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BarnET: "Developed using the company’s unparalleled optical expertise, the EF-M 55-200mm f/4.5-6.3 IS STM features Canon’s powerful optical Image Stabilizer and STM technology to deliver outstanding levels of detail when shooting stills and movies."

What does an AF motor and stabilisation system have to do with optical expertise and outstanding level of details.

Mechanics are something different then optics. Would someone be kind enough to explain this to the canon marketing idiot before he writes a stupid press release again!

Time to go back to school and learn about punctuation. The comma was used to "list" things. If they wanted to draw a correlation between the two, it would have been a semi-colon.

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nauseating.... WAY more so than fisheye.

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On Site Update: notifications article (127 comments in total)

I have no use for this feature as currently implemented. Please make it something we can disable, site-wide.
Or, even better; changing it to an opt-in feature when posting a thread/reply would actually be nice. I would actually use that. Just a little check box like the one for email updates would be perfect (maybe put a little "NEW FEATURE" flag next to it for a while to draw attention).
You may also consider adding a similar button to a thread that a user HASN'T posted in (some don't like to post at all or someone may want to follow updates for a thread they haven't posted in).

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On Nikon 1 V3: a quick summary article (597 comments in total)
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dark goob: Putting this camera in the same category as Micro Four Thirds shows that DPReview has absolutely no integrity, no understanding of photography, no real knowledge of photographic equipment, and no soul. DPReview has become purely Amazon's advertising agency and is not worth reading.

Perhaps you didn't read the opinion piece posted alongside this article.

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ChristianHass: Having the exif info at the bottom of each shot makes it blatantly obvious which camera took which picture if the lens, iso range or other differs between the two.

I didn't even notice the exif data and I picked all but one correctly. The problem with that test is that it asks "which is the better picture?" and not "which picture was taken with an iPhone?" The composition and subject matter was better in some of the iPhone pictures so to me, THOSE were the better pics, even though I knew they were taken with an iPhone.

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