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I am quite versatile, and in general self taught, just as monkeys.
Although contrary to them, I haven't been able yet to perfectionate the branch changing technique and arboreal climbing.
Also, when I'm bored, I've a slight tendency to pick my nose.


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On Welcome! in the Jordan: Its People challenge (2 comments in total)
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HelloToe: At a glance, I thought it was Cheech offering me some herbal products!

Yup, certainly missing that beanie...

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On Nikon J1 real-world samples gallery article (336 comments in total)

Looks like we'll have to wait for DPreview to incorporate these new Nikon Series to their system, so we can compare the final images along with those of other camers and see for ourselves the differences.

Personally I think Fujifilm's X Series are the best on high ISO performance.
And I very much doubt that there is going to be a camera that is going to beat them. At least up to now in their category, the performace talks by itself.

See the ISO comparison charts:

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On Nikon V1 and J1 - hands-on first impressions article (245 comments in total)

More of the same friends,...
...more of the same.

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On Nikon V1 and J1 - hands-on first impressions article (245 comments in total)
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powernet: What can you expect from someone who wears a tie like that!

Hahaha, so true man!

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On DSC_0114 photo in dpreview review samples's photo gallery (10 comments in total)

Excuse me, impressive you lot say?
Impressive is the ISO performance that comes out of the Fujifulm X100 and X10.
It's f*cking spectacular.
DPreview have their internal applet that allows one to compare final images in columns, just put all the desired cameras toghether in a row, and see the more than clear differences.
Fujifilm's X Series are just simply above normal in ISO performance.
Keep an eye on the queen of england stamp, you'll see the difference in sharpness/focus on high ISO, and the absence of notorious unacceptable grain.

Sincerely, the hardware might be cool, and the specs themselves, but the ISO is more of the same.
Just do the comparison, DPreview's interctive chart applet is just what one needs to compare true final images from different cameras.

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On Leica creates mount adapters for S2 medium format DSLR article (36 comments in total)

As if the lenses were the problem...
It's the S2's Body that is a price issue.
Wider options in lenses, sure, very cool, but, how about lowering the price of that body?

Just like the SIGMA SD1, high price too.

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