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On Sony Alpha 77 II firmware update improves AF speed article (153 comments in total)
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marc petzold: And further with SONY DSLMs - many people like myself are using the dead-cheap A3000 Body for it's great APS-C sensor with manual focus lenses - or together with a lens turbo or speed booster, to have that "full frame look". Please Sony, do make a 1.01 Firmware Update with RAW-shooting only, it's a mess, to record always a 20 MP JPEG together with the 20 MP ARW RAW file, thank you. It can't be that hard. Show us some love, as brand, would you?

What? Are you saying that on the A3000 you can't shoot Raw only? This can't be true. My 5n allowed raw only and my RX100III allows Raw only. Have they seriously omitted that feature?

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Calvin Chann: Yet another Sony body. Why am I not surprised?

I know. I wish they were more like Canon and waited 5 years to release a new top of the line APS-C camera that has technology that is two years old. Man, if only they were just like the big guys.

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On Leica T Typ 701 real-world samples gallery updated article (104 comments in total)

Is there a camera made in the past two years by Sony, Fuji, or hell, Samsung priced between $500 and $1000 that this thing out performs? I don't understand it. This camera is why this world is going to implode. On this board you will have people who crap on the mediocre performance of this insanely priced camera, and then there will be those who make fun of those people because they "can't afford it." Right. The problem is, those who can afford it, buy it because it is the most expensive mirrorless system there is, or, because its a Leica, and that's it. This schism is repeated here, and throughout the rest of society. Usually it leads to revolts and revolutions. I bet Marie Antoinette would have had a Leica T. Nothing like pricing an 18-56 3.5-5.6 lens for $2,200 bucks! AHH!?!?!

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I was buying a 5s for my gf the other day and when I was at the Verizon store I gave the Galaxy phone a whirl. Sweet Jesus. It took about 12-15 seconds just to turn on. How could anyone in their right mind buy a camera for 4-500 dollars that takes 15 seconds just to start up? My Droid Razr boots faster than that. It was insane. This is one of the worst products Ive ever seen.

Also how is an RX100 not on this list? It is basically the ultimate social camera as far as the criteria this list is using goes.

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On Just Posted: Update to Sony RX100 II Samples Gallery article (86 comments in total)
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photo perzon: Why were the previous RX100 II samples dim and unfocused? These look good.

Sorry Sage, we all can't be pro's like yourself. Nice gallery.

My point is, if I worked at Motor Trend and Ferrari gave me a car to write a review about, I wouldn't drive it down a dirt road to see how it handled or how fast it went just to be the first one to 'post my results.' Thanks for 'updating it as soon as possible' but you realize what that does right? When you post sub par photos or reviews of a product in a 'time constrained' manner are you being fair? I'm not some crazed Sony fanboy, just being a realist here.

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On Just Posted: Update to Sony RX100 II Samples Gallery article (86 comments in total)
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Mattoid: Please do a direct image comparison (with foreground and background elements to show blur amount and character) between the RX100 II and the Ricoh GR wide open at 28mm 35mm and 50mm equivalents. (interestingly the GR cropped to "1 inch" sensor size gives 50mm equivalent)

You can always add the 20mm pancake to make it very portable. No let up in IQ either as many examples of that lens have shown.

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On Just Posted: Update to Sony RX100 II Samples Gallery article (86 comments in total)
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photo perzon: Why were the previous RX100 II samples dim and unfocused? These look good.

Barney, c'mon now man. I love the work that you guys do and love this site but don't go down that road. If you can't post fair and realistic examples of what a camera can do why post them at all? It's not fair to the manufacturer or to the customers here who are trying to figure out how best to spend our hard earned dollars, know what I mean? The reviews in general are very well written and you guys do a great job but don't compromise it by saying you didn't have the time to take quality shots, or at least explain it when posting the original samples. (And maybe it was, I haven't seen them but based on that question and your response that is what I assumed, please correct me if I am wrong.)

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On Preview:nikon-coolpix-a (442 comments in total)

"Coolpix" and "$1100" should not ever be in the same story.

This camera is about $500 over priced. And learn from your competitors. Get a new name. Its the Sony Nex. Not the Sony Cybershot 7. Its the EOS M, not the Cybershot M. If you are going to introduce a new line of camera that is 4x the price of your already inflated compact line you need a new name.

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Weird video. A its in 480p. At least give us a quarter of the resolution of the device you are showing. Also what exactly is he doing when he starts sloppily tracing the guys shoulder? And hopefully the tablet only recognizes the pen so you can write with your hand on the screen. Oh and why is the flash going off when taking land scape shots? So many questions.

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On Nikon D7100 Hands-on Preview preview (492 comments in total)

Is the omission of the filter over the sensor similar to what Fuji does with the XP1 and XE1 or are we talking about a different filter here? I though their filter was an AA filter. Are there a multitude of filters in front of sensors?

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Elaka Farmor: Nice too see that nex-5n holds up good against it when it comes to IQ

Same sensor, just a little more crowded out with the pdaf pixels. The 5n is quite a camera, esp for 300 bucks body only. Absurd.

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peevee1: AF speed comparison - old FW vs new:

It does not freeze anymore when focusing!

But speed does not seem to be all that faster.

I am not sure but to be it clearly shows a lag when it focuses. Why does it to that? Does it do it all the time? And in real life? I have never seen another camera do this. I thought it was my browser. I have never used one of these in person, do they all have this hiccup?

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