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These bags should come with a built in and properly designed hip belt. I want the weight carried as low a possible, not supported unequally on my aching shoulder and all the way down my spine.
I do like the lighter coloured lid - I find the black bags get very hot out in the sun all day.

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On article Huawei clarifies Leica-involvement in P9 camera design (54 comments in total)

Strange that the statement is not likewise co-authored.

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On article Huawei P9 Leica-branded dual-cam made by Sunny Optical (80 comments in total)
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kewlguy: LOL, hopefully the M bodies/lenses are made by Leica, not Sunny Optical... because then Leica is just a certification company

but what experience anyway do they have of miniature lens design and assembly, where size is such a dominating constraint??

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On article Samsung announces in-house 12MP dual-pixel sensor (48 comments in total)
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hydrospanner: Samsung's Marketing VP is Ben Hur?

That's pretty awesome.

Yeah, that's why TouchWIz comes with so many extras.

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Reilly Diefenbach: Just what the world needs, more blurry water pics!

Well, there is the other one - get rid of people and traffic from a street scene.
Maybe I'll try a solid old tree with leaves fluttering in the breeze. That might look sweet, especially in early spring where the trunk and branches are also visible. There should be an interesting continuum from sharply defined trunk down to to blurred tips of the twigs, and the leaves

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On article CP+ 2016: Things we found that had been cut in half (135 comments in total)

... Olympus M.Zuiko Digital 300mm F4 IS Pro, which offers an equivalent focal length of 600mm in full-frame terms...

Er, no. This one is only 300mm FF equivalent ... it's cut in half

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probert500: "Eviscerate" has a very strong negative connotation - misleading headline.

Interesting, but I've honestly never seen eviscerate used to mean to criticise a person heavily. I could see how it might be used that way in a highly metaphrical context. What surprises me is that you readily accept that usage, yet rail against its usage in the more proximate context of removng the innards from a device.

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probert500: "Eviscerate" has a very strong negative connotation - misleading headline.

Uh? So nobody would understand the guts of something to be a reference to its innards, unless the object was a living thing? Eviscerate is a fine choice of word here - the lens has had its guts exposed and removed. I think we get that is was never alive. The fact that they took the emblematic word from the source material is also entirely fitting.

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J A C S: S4 (13mp) -> S5, S6 (16mp) = progress
S6 (16mp) -> S7 (12mp) = progress

Progress is not measured in Mpix but in the round of picture quality, ease of use, reactivity, etc

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RedFox88: Short focal length of lens in a smart phone gets everything in focus all the time anyways. Samsung seems to be adrift needing direction these days.

Eh? So you see no difference between stuff in focus, especially if close to the phone, and the rest. Go to Specsavers.

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"Metal backplate", or glass?
IP68 (article), or IP67 (spec list)

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shademaster: do you really need AF of any kind on such a pinhole? even at, say, f/2, it's going to be a huge DOF.

Haha, maybe that is how the AF works, just like it does on a pinhole camera! It is automatically in focus, AF.

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Jonathan F/2: What's the point of mirrorless if the lenses are the same size as DSLR lenses? Sony doesn't even have proper pro-oriented repair facilities like Nikon or Canon. At most these will be expensive toys for the well-heeled, amateur tech geek who likes to match their Sony TV, PlayStation 4 and Sony Alpha camera! Their idea of serious shooting entails sipping Starbucks ordered at the drive thru and shooting urban blandness of generic suburbia!

"What's the point of mirrorless if the lenses are the same size as DSLR lenses?"
Why would you expect any difference in the lens size (for the same sized sensor)?

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Tiderace: LED vary MARKEDLY in their uniformity of wavelength. Unlike blackbody light, such as the sun and tungsten lights, they can have large inconsistencies, gaps, and color casts. And to make matters worse, there are now several types of Led lights which if combined can make it impossible to correct skin color and background in post. CRI does NOT measure all the factors that are needed to examine color rendition and uniformity of wavelength of an LED. It would be very useful if DP gave us in their reviews a examination of each LED product offered not only its CRI but its actual wavelength uniformity so we could judge its usefulness for videography.

I always thought LEDs were a fixed and very precise monochromatic source, the wavelength fixed by the bandgap energy of the semiconductor junction. As such I am little surprised by the fact that all red LEDs always look exactly the same colour as each other. You don't see some a bit pinkish, others a little more purpleish.
White LEDs would be a different matter being composite devices.

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