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Excellent upgrade. With 29€ I got much faster new software and Viewpoint 2.

I'm happy. Now I have no need to buy a new computer, my 2009 middle MacBook pro works fast enough with DxO 10. For example Lightroom 5 was unusable, partly because the DxO does things automagically, so no need to move sliders around and wait 10 seconds to see what happens. I just open the image and usually it is great - only one or two minor adjustments needed.

Thank You DxO! :)

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I could not find the price... nowadays I do not have any interest to test anything "free" before I know what it will cost if I like the product.

Oh, sorry it is still beta and nobody knows the price... I like the idea to get rid of RAW files from my computer but I will wait if this bird will fly.

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Hope this will give us more zooms which start from 16 mm.

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On Adobe expands Photoshop and Lightroom offer article (628 comments in total)

I have never liked about Adobes software. The user interface and logic for example behind LR's file management goes beyond my understanding. I have been happy camper to slowly get rid of even the LR because of this nonsense "rent your tools and pay forever" -idea.

Thanks Adobe! :)

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I like the idea that if everything is in focus (and the exact point is selectable afterwards) then there is no need for complicated AF systems. That means fast, simple photography when in hurry to get THE shot.

Only if IQ would be similar to normal camera...

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On Just Posted - Sony NEX-F3 review article (129 comments in total)
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nagi603: Some typo on the last page: "Sony Cyber-shot DSC-F3" I believe you that is not the name of the NEX-F3, tough many trolls would like to demean it to a compact level.

There are many mistakes in this review. In the page one table says 3C has got no Focus peaking - of course it has. On page three and they state that screen is not good for 4:3 photography - maybe but the previous Nex cameras take photos in 3:2 format and so does this one probably.

I do not ever never niggle about mistakes, this is the first such post ever. But these are horrible mistakes. How many other there must be...

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On Just Posted: Sony Cyber-shot DSC-HX200V review article (130 comments in total)

They should not show images full resolution. IQ makes me almost vomit, and probably even my vomit would have better IQ than this...

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