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On Just Posted: Canon EOS 6D In-depth Review article (530 comments in total)

Interesting update - On this weeks Calumet News Canon are offering a FOC photo back pack 'worth £115' with each new 7D and 6D purchased. Now it makes sense that Calumet/ Canon need to boost sales of a 4 year old APS-C camera when most of its tech can now be purchased in MUCH cheaper EOS cameras. But the 6D ??? An almost brand new FF DSLR ? Sign of the times my friends - Canon cocked it up with the 6D and its poor AF system. Mark my words - many decent discounts will happen before the 6D is gone and the 6D MK2 is already in Canon Japan's HQ under lock & key. But don't expect it too soon. Somehow Canon have got to get shot of the 6D MK1's first !!

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WOW - Nikon bring out a greatly interesting prime for their 1 series and then WOW - what a price. Are they expecting to sell many ? Good luck to that lads....

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On Olympus to axe V-series point-and-shoot cameras article (124 comments in total)

Another sign of the times guys....only a matter of time before us camera loving folk walking around with our DSLR's look as silly as photographers of old having to hid under a sheet to take images on their large plate cameras.....

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On Just Posted: Canon EOS 6D In-depth Review article (530 comments in total)

Well months on what are we to think about the 6D ? Fury and Frustration greeted the new Canon 6D camera as it was about to enter the market place in October 2012 including from me. Since then it appears to have gone on to become a steady seller and users (overall) seem to rate it highly. The more promising Nikon D600 (and Nikon D800) have both had huge problems with quality issues (oil on sensor/ duff AF) both of which the 6D seems to have avoided. So what are we to think? For ME: A good not great camera. Too expensive unless GPS / WiFi are really wanted. A poor AF system and the 6D deserves far far better. Too expensive compared to the better spec Nikon D600 which is coming down in price faster and appears to be a bigger hit despite its problems. A really good sensor which out performs the 5D3 but really poor (for the price) video. I'd give it a 6/10 having only played with one - not at all sure its worth over £1500 b/only. Given the cash I'd rather have a Fuji XE1....YOU?

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Rap: it would be great to have these adittions for the MkII also... there is a huge number of videographers using the MKII.... me included... lots of them counting on Magic Lantern to have expanded features...

You make a good point - after all Canon were able to upgrade the 7D with a new software upgrade package. I think its unlikely given that the 5D2 is still such a good camera (OK - AF is rubbish) for stills - was at a wedding yesterday and got chatting the pro photographer, John, he has 2x 5D2 and sees no point in upgrading to a 5D3 (for wedding stills) I think he has a point. The 5D3 in most conditions and without having to have ultra fast AF simply isn't worth the extra cost for many including John. Given this I think if Canon upgraded the 5D2 VIDEO it could impact strongly upon 5D3 sales and with Nikon improving/taking more market share all the time Canon need to sell as many NEW cameras as possible....

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I'd still love to buy a 5d3 if only I could afford one - I used one at a wedding a few months ago and didn't want to hand it back ! However even I as a massive Canon fan still feel that Canon are behind the game on FF mid stream DSLR's. No I'm not saying the Nikon D800 is simply better because of its 36MP but I am saying that I feel it very strange that Canon haven't introduced a similar BIG chip model - let's call it the 3D1 by now.

Then again the 700d is simply the 650d, which is simply the 600d etc - all based upon an 18MP sensor that is now 5 years old and didn't compare well to the Nikon sensor at the same price point even then....strange. Have all the top Canon designers gone to work elsewhere?

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I think Sigma should be given a firm slap on the back for being so brave and advancing lens design forward across so many formats. I've never been a massive fan of Sigma ( I have only ever owned one Sigma lens and that packed up on me) preferring (over 30+ years) Vivitar, Kiron, Tokina, Tamron, Hoya and Mitsuki when buying 'none brand' in the past. But the games afoot and frankly anything that pushes the primary brands Canon, Nikon, Sony forward is a good idea. Roll it on Sigma !

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forpetessake: Let's see. I bought Kiron 28-85/2.8-3.8 full frame lens, reasonable quality, size, weight. Porting this lens to APS-C image circle would produce 18-55/1.8-2.5, and porting it to micro4/3 would produce 14-42/1.4-1.9 lens. I paid $15 for Kiron, I'm sure many people would be willing to pay 100x more for a modern lens, so why are the manufacturers still producing ridiculously slow lenses for ridiculously high prices? Has the industry degraded so much since 80-s?

Great point well made. Kiron glass was pretty good ( I used to work for the importer into the UK Lotus Instructions at one time) well made none of that nasty plastic stuff that we all put up with today. I have a series of very old Canon FD lenses (1st gen) and they are ALL built like BSH's even compared to my new Canon L lenses... go figure !

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peevee1: So no stabilization on either?

Nope ! This is old school classic engineering with all the benefits and issues that brings...

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Think the Sony NEX line NEEDS decent glass, less so the Fuji X range which already has some excellent lenses. Still a good move for Zeiss me thinks. Leica to do the same next > ? Only joking Leica fans !!

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About time Canon, can only guess why its taken you almost 7 months. How about a fix for the poor AF on the EOS-M next ? Would LOVE to buy one but cannot live with the current AF which is hopeless....

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Seems like a good idea - Canon keen to make some cash and pinch some business from Culumet ! Feels like the best thing Canon have done since the 5D3...but what is the fee?

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nikoninmybag: Darn, I was hoping they used a larger pentaprism finder forcing Nikon to do it on the eventual D5300.

Nowerdays you can only rely on Canon to bring disapointment !

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Abbas Rafey: I think that canon is running issues with the sleepy top management that they cannot have new innovation . Use sony sensors as nikon and step up from your old sensor 18 mp

Canon have the lost the plot - BIG TIME. Please people DON't buy these cameras or anything other Canon cameras until they wake up and start to compete with Nikon fully. How Nikon HQ must be laughing right now !

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bigstu: Over 10k of Canon glass in my kit and this is what they offer up as 'exciting & new' to attach it to.YAWN.The competition is offering more, more, more and we are supposed to be happy about less, less, less.

I think its time to throw in the towel with Canon, which I will do as soon as I'm earning decent money again. I'll miss my L glass but what is the point of superb glass when the rest of the camera is a let down? The best thing that can happen is for Canon to lose huge amounts of customers. Then - just may be they'll wake up?

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Photato: This...
A testament that digital cameras are a mature commodity.

Canon cant create exciting new products.

Yes - they can the 1DX and 5D3 are cracking - but as a long term Canon fan I find the rest (yes all of them) second rate. The message appears to be spend loads or we sell you half baked products - 'We are Canon love all of our (blind) loyal buyers...'

The SL1 is simply an EOS - M with a viewfinder - wonder if the AF will still be as bad???

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Jon Legaspi: Very Frustrating and Disappointing day....
i was waiting for the arrival of CANON's challenge to Nikon d5200 & d7100..
only to see a new model 700d with minimal improvement and didn't see 70d.
Perhaps, Canon knows that the NEW 70d is NO MATCH to Nikon d7100, that's why they did not release 70d today, prevented humiliation by photography enthusiast.
Now they must be back to the drawing board and figure an upgrade to the New 70d to match Nikons standard.
Without sensor upgrade etc, expect 700d and 70d to just sit on the shelves FOREVER, with webs & dust all over.

I have to agree - I use both Canon (which I prefer) and Nikon and am still using my old Canon 40d as I've seen several newer Canon cameras FAIL to give me a real reason to upgrade. Frankly I do think Canon have lost it which brings me much sadness and attacks from other posters who still haven't woken up to how average Canon cameras are becoming. Nikon however are on a roll (thanks to Sony sensors) the new Nikon D7100 looks VERY this rate my next new camera will be an iPhoto... wonder if I can fix my L glass on to it somehow...!

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On Minox announces tiny, retro-styled DCC 14.0 camera article (154 comments in total)

Looks like fun - one for collectors only me thinks. Then again at least it isn't as ugly as the new Hasselblad/ Sony hybrid (and not as expensive) - so why not if you fancy one and have a few bob spare ?

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Wonderful - but has nothing to do with a typical or even upper market wedding... sorry. As an ex pro I've shot 100's of weddings and now more than ever clients aren't waiting around or allowing you to set up anything remotely beyond 'snaps', which despite my skills and being really good at delivering such images is one of the reasons I'm keen to have left the industry behind. I've seen some cracking wedding albums recently but frankly most are a CON. Good looking models that know how to stand/pose, use of multi light set ups, extensive use of fast lenses and then masses of photoshop thrown in for good measure. I often wonder what would happen if these so called pro's ever book a REAL wedding what their images would look like. Willing to bet they would be NOTHING like their sample albums.....

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On Pro DSLRs, Pro Photographers article (100 comments in total)

I HAVE to comment on the comments posted earlier today:

'Ahh, the good old days.

Things were better back then.

Funny how old duffers from every generation believe this'.

YES - they were - like employing 6 full time shooters, like being able to have a full time studio, like having the cash to tour the USA every year and presenting at Caesars Palace in front of 1000 people

Yep - the Good Old Days WERE better.....the wedding photo business here in the UK is in free-fall and I would NOT recommend anyone to try to make a living from it nowadays.

Last point - played with a Canon 1D X owned by a pro photographer who i know well - superb- but it could take it him many, many weddings to cover its cost, I'm guessing just in time to 'have' to move on to the 1D X 2 version.... a foolish waste of money and efforts - sorry !

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