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On Sony DSC-RX10 preview (722 comments in total)

It looks like an amazing camera.

The problem is the buying public for some reason would much rather buy an interchangeable lens body for $400-800 (with super slow kit lens), and then buy a slow 28-200 zoom for $800--instead of just buying the RX-10.

The Canon G1X failed for the same reason. The G1X was a nice compact package with a great lens, but people thought it was too expensive when it first came out, even though an SLR with equivalent lens would have cost much, much more.

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Finally! A camera for Donald Trump!

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Many of the comments on here truly boggle my mind.

No, there is no 24mm.
No there is no 200mm.
No, there is no f2.0.
No, it won't fit in a small pocket.
No, it doesn't have an EVF.
No, it doesn't have 50 different gimmicky menu options that are on the Rebel.

What it is is a thoughtful series of compromises, resulting in an extremely practical, compact walk-around camera with a great sensor combined with a very good lens with good speed for the price and a good zoom range.

If you don't get it, it's not for you. It's for the thousands and thousands of other photographers who realize the real world value of its many strengths. Everything is a compromise. You just have to be smart enough to choose the camera/compromise that you can live with and serves your true needs best.

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