 comments in total)
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Mais78: Inconsistent shot-to-shot AF rings a bell: same issue of the Sigma 35mm f1.4 (I owned 3 copies).

This is what would worry me - Sigma (sadly) have a history of one and only Sigma lens packed up on me - something in in over 35 years of using an SLR had never happen too me..Today I stick with Pentax for Pentax, Nikon for Nikon and Canon for my Canon's.....

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On Sigma 18-35mm F1.8 DC HSM Review preview (333 comments in total)
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marleni: Sigma has shown courage and great skill to produce this outstanding lens.
I really hope we will see more high-quality lenses like this one soon!
Please Sigma please make a more versatile mid-zoom-range with F1,8 next.
Thank you :-)

And so say all of us ! Except people who don't like 3rd party lenses or those who recall that Sigma have often had problems with AF in the past. No, I'm not blasting Sigma - this looks to me to be a sure fire winner !

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Well well, back in the early 1980's when I used to work in the camera trade (Tecno cameras) Paul Bird & I discussed the possibility of camera shutters being produced from LCD panels - so they could be switched on and off REALLY quickly - well 30 years later we have a sort of shutter arrangement via LCD - of course back then AA filters, sensors and digital were totally unknown...every idea has its day......

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