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On Adobe leaks 'Lightroom Mobile' app article (210 comments in total)

Good luck with this Adobe!!! $99.00 per year for a mobile app!! Yikes. This ridiculous move doesn't even deserve a comment.

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On Photoshop CC: Adobe responds to reaction article (1853 comments in total)

Photo Ninja is a relatively "new" product but oh what a start they've had! It's RAW processing is great. And, to think, it will only get better. They are just on v1 but have great, great promise. In my mind it does a better job than ACR right now. It has some glitches and I'm sure they will be resolved shortly, but as a "new" photo editing product it's pretty good.
I currently marry this with Aperture (w/PT Lens plug-in) and I'm good to go for 97% of the work I do.


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On Photoshop CC: Adobe responds to reaction article (1853 comments in total)

I don't think Adobe realizes that many people are using Photoshop less and less (in my case less than 3% of what I do editing-wise) or they know and don't care. Many of Photoshop's features can be done elsewhere now and in many cases in a far less complicated manner. As the years have gone by I have found myself using a smaller and smaller set of features in Photoshop because of the quality growth of other editing products (plug-ins etc.). For me I am down to Masking (occasionally) and Liquify (occasionally).
My only concern as I leave Adobe PS altogether (which I am doing) are the many PS attached plug-ins that I use e.g. NIK, Topaz, etc. and will they be made available on other product platforms (like Capture One). Nik, Topaz and OnOne can be used on Aperture (which I have) right now so it looks like that is where I will be heading for the time being.


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On Photoshop CC: Adobe responds to reaction article (1853 comments in total)

When a company is busy trying to explain a major business decision on the very next day you better believe they heard you. Probably won't change anything but when the stock drops like a rock and income plummets they might not think they've been so smart. I guess we will all see what happens.


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Add me to the list. So long Adobe, Hello World!!!

I think we've all known for some time now that photoshop was not the end-all that it once was. The competition is growing and many of them know what they are doing. There are superb alternatives out there like Aperture, Capture One, Photo Ninja and others including such players as Nik, Topaz, OnOne, etc.. I for one had gotten to the place where I used photoshop less than 5% of the time. Since I'm not a Professional Photographer (on the creative arts side) I'm very happy with the work I can do using other products already.

I think Adobe has run out of creative ways/upgrades to get more money out of photoshop as a "perpetual" product. It's latest touted new function is "Blur Reduction"! REALLY!! What a joke. Folks, don't let them do this to you.
there are always alternatives. Happy hunting and Good luck to all.

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LensBeginner: What if this spurs a lot of users to upgrade to CS6 now?
Next year they put out CS7 as if nothing ever happened, but they got lots of money in the meantime from users who upgraded even though they didn't plan for it.
Or maybe it's just a push for the cloud as it seems apparent now.

Wow!! Almost 400 replies in about 4 hours. That must be some kind of DPReview record!!! I guess Adobe has managed to get some people mighty upset and I can't blame them. It isn't like Adobe is the only game in town and over the years with the growth of add-ons and other editing software we've really come to know that so much can be done in the editing arena WITHOUT photoshop. I for one probably use photoshop less than 5% of my editing time because of the growth of other products. I've also come to realize that photoshop has weaknesses that can be performed by others so much better. It is no longer the end-all as it once was. So I say "Hip Hip Hooray" to our brand new world.

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Received my e-mail from Google. I downloaded the Nik Collection as described, installed same and I am now good to go!! Haven't finished testing in all main software yet e.g. PS CS6, Aperture, Lightroom, but everything looks good so far.

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I too have the entire collection purchased separately over the years except HDR 2. I am looking forward to getting the "complete collection" including the new HDR 2. All of my products are registered under the "old" site with the last one I bought being Silver Efex. I have also kept up with all upgrades (except HDR) over the years. While I think I should qualify for the "free" upgrade there is no facility for doing so on their new site. I guess I will just have to wait for the "e-mail" from them explaining how to do this. I guess we all will see whether this will happen as stated. Interesting!!

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