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On Sony Alpha 7S added to test scene comparison tool article (269 comments in total)

comparing the a7r to a7s.. seems less noisy for a7S - unless you download the jpgs, and downsample the A7R in PS to 12M.. Then the a7R looks better in general.. I also noticed the a7R was using 85mm f1.4 lens, and a7SS was the 55mm lens..

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originates from research into Alzheimers disease.. Please dont beat up on me for asking - but does that mean that it does or doesnt have memory problems like nicad

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where can I lodge my complaints about playmemories wanting to take over my machine? new version today, and it has to waste my time updating the @#$! database.. I only want this because it does a better AVCHD import than lightroom.. it aggregates the subfiles..

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On The Sony QX10 in action, cyborg style post (18 comments in total)

hahaha that's so funny... Resistance is futile

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On Facebook introduces shared photo albums post (15 comments in total)

I just submitted a bug report on it. create an album, then allow multiple contributors with the privacy scope set to Collaborators only (the only other choice is Friends of Collaborators), then later decide to share out a photo from the album to your friends, then FB ignores the privacy scope of the destination share: eg Share To scope is ignored, and replaced with Share From privacy scope, when share from is collaborator album with privacy scope = collaborators only.

I had to re-upload a photo in order to show it to friends, rather than share it from where it had already been uploaded.

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skytripper: Instant photography is like instant coffee: Not too terrible if you've never tasted the real thing.

IMHO, a 'real thing' in photography lets you control at least focus, and has the ergonomics which minimize movement with shutter actuation.. Like touching the screen back versus a shutter button on top. I didnt say NOT cellphones, but most cellphones lack these two things.. After that, having a choice in lenses, IQ approaching Dawes limit, full manual control, a tripod mount, tiltable display, EVF, APS-C or larger sensor, a good grip, lots of programmable buttons, and makes me look like a pro.. Not necessarily in that order, but close..

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geez its so tiring to listen to photographers who think that they are artists.. So what if you know where to stand.. I knew Renoir, he was a friend of mine, and you sir, are no Renoir lol..

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On Wood Stork photo in sidebyside's photo gallery (2 comments in total)

I like this guy

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