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On #1 in France: Hands-on with DxO ONE article (222 comments in total)
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tkbslc: Iphone 6 plus: $750
DxO One: $600

$1350 camera

Sony RX100iii: $800
Already had the phone: $750
Total: $1550

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zerlings: For someone who wants a M-quality lens with autofocus on a FF body, this is the only option.

Nice! Maybe I won't wait for the A7III or RX-2 after all...

The A7 VI will be awesome

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On Leica Q First Impressions Review preview (568 comments in total)
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Prixnobeldefoot: with a lens that big makes the whole thing unbalanced, unlike a M serie with a 35 or 28. For that price I'd rather get a used m9 and used 35 summicron

But for the Q's advantage, the sensor is much much much better than the M9. The lens is also faster than a Summicron.
I had the M9 for a while and ISO above 640 was not good at all. In daylight the M9 is fine for taking pictures, but so is also my phone. The newer Leica M240 and Monochrome are better of'course

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I have read through all the interviews from various manufacturers these past weeks and this one from Nikon was the one with almost no interesting content. Waste of time!

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eyefuse: Interesting photoshop paintings! I like the colors and feel - even if many are composed afterwards in photoshop, rather than real shots.

#12 for example is nice, albeit obvious that the road scene has been added to the foreground with the boy and dog. Lot's of cloning and smoothing going on.

And the snow has been added in photoshop. Copy paste and a bit too much for me

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On Sony Alpha 7 Review preview (1608 comments in total)

"We see three major audiences: those stepping up from existing NEX models, photographers 'buying into' full-frame, and fans of third-party lenses who want to use them on a full-frame body."

And do not forget those who already has a FF camera and are looking for a smaller FF package. (I sold my D800 and invested in the A7r + lenses)

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On Sony DSC-RX10 preview (725 comments in total)
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chrisnfolsom: Is the zoom variable? I know it is said to be slow - how much slower in comparison to a fz-200, or other superzooms? Can't wait for their next version, phase focus, faster zoom, higher res viewfinder etc.. - if they can correct a few of the usability issues - great package - and perhaps $200 off the price :)

I am asking about the zoom specifically because I do shoot some sports from time to time and pre-focus and have played with superzooms in the past, but want to know how much of a chore this will be, or if possible at all. No camera can do everyting, but will I need a dslr for sports to augment this, or will it work "well enough"?

"Can't wait for their next version" :-)

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