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The Pet Rock of the photography world comes up with yet another breakthrough.

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Beat Traveller: Meh. I've tried to use MIT's MOOC stuff before, from the neuroscience courses, and I found it to be massively over-hyped. It's basically just the slides, lecture notes and references from each course: material that costs them nothing extra to produce because they put it up for the students anyway.

Without more detailed explanations it's useless as a learning tool. You might as well borrow a textbook from a public library.

Congratulations, Beat.
By jumping on your "send" key before knowing that of which you speak and complaining about a FREE offering of which you are in no way duty bound to partake,
you have won today's ANG DP Member award. (Archetypical Negative Grouch).

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digitall: A Sea of Steps, Frederick Henry Evans: one of my favourite photographs. Wish Australia was closer to England!

Wells Cathedral, truly one of the most magnificent buildings on the planet.
These steps lead to what they called the Chapter House.

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dubstylz: Sorry but that was a boring set of photos!

Yes, surprisingly so...having read the negative comments first I was ready to blame the curmudgeons, now see they were right.
Unfortunately, the influence of her very fine list of influences is nowhere to be seen.
These pictures look more Stephen Shore-like in their banality.

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On Street photography tips with Zack Arias article (152 comments in total)
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photoreddi: Handing out free Fuji Instax photo souvenirs to the street people you're shooting is a great ZA tip, especially if Fuji supplies the cameras and the Instax film. Great stuff. Credit card size photos (2.4x1.8") using 20 exposure ISO 800 film packs at $13.40 per pack (B&H price).

I wonder if Zack ever owned or even used an Instax before doing this Fuji promotional video? Here's a tip for Zack. Next time he can look like a pro by getting a Lomography Diana Instant Back + for the Diana F+ Camera.

> This amazing accessory will now allow you to turn your Diana F+ camera into an instant camera, with some tasty twists. The Instant Back uses Fuji Instax Mini film, which is about the size of a business card.

Big "Like", reddi.
I, too, appreciate "well built models".

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On Sigma 50mm F1.4 DG HSM | Art Lab Test Review preview (560 comments in total)
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nikonman2004: I can't wait for Sigma to re do their 85 1:4

"you don't buy that FL for landscapes."
Actually, you don't. I do.

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Looks like it's going to vignette the on board flash

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xeriwthe: i know that the practical intj type people at my workplace who scoffed at the concept and design of the x100 would be even more disdainful of people who purchased a monster teleconverter to add onto a fixed lens camera that is supposed to be discreet and compact.

but screw those people i want this. i love my x100s for the fun of taking photographs and this would add a little variety to the experience. 28, 35, 50mm.. x100s has me set for life!

ENFP here and I like it, too.

Of course, being such means I impulsively clicked "send" before pointing out that I can't explain why I like it---I just do.
Also, there is no doubt my enthusiasm will inexplicably wane in the future.
It just will. :-)

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On Fujifilm to release X100S in solid black article (25 comments in total)

OK, Fuji, black body fans are now accommodated.
Happy with my silver X100s...But now how about another one with a 36 mm lens? Please?

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In the 1970s the relatively new Photo Academia represented by the Visual Studies Workshop, Afterimage Magazine, Society for Photographic Education and many relatively new MFA programs--- were struggling to gain Art World Legitimacy. Part of that quest was the embrace of Postmodernism with its snarky cynicism, celebration of the banal, rejection of the beautiful and a compulsion to talk, talk, talk about "images."
It is little wonder that the Pet Rock was popular in that same decade.

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On Alfa Romeo 12C-36 in the Che Bella! challenge (3 comments in total)

Psych, it is nice (for a change) to see someone unafraid to let some shadow areas go dark---or even black! Lovely tonality on this overcast day.

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On Fujifilm X-Pro1 preview (756 comments in total)
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rar133: most people here never laid hands on the camera and are already bashing it.

when (or if) fuji bring out a FF, then compare it to a leica FF. we all know you love leica and hate fuji. or love nikon and canon and hate fuji blah blah....

lets make a simple comparison.... leica body + 1 lens = $ 10,000

x pro 1 system: $ 1700 + 3x $ 500 = $ 3200 which obviously will not be as INCREDIBLE IQ as a leica ( maybe 80% of the quality??)

what could i possibly do with $ 6800???

option 1: buy a car and drive around to take pictures
option 2: if in europe, travel across the continent to take picture, same for africa and america...
option 3: go around the world and take pictures
option 4: buy a D7000, or 7D or 5D or D700 plus some lenses....
option 5: let the x pro 1 go under a truck and buy a new one, let it fall down a canyon and buy one again....

hmmm... WOW i still have change for a Big mac meal and watch a movie.

maybe 102%?
right now Fuji is claiming it out resolves 21MP FF Canon 5DII
we shall see

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On Roundup: Third-party Lenses for Enthusiasts article (169 comments in total)
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Canyongazer: What?! No mention of my beloved 35mm f9 Urinal Apochromatic?
I demand a refund of my DPReview subscription monies..

Dear Infrared,
Yes, I understand mounts.
It's your post I don't understand.
Your pal,

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On Roundup: Third-party Lenses for Enthusiasts article (169 comments in total)

What?! No mention of my beloved 35mm f9 Urinal Apochromatic?
I demand a refund of my DPReview subscription monies..

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On Introduction to Travel Photography article (40 comments in total)

tsk, tsk...
all the above posters should demand a refund.

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