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Sony does not (yet) have the legs of Canon & Nikon (who they supply sensors to) and is also fighting off several other important rivals including Fuji & Panasonic as well as Olympus (who I believe it supplies the sensors to). Having worked closely with Sony in the past I do not believe that they have the long term strength nor vision required - I'd put my money on Samsung. This is despite several excellent products and the combination of top flight sensor tech and Zeiss lenses…It took Canon well over 10 years to displace Nikon from the Number 1 top pro brand aided to a great degree by Nikon early refusal to take AF seriously…time wil tell.

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m3: Wow, what an original idea!
About as 'original' as the Nikon camera bag I had thirty years ago with included bayonet mounts affixed to the inner base.
Ah well, if you're cheeky enough to ask for 12,000 CAD to revive an idea which in its latest form is a simple DIY setup and people are dumb enough to fall for it, I suppose that's the way it is ...

I remenber that bag well - the FB 8 if I recall correctly - designed to house an F2 above with three lenses in to a METAL base across the bottom - recall selling them - expensive - wonder if anyone still uses one ?

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Anyone EVER seen a really good review that compares any of these works of 'works of art' to real cameras or is it ALL smoke and mirrors….oh, it is….sorry must have missed the point.

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jonby: Nearly eight grand and no pop-up flash? Are they joking?

Well the lack of a flash did it for me - will have to wait now for the next B & W only Lecia…..perhaps a GOLD edition (with flash) and a set of matching GOLD lenses - now that is well worth saving for - not.

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RomanP: Is this a joke? $7.5k for a high end B&W point and shoot? How does this company remain in business?

By selling to collectors and fools with far too much money ! Witness the massive growth of ultra fast sport cars - useless on 99 % of roads, 99 % of the time (unless you wanta look flash) …Lecia are in the same market segment.

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Well, its not the much awaited FF DSLR (name suggestion: ME Super D ? ) that many wanted. Sounds like more digital tricks - nothin to see- move on…

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Wonder if Nikon can offer a software / firmaware update to TESCO in the UK ? They have had lots of problems as well - come on Nikon this is a LOT of FIXES covered as an improvement/ update…..

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On Fujifilm XF 16mm F1.4 moves from roadmap to retailers article (228 comments in total)

Well done Fuji ! Ticks my wish list. Oh dear reading some of the comments were back to talking new sensors and BIG MP counts. Fuji should prove they are different and user focused (tell the big MP people to get lost) by a REALLY great mk 2 sensor with just 16 MP's !!

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Just Ed: Nice tough looking camera. It should be quit an attractive package with all the 4/3 lenses out there.

Or even the CHEAP Fujian 35mm 1.7 lens which arrived earlier today - £20 and worth each and every penny fitted to my BMPCC.

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I used lots of DSLR's that can shoot video including the 5D3 - my humble BMPCC blows the doors off it - roll on BM - your simply brilliant

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n3eg: A: We are just like Canon! Canon will not give up on their lousy EOS M series, why should we give up on the 1 series, even though the 1J5 is ugly? Canon will never surrender, and neither will we!

Canon eos - m - love it or hate it (have you ever used one?) but it turns out great pics & vids - of course its not perfect and its no GH4 but I MUCH prefer the picture quailty to the Olympus 5 Pen I have used - nasty colours (have you ever tried one?) so unlike the Nikon 1 the ASP-C format M does have a future.

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D Webb: What an absolutely pointless exercise this was. I applaud DPR for asking relevant questions and feel nothing but disdain for the robotic, non-answers given by the faceless monolith which is Nikon. I am very glad I sold my Nikon gear.

Nikon aren't Nikon anymore… shame.

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The 'guilty men'? Just look at the body language ! Do any of us really believe that Nikon has really got this sorted and the D760 ( ? ) won't suffer similar problems with QC ???

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On Opinion: Why the Canon XC10 is a big deal article (810 comments in total)
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Donnie G: Canon creates another tool for working pros that, once again, sends armchair hobbyists stomping about madly and foaming at the mouth with rage and resentment because the product wasn't designed for them and isn't priced for them either. Boohoo! How dare Canon put pros before trolls! Let's teach Canon a lesson by running out right now and buying all the A7s, A6000s, FZ1000s, and GH4s we can find, then put our Canon lenses on them. I bet that'll show Canon who's boss. :))

Spot on ! But I'll stick to my canon DSLR's and seperate BMPCC for now….

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On Opinion: Why the Canon XC10 is a big deal article (810 comments in total)

Every so often Canon pull something out of the bag (in a manner that Nikon fail to do) - not sure what market place this is designed to address - perhaps like BMW they feel that they to have a camera in every possible slot or make their own slot. Given that cameras such as the Pana GH4 and the Black Magic (both of which are very different to the new Canon) are driving the market away from making vids via traditional DSLR's this is an interesting and unexpected move.

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Played with a range of their glass at the recent photoshow NEC, Birningham
, England. Very nice stuff - sort of sub Lecia/Zeiss - but as the brand attacts new clients I can't help but feel their prices are becoming too high - this will sell at almost £1K for 4 3 users ? Perhaps just a few....

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On Nikon 1 J5 offers 20.8MP BSI sensor and revamped look article (152 comments in total)

Does it have any dust/ dirt/ oil/ flare issues ???

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On Sony sells half of its Olympus stake article (90 comments in total)

Its all about money people (and power) understand that Canon may be the only camera maker who is actually making any profits and camera production is only part of the Canon brand. As for Olympus - try to find the BBC programme on the net about their 'dealings' - I use Olympus (as well as several other brands) and love their Zukio glass - but their SMT - No way, Never. Sad.

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On Sony sells half of its Olympus stake article (90 comments in total)
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Peiasdf: SONY got what it wanted in the spin-off medical joint venture and is now dumping the dying imaging division.

So sad, but I think you hit the nail on the head ....

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Waffle – sorry – tells us nothing that we did not already know and sadly the questions (sorry did I miss them?) were pointless - DPR staff need to ask for real info and future vids should not simply be a showcase for the camera brands to parade their wares...

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