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On Chicago-based Calumet Photographic closes U.S. stores article (195 comments in total)

PLUS: Hell, its only America - the UK stores are GREAT and I will continue to use them. CONS: Hell, another decent camera shop bites the dust...

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On Apple releases 8GB version of iPhone 5c post (35 comments in total)

A sign of the times - I'm an Apple fan ( I still have a G3 computer) but since Jobs left so did so much that Apple was….

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On Nikon D4s unboxing: It's arrived! article (258 comments in total)

PLUS: Nice new pro spec camera Nikon. CONS: For the birds! Ultra high ISO is near to useless and is at best a marketing tool. Shame on you.

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On Nikon D610 Review preview (340 comments in total)

PLUS: Good new camera Nikon CONS: But you've done the dirty on all the D600 users and only legal action is seeing you do anything constructive to help out…..

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PLUS: May make Canon bring out a faster EOS-M CONS: Everything else ! Nikon (like Canon) still haven't caught up with the mirror less market place. Perhaps they still believe that it and those troublesome smart phones will go away…..

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Alphoid: I'm betting the Sigma 50mm f/1.4 will be sensibly priced. Sigma has made waves by offering lenses much better than OEM -- for less than OEM prices. It's a good strategy.

Lets just hope no focusing. quality issues… sorry Sigma but I haven't forgiven you yet.

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I went and bumped into one or two people including Jeff Ascott & Joe McNally. An improvement on last years In Focus Show but a number of side events now cost extra - guess this is to help pay / make a profit from the show…Stand Outs for me ? Panasonic GH4 with 1.2 lens - BUT that add on box to enable RAW 4K is a joke…Canon stand - very interactive / fun ….Fuji with their new XT and new colour skins service…..Will attend next year.

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On Pentax O-FC1 FluCard: The wireless details article (123 comments in total)

Funny name - but a great idea - Well Pentax !

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FRANCISCO ARAGAO: This week I went to a concert wih my camera, there I saw a 2 or 3 more people with cams. All the others were shooting with phones and tablets.

Same as - I still deal in the wedding market - common now to see people using tablets as well as their phones. Folks love them because they can show off their images to their friends stood next to them on a 'big' screen instantly and then upload instantly - both with NIL fuss. The future is NOT with traditional DSLR's….

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barry reid: Nothing there to suggest that my decision to drop kick Canon for a Sony A7r was the wrong choice.

Played with / used one today complete with a classic Canon 50 1.4 FD (which I already have) - have to admit I found it complex as I'm used to Canon & Nikon… but there was much to like. Well done Sony!

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KW Phua: Canon and Nikon will wait until they see Reporters use smart phone or mirror less to shoot Olympic or world cup then yes the enemies are here. For now, Smart phone only kill PnS, will come to mirror less before DSLR, so why invest in mirror less? Anyone can shoot F1 with smart phone or mirror less? LOL!

I'm 100 % certain this is already happening - if not for the fast & long range shots yet….Smart Phones have almost killed PnS and mirror less is eating into sales of more traditional DSLR's. I look forward to FF DSLR's becoming cheap as the more traditional companies have to fight really hard to survive.

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Jungle525: EOS M2 with a pancake wide angle - should be great for shooting street!

Bring it on ! I love my 22 f2 which has become my fav lens - and I have around other 15 Canon lenses to select from including FF APS-C classic FD etc. I dream of a 15 f2 (24mm in FF terms) to go along with it. The 22f 2 (35 mm in FF terms) is a tiny gem and so so sharp.

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Lux Painter: Either Canon is going to release their own smartphone (so the smartphone is not an enemy) or they are in total denial (more likely)

Total denial ! Remember its all about saving face with these boys - look how much Nikon have tried to avoid admitting their D600 is loaded with faults…..

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kalieaire: I find it funny how Canon expected the SL1 and their other size reduced dslrs to be popular. Coming from 35mm film, the 300D was a good size, with the grip it was nearly perfect. When the 20D came out, I was joyous of the better fit. When the 5D2 came out I was even more happy, now comparable to a 1 series. I have small hands too, tendonitis, and a bit of reduced grip strength, so anything larger than the 5D2 hurts pretty bad at the end of a wedding. Point being, DSLRs should generally be larger in size, and absolutely not too small.

Smaller DSLRs are only useful for cheap parents looking to buy their high school kids their first camera based solely on price, not usability, capability, or what the kids want and would like to use.

As for snubbing the mirrorless market, the EOS M represents the biggest innovation to cinematography since the 5D2 because if its size. I can rig my EOS M in a lot more places than my 5Ds or 7Ds.

From their statements, Canon's execs are obviously clueless.

Well - it came as a hell of a shock but I Love my EOS-M ( I now have two) and my DSLR's are gathering dust. Is the EOS-M perfect - of course not. What is the best camera you own - the one you have with you when you need /want to take a picture...

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Interesting - but nothing you wouldn't expect from a top exc working for the Number 1 camera company in the World. Canon took a lot of stick with both their 6D and EOS-M. The 6D is simply excellent and out performs the 5D3 at high ISO. Also unlike the highly praised Nikon D600 no problems with muck on the sensor. The EOS-M focus was rubbish - Canon have improved it but its clear that they COULD if they WANTED to import the 70D AF into an EOS-M MK3. As a user of BOTH Nikon & Canon I think they should BOTH begin to fear mirror less and not far behind smart phones if they don't already. They are the future not huge boxes like the D4S & D1X no matter how amazing they are. Been to the Photography Shop NEC Birmingham England today - very good - (hello again Joe McNally) but all traditional DSLR cameras are all living on borrowed time….

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On Nikon Df Review preview (1627 comments in total)

As some of you may be aware ( I post fairly often) I use both Canon & Nikon - overall I prefer Canon but I think the Nikon DF whilst NOT a classic like my beloved Nikon FE, is a great camera and Nikon with the 'classic' DF has done what it set out to do - provide MASSIVE FREE marketing coverage for Nikon. Smart move !!

I saw the test results comparing the DF/ D4/ 6D etc - frankly I'd give house room to ANY of them. But if I were PAYING I'd stick with Canon (sorry Nikon fans) and spend the money on a 5D3 - just because I shot a lotta video and the DF offers none….

Roll on the classic AE1 D…or should that be A1 D ?

NOTE according to DR the percentage of people who own the 6D is HUGE the percentage of people who got rid is LOW - however these figures are TOTALY REVERSED when viewing the DF which seems to SHED OWNERS FAST….bit sobering - best advice if you HAVE to have a DF, want 12 mths and buy SECOND HAND - there appears by then there will be plenty around….

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This is most interesting - the cheaper 6D seems to more than hold its own against even the mighty D4 and most tellingly the sensor in the DF is clearly NOT the same as the D4….

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On Canon announces EOS M2 in Japan article (616 comments in total)
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vroger1: The only point seems to be an attempt to be on the mirrorless bandwagon. The camera was badly thought out- had terrible handling (somewaht improved with the firmware upgrade). A digicam of which Canon should be thoroughly ashamed. Nikon with its "1" series and Canon with its M- its as though they were someone who thinks they are "above the law". The law in this case being a reasonable consumer's wishes.

Well I use BOTH Canon & Nikon (I prefer my Canon's) and yes Canon with their EOS-M and Nikon with their Series 1 cameras have made mistakes and both have failed to sell in the projected numbers. But their both improving and will become big sellers over time. I think Sony are the biggest threat and their FF CSC cameras seem to have all the answers - well done Sony. I like the Panasonic GH range for their VIDEO performance and Olympus for their lovely Zukio glass. But none of these brands will win me over as I prefer the IMAGE created by Canon cameras….

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On Canon announces EOS M2 in Japan article (616 comments in total)

Well as I predicted the poor old M2 is getting the same level of 'respect' that the M got. I love using my 2x EOS-M's with my all EF, EF-S, M and classic FD glass. That gives me 18 lenses….Such a joy to use my old FD glass all over again with simple cheap adapters. Its fun to use, in a strange way it takes me back to my very first camera which was a rangefinder - small compact but very high MADE IN JAPAN quality. Please guys if you have no plans to buy one nor even try one - shut up…..if Canon have made a mistake (and I don't think they have) then its their problem. If your a Canon owner and you don't fancy a Canon CSC - shop elsewhere rather than just moan. Panasonic make some great cameras….Myself I look forward to the higher spec version of the M - the M2 S or M3 (or whatever they will call it) stacked with 70D tech it mid 2014….

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On Canon announces EOS M2 in Japan article (616 comments in total)
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Peter Bendheim: The EOS-M in it's current form with the firmware upgrade is a surprisingly nice little camera to use. It's really small with the pancake lens, absolutely solid build that is all magnesium alloy, a tempered glass LCD and pretty good image quality. I like it's ergonomic simplicity, it's easy to use, the lenses are metal bodied, and the IQ is great. The pancake lens is razor sharp, for example. Really as good as anyone could wish for. It would be nice if it had a viewfinder that one could attach. It's also a refreshing design break from all the fake retro, fake leather, Leica look a-likes, and other gimmicks.
Hate it as much as you like, folks, especially those of you that have never tried it, but it occupies a deserved place in my camera bag along with the bigger and flashier gear, and has produced images I am very happy with and that form part of my portfolio. I'm sure Canon will eventually produce a more pro model, but this camera isn't half as bad as most of you would like it to be.

I now have TWO EOS-M's and I love using them. My Canon DLSR's are gathering dust - theM's are that good….22mm f2 on order...

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