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Bound to happen - Canon will loose its Number One slot fairly soon as people use other tech to take and share photos. For Nikon this can hardly be a surprise/shock. I recall saying to another professional photographer a few years back that Canon & Nikon would both end up selling branded photo related APPS as the last shot from two once mighty companies. Its coming..

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nekrosoft13: waiting for announcement of Nikon D760 ;)

Like many others I suspect.

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mais51: When will Nikon produce a fault-free product ? - it seems anything comes out from Nikon factory today has some faults in it - either by design or by assembly. I will not buy anything from Nikon until it is fully tested in the market place - I can tolerate bad design but will not tolerate bad production which in case of the D750 is clearly a production issue as if Nikon do not have a QA department.

No brand can produce a 100 % fault free product 100 % of the time, but in Nikon's case its almost as if they aren't trying. Its all the more shocking because they simply must be trying to elimate problems before going to market but its not working.

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mais51: Well the last two new Nikon cameras were produced to correct major physical faults of the earlier cameras with very minor upgrade thrown in to sweeten the deal. I just can't comprehend the pressure Nikon put itself under - take the D750 - why rush while its major competitor - Canon has nothing in the pipeline. May be Nikon should consider bringing its camera production back to Japan - sure it will cost a bit more but surely is a false economy when the saving in production is eaten up by recall and loss of good will.

Well its either 2 or 3 if you include the D800 Nikon 'left field' focus problem (which as far as I know Nikon has never owned up to) overall its a little shocking that the number 2 brand is getting the basics so wrong. Nikon tried to bluff their way out of the D600 problem (what problem ??) and they began to try to do the same with the D750 (see Nikon UK statement) until someone with a brain in Nikon ( Japan ?) stopped them making fools of themselves and their loyal customers. Your point is well made - Nikon are rushing untested poor QC products needlesly into the market. My advice ? Hold back the D900 and D760 and TEST production runs fully before release - I love my Made in Japan film Nikons - they might just outlast all of us...

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Joe Mayer: Of course they will (service it for free) and good for them. Nikon isn't some fifth rate company that doesn't care about their customers.

Ask D600 owners....

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Just Ed: No reason to be snarky or overly defensive.

Recent production problems aside Nikon seems to be very concerned about their reputation. Recalling stock off the shelf speaks to that commitment.

And also that their QC continues to stink. You would think that following the problems with the D600 and D800 Nikon would have tried really tried to avoid such problems. Sad the state Nikon find themselves in.

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mypic: I guess DPREVIEW missed that little flaw.

Hold on - extra hidden bouns features deserve at least a Gold Badge ! Perhaps for the D750 Nikon could try:' I AM giving you extras you won't want ??'

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Well done Nikon ! Does this mean that EVERY Nikon D750 has the problem its just that some owners haven't found their 'goodie bonus feature' yet ? Really depressing what Nikon are becoming - but at least they are trying to fix the fault fast this time rather than pretending 'what fault' for 12 months first.

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Spankster: Judging by the complaints and the fact that Nikon acknowledges the problem seems to occur only in certain units, my guess is that the problem may have already been rectified in later manufactured units and Nikon hasn't a fix for those already in the market. Wouldn't it be prudent, finding out by submission of owners, the manufacture serial numbers of their personally owned units, to give others knowledge of the manufacturing cutoff in the production?

A very fair and well made point. I think the reasons why this has not happened might be 1: By disclosing numbers rivals might be able to guage how many have been sold. 2: The public could be futher put off if that number is huge or ALL of the current cameras. 3: No one at Nikon could be bothered. 4: No one at Nikon had the good sense to think of your suggestion....

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waxwaine: So, it´ll be impossible to find a single D750 in China this year?

LOL ! Yep - I understand that they stepped in and banned the D600 (after a long delay) for fears that it was damaging the prepuation of the country....!!

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Jintana: If I want to buy an FX or Full frame DSLR. I will make sure it is made in Japan. I've worked in Japan for few years and fully understand their quality culture. That's why you won't see this oil spots on Canon albeit the 6D is so so and 5DM3 is overpriced. Just check where your D750 or D600 is made? I guess for Nikon, only their bosses are Japanese but those folks making and checking their cameras had been sub-contracted to the 3rd world somewhere. Good luck!

Well, without being anti anyone I feel you have a good point. Most top end is either from Japan or Germany but even this doesn't mean perfect products example Lecia with its sensor rot issue...OK so the sensor came (I think) from Kodak who were a US company at the time. I have loads of cameras across several brands. Best camera made ? Difficult : Perhaps my 1977 Nikon Nikkormat FT2. A basic but fantasticly well made product. NO current Nikon / Canon will last that long and work so well after 40 years...

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Serickmetz: Uh oh here we go again.... Can't wait to get my new D760!

Check out the super cheap E Bay deals on used D600's - Sorry Nikon - I've used your products (as well as others) since 1977 and you have MASSIVE QA problems with certain products. - like the D750.

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bigdaddave: Well as long as Canons do it too it's not a fault. The Nikon bias here stinks.

Total ! I shoot with several brands ( include Nikon) but their QA with their cameras is shot to hell. The D750 is great on paper BUT many (not all) have a proven fault. I saw one reviewer say that yes his D750 has the fault but he could live with it as it was random and Nikon will get around to fix it. This is the same guy who blasts Canon for not including dual card slots - because daul card slots are vital to avoid problems. Like a randon flare problem maybe????

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Jonathan F/2: Nikon is starting the new year off on the right foot. I think we'll be seeing some butt kicking form them this year! I think the sleeping giant is about to wake up!

Oh dear....sorry.

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Let me just say WOW !! Nikon will fix all of their duff D750 for free ! I'm guessing that these same self products would be under a warranty anyway ? Oh and you all have to wait under the end of Jan before we'll tell you how were going to do it....POOR.

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justmeMN: The biggest benefit of new camera models is that they drive down the price of last year's model. :-)

Great point - and by now we all know if last years models have 'issues'. Ps - that's the new term for cr*p QA.....

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Nikon like Canon needs to get it mirrorless cameras sorted- now that would be worth DPNEWS giving a new Nikon such airtime - the EOS-M (hated by almost everyone I have two and I love them) and the 1 series have totally failed and DSLR sales continue to fall as does their retail price. This is affecting Nikon much more than Canon for two important reasons: 1: Canon rely far less than Nikon upon camera sales - so Canon can stand the pressure for longer. 2: Nikon have to give SONY a high percentage of their profits for each camera sold as they rely on Sony for sensors. Again Canon can play the waiting game - and do.

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On Hands-on with Nikon's new D5500 article (288 comments in total)

Me ? No, not of interest - its a parts bin camera like the D610. If I were interested I would wait a month to discover what is wroing with it or if it has issues. Sure DPReview will give it a gold badge....

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GOOD: Nikon have owned up to poor QA in record time so they have learnt from their mistakes when handling the D600 issue. BAD: The team at Imaging Resource investigated the problem and found that it also occurs - albeit to a lesser degree - in other high-end DSLRs like the Canon EOS-1D X - so don't dare say that DPNEWS isn't fair - they did their best to drag Canon in as well !! VERDICT: NEVER repeat NEVER buy a new Nikon on day one - give it at least a month for issues to surface. Are you reading this possible D5500 buyers ?????

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Sony users NEED some decent glass Fuji X users need it somwhat less. Remember that these lenses are produced in Japan (not a bad thing) FOR Zeiss and thus it could said these aren't real Zeiss. I think that would be nic picking - I have used Zeiss glass and its pretty special, just remember boys and girls - the camera takes the picture - the photographer creates the image (and I don't mean in PS afterwards) - would be great if Zeiss brought out some AF lenses for Canon & Nikon.....

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