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Zeegee: Canon is digging themselves a deeper hole with each "new" consumer camera.
I switched over to the Lumix G1 ages ago...amazingly it has a swivel LCD and an EVF..........everyone should say a prayer for Canon, they seem to be on a very slippery slope

I have the P7700 and it's an outstanding camera that punches far above it's weight. I highly recommend it as well as the P7800 upgrade.

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I bought the P7700 a few months ago and I've been absolutely thrilled with the images that it can produce. I bought it from Amazon for slightly over $350 and couldn't imagine spending $200 more for the dubious benefit of a tiny EVF on the 7800. With that one exception, the cameras are identical.

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Sam Carriere: I am sure this is a good competent camera, but Nikon and Canon just don't seem to get it. The models that capture people's imagination these days are the ones that try to reimagine the same-old same-old -- like the Fuji X10 or the Sony RX 100 or even the NEX series, for all their shortcomings. I can't conceive of where the market is for this good, competent camera, in a field already so crowded with other good, competent cameras.
And by the way, does anyone ever actually USE an articulated screen?

I had one on an old Canon A620 years ago and I've missed having a camera with one ever since.

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Not too big, not too small...just right. I'll wait to read both the pro and user reviews of course, but despite hoping for a slightly larger sensor, 2 more MPs and a longer zoom this feature set comes very close to reaching the sweet spot for yours truly. Personally speaking the only time that I've found myself missing a viewfinder on my last 2 cameras is on uncommonly bright summer days and that can always be remedied with a Hoodman loupe attachment.

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I'm anxiously waiting to purchase the RX100 personally and if it should be that I'm only able to shoot macros at wide angle I'm willing to accept that for the IQ that I'm sure that I'll receive. Although this may not be an optimum solution by any means, I saw an RX100 recently with a Raynox CU lens and after trying them on one of my Panasonics on a friends recommendation I was quite stunned by the results that I was capable of achieving.

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