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On #1 in France: Hands-on with DxO ONE article (222 comments in total)

Looks just like a Sharp Viewcam. I have one of those.

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Wubslin: Unfunny, tired and stupid. If you don't like carrying heavy things, try not buying them.

I think that was the point, and good to see that you got it.

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I have small fingers. Forget DSLR Arm - I don't even want DSLR Hand!

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Can you use it to play Jai Alai or spike the ball in Volleyball? Will it catch foul balls or rob home runs?

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A: We are just like Canon! Canon will not give up on their lousy EOS M series, why should we give up on the 1 series, even though the 1J5 is ugly? Canon will never surrender, and neither will we!

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Ultrazoom, superzoom, megazoom, and now Ludicrous Zoom.

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I've used 16 stops of ND to photograph sunspots, and it still wasn't enough.

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I think I was the first one to say that if they could do multi-shot in 1/8 second they would have a real feature and not a gimmick.

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jukeboxjohnnie: Pathetic! This is because Samsung cant do a DSLR people want. My mirrorless system is only for casual shooting when I don't expect to be taken seriously and I'll never feel differently

That could explain why I don't take you seriously.

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On Kodak reborn: A look at JK Imaging's 2014 lineup article (198 comments in total)

As someone who followed the S-1 from the announcement in January 2013 and then unfollowed it in July 2013, it's overdue and already obsolete. It's supposed to be similar to the E-PL5 in price and features except it has wi-fi. It also was slower (when tested in December.) As much as I am a total Kodak fanboy, the delay gave me a negative opinion and the specs showing nothing new confirmed it. Maybe I'll buy a used one for my collection in the future.

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On What if historical figures had Instagram? post (20 comments in total)
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jcmarfilph: Such a disgrace putting these important part of our history into a lousy frame with worthless filters.

Too bad God wasn't into selfies...

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stan_pustylnik: Half of world lives like this, unfortunetelly.

If you intervene in a domestic violence situation, both parties can turn their anger toward you. She (the photographer) was right in what she did. Law enforcement would say the same thing.

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Klamar shouldn't quit his day job at the DMV...

"...as interesting, as special people who deserve their fame because they are the best {at} what they do." Nope, the caption doesn't fit the picture. My granddaughter is a "special" person, and I as a point-and-shooter can bring out the best in her. This seems to be a case of "I blew it, so now I need to call it artistic license." Where can I get one of these licenses? Oh yeah, at the DMV.

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