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Blue Polaris: Hi everyone. Zhi here.
Thanks for visiting and commenting. Hope you drop by the Tongariro National Park if you do have a chance to visit New Zealand. It's a very special and pretty place (when the weather is good), and it's still relatively under-photographed.

Great photos .... having tramped, climbed, skied (and snow caved) around the park its great to see such an excellent set of images. Also, well done on your Taranaki Falls image in this months edition of NZ Wilderness magazine!

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ThePhilips: I can't understand why there are so few 4.0/100mm macro lenses.

2.8 is useless for the macro, and it only hikes up the price and size of the lenses.

I also have a 60D, and always use live view for macro (on a tripod), as I magnify the image 10x to ensure I can get the most accurate focusing - I find this more accurate than using an optical viewfinder. Unmagnified, the OVF is probably better for manual focusing though.

f2.8 on a macro does give you a brighter image through the viewfinder, as the aperture is always wide open by default, and subsequently provides a brighter OVF, and f2.8 is handy when using for portraits.

But agree with the OP that it is surprising that one manufacturer hasn't given a f4 macro lens a go ..... smaller, lighter, cheaper - not for everyone, but would have thought there was some market, especially with so many 90-105mm f2.8 options on the market

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justmeMN: Two possible reasons that Canon may have wanted the EVF to be optional, rather than built-in.

Cost/Price: It's already expensive. With the addition of a built-in EVF, the price would be even higher, decreasing sales.

Buyer Experience: People upgrading from a smartphone or low-end compact camera have never used a viewfinder, and probably wouldn't miss it.

They may not be convincing reasons, but they are reasons nonetheless. :-)

The size is impressively compact when compared to the competition.

There will always be compromises and the lack of EVF will disappoint many, but not bother others. The external controls and build quality look good

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bigdaddave: So now users who won't agree to pay Adobe regularly are OFFICIALLY second class. How telling that is.

Adobe are simply vile.

No, Adobe are like many software vendors ..... either a subscription model, with lots of minor updates, or a license purchase for a major version. In the past Adobe bundled up a bunch of features and offered a version that could be purchased approx. every 18-24 months. I assume these new features will be in v7 released late next year/early 2017. For subscriptions they are offered as the enhancements become available. You have the choice of two payment models, each with their own pros and cons.

I'm frequently purchasing software applications for business use, and many of these require a purchase, but you don't get any updates or support unless you pay an annual fee. Other vendors offer a monthly subscription.

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joyclick: Is there a true 50mm for APSC?
This new Canon will afterall be 80mm on APSC

To get the equivalent field of view to full frame 50mm on APS-C, then the Canon EF 35mmf2 works .... yep it is a full frame lens, but will give close to the field of view you are looking for. The only APS-c specific prime lens I'm aware of is the Sigma 30mm f1.4 Art. Both of these are very good lenses, albeit significantly more expensive than this new 50mm.

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Looks promising - 7 blade aperture, small and light, but no IS .... hopefully the article will be updated shortly with the price

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piratejabez: In slide 3, the upper fourth or so of the image is blurred (look at the mountain top)... assuming this is post-processing?

More like depth of field, as focus is on the foreground (kayaks) ....

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Olgierd: For $300 I'll buy 10-18 for my little EOS-M. Small and fairly light, cheaper than EFM 11-22 and available in US. Good option to take while I'm hiking.

@T3 - my comment was aimed at the OP who was specifically referring to the EOSM, and I assume for hiking, would want a light compact lens ...... adding the adapter adds a bit extra weight and bulk. If you don't already own the adapter, there is extra cost. I agree with your comment about versatility, if using the lens on other Canon bodies as well, then the 10-18 is more versatile.

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mr.izo: next time include things like canon 17-40, 17 tse, maybe sigma 12-24 etc. you know, things that people actually use for landscape photography..

Canon 17-40 takes regular filters, so doesn't require this. For Nikon users, the 14-24 would be the main landscape lens that doesn't take regular filters. For Canon users, it's hard to know what would be the most popular, but maybe these kits are their best selling?

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Olgierd: For $300 I'll buy 10-18 for my little EOS-M. Small and fairly light, cheaper than EFM 11-22 and available in US. Good option to take while I'm hiking.

But you need to use an adapter. With the 11-22 EFM lens, no adapter is required

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ShelNf: Wasn't #5 part of a real time video?

He shot the video on another evening, but from the same spot ..... I was lucky enough to hear him present last week at out photographic society in Wellington where he showed both the video and the still.

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ManuelVilardeMacedo: I'm disappointed. This article has been posted six hours ago and no one complained about the "equivalent aperture" yet.

They'll come along with the review of brick wall photos and cat photos.

..... and of course the comments about lens profiles in Lightroom......

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Donnie G: For me, sometimes it's just fun to try and guess what Canon's next move is going to be. Since the 70D is so close to the 7D in terms of features, I'm guessing that Canon will either drop the 7D type from their line or take it up to a price point above USD $1900 (probably $2099) in order to offer buyers a clear choice of either top level APS-C performance or entry into their full frame sensor bodies. As for the new phase detection AF CMOS sensor tech, I have no doubt that it will find its way into every Canon imaging product from the 70D on up, because it really is a game changer. EOS M, Powershot, and Rebel buyers will most likely have to make do with hybrid contrast detect/phase detect sensors similar to what's available in the T5i now. It just makes sense from a marketing standpoint. And even if it doesn't, it's still my best guess for the next new product cycle.

Maybe the next will be a camera to replace the 1D MK IV and the 7D ......a type of pro level APS-C camera, maybe even a built in grip? Canon would then discontinue the need for APS-H sensors

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davidonformosa: I bought and I'm very happy with it. I'd still love to see more pancake lenses from Canon though. An EF-S 22mm f/2 pancake would be very desirable.

Voightlander make a 20mm pancake for Canon EF - it is manual focus. Their 40mm pancake is f2, though both of these are a lot more $$$ than the Canon

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xoio: Getting tired of this 'now you have it, now you don't' - Flip out screen farce.
Camera, Flip/twist screen
G1 Yes
G2 Yes
G3 Yes
G5 Yes
G6 Yes
G7 No
G9 No
G10 No
G11 Yes
G12 Yes
G15 No

The fast lens (at telephoto) is what appeals to me.

I'm considering replacing my old compact, though use the DSLR most of the time, it would be nice to have something small, and the iPhone just doesn't cut it. I had initially ruled out the G15, but seeing this review, maybe I should rethink. The image quality, while not quite matching the RX100, is very good for the smaller sensor (much better than the G12). The articulating screen is no biggie - faster lens is far more important when shooting images of the kids without flash. The G15 is also a little smaller than its predecessors and more responsive.

The G cameras have always handled well - call me old fashioned, but I like the dials, instead of searching through menus

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ericsan: What a boring new camera...such a long wait for a very basic product !!
Will not wait for the upcoming & upgraded models...bye bye Canon, hello Panasonic/Olympus you will get my money for my needed backup mirrorless camera, your models are much more exciting,innovative...
Cheers !!

Phone cameras (ecluding the 41MP Nokia) are still rubbish - they may beat some P&S but only the rubbish ones....... I compared an iPhone 4s against an 8 year old P&S ........ the 8 year old P&S is so much better than the iPhone it's crazy.

I agree this camera is a relatively average entry into the mirrorless market - if I was puchasing today I would look elsewhere, but the future models may be worthwhile

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gl2k: Dear dpreview

This website is about pixel beeping and endless discussions about focusing errors, light leaks and the perfect skin tone. Not to forget the 2 most important questions : "what is the perfect walk about lens ?" and "is my lens sharp ?"

It's definitely not about photography and art.

And remember that all discussions should be backed up with either a photo of a brick wall, or of a cat!

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Samuel Dilworth: Here's Voigtländer's site with specifications:


And here's the manufacturer's page, showing the optical layout:


This lens has a classic focal length and speed, with modern technology (aspherical surfaces) enabling an unusually compact design.

I think it's wonderful that someone makes lenses like these. My only complaint is that the focus throw is too short, making zone focusing more difficult than it should be. It has a longer throw than comparable autofocus lenses, of course, but longer still would be very welcome (in combination with more witness marks and depth-of-field ticks for all f-stops).

Half the price? Umm.. $800 US for the 28mm f2.8 IS........ 550 Euro is about $675 US ...... the Voightlander is cheaper.

I admit the 28mm f1.8 is cheaper but with street price of $470, its well above half the price, especially as the Voightlander is a recommended price, not street price.

Would have been good for this to be f2.0, like the 40mm.....

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