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Bought my A7ii mid-January, my SEL2870 was already running the updated version.

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On Sony Alpha 7S Review preview (467 comments in total)

Damn near a year in coming, but a POS low-end Canikon gets here in a month. Thanks.

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So glad I jumped to Sony.

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On Nikon D750 Review preview (1893 comments in total)
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RanL: A very nice review. Would have been nicer if it said something about the (alleged) flare-blockage / internal reflections / "black bandit" issue that's been so extensively debated on the forums (here and elsewhere) lately. It would have been nice to get a word on this from an authoritative and reliable source.
Right now that (possible) issue is the only thing holding me back from ordering this camera (I find myself shooting backlit scenes quite often).

After flakes in my D600 and white spots on my D800, this is no longer an option. Moved to Sony and MUCH happier. I agree there are limited lenses in comparison, but Sony has the lenses I needed.
Much happier with my A77ii, A6000, and now my spankin' new A7ii. I'm not going back until Nikon begins to innovate again, and fixes these nagging quality issues.

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On Sony Alpha 77 II firmware update improves AF speed article (156 comments in total)
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Serious Sam: Now can we have our 7D2 VS A77ii performance test??

If you used an A77ii for a few days, you'd literally forget it was an EVF. No so on the A6000, but you would on the A77ii. It is that good an EVF. THEN, when you'd NEED it, touching that exposure comp dial and SEEING your adjustment is sublime! Or WB, or manual exposure, or DOF... you just have to let go of your old ways and embrace the technology. In SOME cases it is THAT good.

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On Sony Alpha 77 II firmware update improves AF speed article (156 comments in total)
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Tharaphita: It must have been really bad, if they were able to make it 2,5 faster. Lol

The A77ii WAS faster than any Nikon I've had (last two were D610 and D7100), and faster now than any other Canon or Nikon in my local camera store. The first comment is a real use experience based on a sizable jump in usable shots from my sons' football games versus my old Nikons, the in-store comparisons, though not as thoroughly tested, are comparisons with both cameras in-hand. The AF is easily faster on my upgraded A77ii than any Nikon or Canon the store had in stock, though they didn't have any D4-series or EOS1-series cameras. This isn't a noise comparison, the time to focus was faster, and it was more deliberate (less hunt). I can also state from experience that the low light AF is now just like daylight focussing, and easily as fast as my A6000. The A77ii actually seems quicker to lock than the A6000, so NOW I'm hoping for an A6000 AF tweak by firmware.

GREAT JOB SONY!! It is nice to be HAPPY with my camera company again! Keep innovating while the others rest on their laurels.

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On Sony Alpha 77 II firmware update improves AF speed article (156 comments in total)

As an old Nikon guy, after my D600 flaked and D800 had white spots, I jumped ship. This is a great camera, and for a change I actually HAVE a camera that gets a great firmware upgrade! As good as it WAS, it is very noticeably faster now! You get so many creative hardware scenarios with Sony, and they have the lenses I need. Not as many as Canikon to be sure, but very nice lenses in my wheelhouse. The 16-50/2.8 is a great kit zoom, but a little heavy. And having an A6000 as a second kit, using the same flashes, microphones, etc. is very satisfying (I can even share lenses with a LA-EA4!). Even my Sony P/S uses the same basic menus and I can add a mic to its hotshoe on a windy day. That's three different formats/mounts using shared kit. THAT'S how to build a system. Great job Sony! I'm with you for the long haul! ...Now to get that new A7ii to fill out my bag!

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On Sony SLT-A77 II First Impressions Review preview (682 comments in total)

I've had this camera for about three months and love it more every day. After black flakes in my mirror box, and bright spots on my sensors, I finally bailed on Nikon and have never looked back. Less lenses to be sure, but the ones I need are available and work very well. Loving the 16-50 2.8 kit zoom! Having an A6000 as a second body is a dream as well. The lenses are small enough to keep a couple in the A77ii bag, and the flashes are good on both bodies. Excellent video, too (I'm not a video guy... but it satisfies my limited video needs VERY well.). The new shoe takes Sony flashes, video lights and microphones without cords. This is the kind of gear interconnectivity that is a pleasure to use, and delivers image quality every bit as good as my previous Nikons. Even my little Sony P/S takes the same hot-shoe attachments! How cool is THAT!?!

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On Nikon D750 First-impressions review preview (1422 comments in total)

Meh... more of same. After flakes in my mirror box, which Nikon took too long to own up to, and then bright spots in the next model, I'm done with Nikon until they ROCK something NEW. Take on the A7, Nikon, maybe even the A6000. Until then, you bore me with your tweaks. When the Nikon 1 V3 shows the most design promise, you're in trouble...

Currently LOVING the A77ii and hoping an A99ii follows to kill my last affection for Nikon... FF.

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On Review: Ona Lima camera strap article (145 comments in total)

Nikon and Oly used to package thin leather-like straps with a sliding rubber pad. Chromed steel buttons and just enough adjustability. Find one at a yard sale or bargain bin, they pack light, go on/off easily, but there's nothing to fail, and are comfortable enough to use all day. Plus, they were MADE to fit those little triangle thingies (technical term) perfectly. Best strap ever.

Next would be the narrower of the two Domke straps will all steel pivoting hardware and a thick canvas, non-slip strap section. Simple IS better.

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On Olympus takes Pen E-PL6 beyond Asia article (76 comments in total)
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i don't know about the rest of europe.
But it has been available in the netherlands for quiet some time

OoooooH! RED TRIM pieces!! I'm upgrading now!

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On Sony a6000 First Impressions Review preview (894 comments in total)

I actually prefer the "experience" reviews over the technical ones. I'm more interested in handling and use than splitting hairs between pixel depth and noise at ISO128,763. I also like to hear how it fits well (or not) into the system. I love that my OM-D E-M1 is there for me, but I can grab any accessory and throw it on my E-PL5, or E-P2, with good results. How a A6000 fits in the bag functionally with an A7 or A77 would be interesting. Flash would work, lenses not so good. I'd LOVE an A7 with an A6000 for snaps and easy stuff if the lenses were fully interchangeable, as well as the flashes, etc. The Oly/Panny camp has that down pretty well.

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On Sony a6000 First Impressions Review preview (894 comments in total)

The eye opening on the new camera looks to be substantially smaller than the NEX6. Can you speak to that? To some of us wearing glasses, that's a concern.

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On Windows XP is dead. Long live Windows XP 'Bliss' article (119 comments in total)

It was always fun to copy a folder icon and paste it into Bliss with a title like, "Naked pics of boss" and then upload the modified Bliss. People would see it and try to click on it...bwahahahahaha.

Ah, sophomoric humor...

Also, put the shutdown command into "Start up Items" on a Mac... hours of fun!!

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On Am I missing something here? article (626 comments in total)

Put aside brand and format rivalries for a minute, and realize what this might have potentially been if Nikon had used a m4/3 chip and mount. That's all, just think of where this might have gone, the lens possibilities, the possible combinations of lens and camera, etc.

THAT would have been a breakthrough "enthusiast's" camera.

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On Olympus OM-D E-M1 Review preview (2077 comments in total)
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Whitefalcon: You can get 2 batteries and a charger on Amazon for $22.00 for this camera making the battery issue mute.
I bought some for mine. So that gives you 1000 photos you can shoot.

It's "moot" okay?

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On Want to remember something? Don't take a photo article (183 comments in total)

It is more subtle than that. I live on Florida's Space Coast, and was lucky enough to get tickets to what turned out to be the last night launch of the Space Shuttle. All geared up and ready, I waited at the closest place even VIPs are allowed. The countdown reached "liftoff" and in that short delay from the time the sound reached us, I was compelled to just lower the camera and take in the sight and sound of that moment. Would I have grabbed a few pics of the launch? Most likely. But others with better access privilege will have pics I can always see. I've never regretted just living that moment without a camera stuck to my face.

I DO agree with the research. You can be so deep into apertures and shutter speeds and DOF and composition that you lose a sense of what's going on. The photo alone can't always capture the enormity of the moment.

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On Olympus Body Cap Lens 15mm F8 review preview (8 comments in total)
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CameraLabTester: The lens of the iPhone5 in front of a 4/3 sensor.


...and cool.


Good point...AND iPhone pics have already graced the cover of the NYTimes. I love my BCL! No expectations, just fun.

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On Another Hasselblad rebadge or Photoshopped hoax? article (184 comments in total)

Bad PS work on the Hasselblad name plate. Dead giveaway.

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What brand microphone is that in their pic? Is it any good?

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