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Meuh: Is this the same AF as in the k5ii with f2.8 center point and the ability to focus in low light?

yes, check a proper hands-on preview at imaging-resource.com

They do it professionally and don't fall into sarcastic comments like here at dpr ("no blinking lights").

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On Nikon D750 Review preview (1876 comments in total)
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R Stacy: " ... downsides are limited buffer capacity, slow live view AF, and poor camera control from a smartphone."

And yet you give it a 90%........... wth ???

No bias here of course.

FWIW I sold my D7000 with a premium Nikon lens because the images frankly sucked along with Nikon's ridiculously complex menu system.

Having owned and used four different Nikon DSLRs and two Sony NEXs along with three Olympus Pens and one Panasonic G, Pentax DSLR and Fuji X cam I can say that Nikon's menu system is NOT complex. Each of the systems are different and require some learning. My experience is that Nikons one is in the better end of all mentioned above.


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On Photokina 2014: Quiet but significant article (164 comments in total)
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Fabio Amodeo: The real question to me is: can the NX1 really shoot 15fps with focus tracking? If it can, the demise of DSLR is getting nearer. Both the mirrorless and the DSLR have structural limits: for mirrorless it's processing power, needed by the many functions concentrated on the same circuit; for DSLR it's the mechanical limit of mirror ups and downs. If Samsung has really broken the first limit, the others will have to follow, and soon. So I think the whole industry is asking itself the same question: where will the declining money be in the near future? In my opinion, the vision of Fuji and Samsung (and Leica, but that's another story) is clearer that that of the other players, which seem hesitant on the road to take.

I tried it at Photokina. I didn't time the shooting speed but it was quite bloody rattling the camera kept...

I was quite disappointed by the buffer depth, though. I managed to freeze the camera after the first burst—had to remove the battery to clear it. Samsung NX line has become famous for a small buffer over past years. They seem not to listen the reviewers... :(

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On Photokina 2014: Quiet but significant article (164 comments in total)

Having tried all the new cams at the expo I'd say the LX100 was the most interesting one. D750 and 7D Mk II come next. Surprisingly, I was underwhelmed by Canon G7 X. I felt it a little cheap and IS didn't feel very effective. It might have been just a pre-production model, though...

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On Samsung NX1 First Impressions Review preview (1432 comments in total)


Thanks for the smooth and informative preview. One question:

Did you get any experience of buffer depth?


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On Sony Cyber-shot DSC-RX100 III First Impressions Review preview (2962 comments in total)

Videos don't look very natural. It might be due to the missing motion blur.

Can the previewer tell if the shutter speeds were kept at 60 fps (NTSC) or 50 fps (PAL)? It looks that the shutter speeds are too high.

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On Samsung NX mini First Impressions Review preview (559 comments in total)

"While it's great that the mini will be available with the 9mm prime, F3.5 is awfully slow."

Is it sooo awful???

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Babya: G16 also has peaking in MF mode, it seems :

No mention of a peaking function on Canon USA's site.

techradar preview says:

"Manual Focus Peaking has been introduced for the first time in a Canon compact camera. It's a technology that has existed in Canon's range of video cameras before, and we have seen it from other manufacturers fairly recently. The sensitivity of focus peaking can also be set depending on how strong you want it to be. Different colours can also be set, which can be useful depending on the subject you're shooting."


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The new sensor of RX100 II seems to be very good, indeed. See this comparison against Nikon J1 @ ISO1600. The RX100 II image is down-sized to the size of Nikon J1: Source: http://www.imaging-resource.com/


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On Fujifilm X-M1 Preview preview (226 comments in total)
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Robert Morris: Why are they using the older sensor and not the newer one on the X100s?

According to Imaging-resource:

"n place of the EXR Processor Pro used in the X-Pro1 and X-E1, the X-M1 uses the EXR Processor II chip that debuted earlier this year in the fixed-lens X100S and X20 models"


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On Fujifilm X-M1 Preview preview (226 comments in total)

" Overall, the X-M1's feature set and form factor places it squarely up against cameras like the Sony NEX-5R and Olympus PEN-EPL5."

So, why not compare it with them? What's this size comparison with Canon EOS 100D???

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On Samsung Galaxy Camera Hands-on Preview preview (195 comments in total)
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Kuturgan: NO, Samsung, NO!!!!
IT is not the right way for development! Do like Sony! Give us a range-finder with EVF!
This ugly galaxy camera is a total disaster! Ergonomics is a total sh*t. And it is too big for mirrorless system.

Sony is going to launch mirrorless A-mount cameras (rumored), so what's bad in offering a big size mirrorless cam??

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On Just posted: Sony Alpha NEX-6 Review article (330 comments in total)

Great and detailed review!

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On Fujifilm X100S Real-world Samples article (205 comments in total)
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rjx: High ISO comparison between the Fuji X100S, Sony RX1, Leica M 240

Sony RX1 + OVF = $3396
Sony RX1 + EVF = $3246
Leica M 240 = $6950
Fuji X100S = $1299

Nikon Coolpix A $1,096.95
Total $1475.65

Fuji X100S w/ hybrid viewfinder & hybrid auto focus & split image manual focus & focus peaking & F2 lens & X-Trans sensor. $1299

Sony RX1 vs Fujifilm X100s: side by side comparison

^^^ Demonstrates the X100S having slightly faster auto focus than RX1

X100S seems to keep noise in control very well and still there is plenty of details left. Great IQ!

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On Nikon D7100 Hands-on Preview preview (492 comments in total)
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Justin Francis: Jeez, these new DSLRs are so boring. This will do nothing the D300 can do.

If its sensor is as good or better than that of D5200 (which I assume) it will give you cleaner images in low light plus double resolution for bigger prints.

Also, you cannot record movies with D300...

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On Nikon D7100 Hands-on Preview preview (492 comments in total)
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rfsIII: Shazzam! This is definitely the last camera (as Thomas Hogan says) I will ever have to buy. And I'm not as concerned with water sealing as I am with performance in ultra hot and cold that we get in the Midwestern United States. Could you please test the camera after 4 or 5 hours in 5 or 10 degrees F and also at 95 degrees F and 100 percent humidity. That's when I find my D7000 acting up.


"Am I going to resurrect my DX bag? Well, truth be told, I have to in order to get enough experience with the D7100 to write the book on it. Do I think my DX bag will still be active a year from now? Difficult to say for sure until I've used the camera at length, but I feel really on the fence about it emotionally at the moment. It really depends upon how that sensor delivers without the AA and in tough light, I think. Time will tell."


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On Nikon D7100 Hands-on Preview preview (492 comments in total)
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JCB123: Question: Is the 51 point AF system the same as that used in the D300s and is it equally capable in this model?
Question: How deep is the buffer ? How many raw images can it take at 6fps ?
Question: Is the image quality at ISO 1600 as good as the D7000 when down-sampled to 16MP or is it better ?


"The D7100's autofocus system is based around a physical sensor we've seen a couple of times before. The Multi-CAM 3500DX phase detection autofocus sensor debuted in 2007's Nikon D300, and reappeared in 2009's D300S...

...that's a third more AF points than were offered by the D7000, incidentally; it had a total of 39 points, of which nine were cross types. As in the D7000, the Nikon D7100's autofocus sensor works in concert with the 3D Color Matrix Metering II sensor, allowing better focus tracking since this color information allows subjects to be better identified.

Although the sensor itself is the same as in the D300 and D300S, the overall AF module must be different though..."

"at full resolution, the D7100 can shoot just eight 14-bit raw or 33 JPEG fine frames in a burst. Enable the crop, and that jumps to 14 raw or 73 JPEG frames."

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On Nikon D7100 Hands-on Preview preview (492 comments in total)
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scott_mcleod: Any specs for RAW buffer depth?

Guys, have a look at this preview. No complicated fanciful wording. Neutral and clear:


"at full resolution, the D7100 can shoot just eight 14-bit raw or 33 JPEG fine frames in a burst. Enable the crop, and that jumps to 14 raw or 73 JPEG frames."

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Nectar D Or: Just counted 9 (!!) NEX bodies announced by Sony in about 2.5 years.

How can anyone keep track? Is there really a difference between those cameras?

I find it hard to take the guys at Sony seriously. Either there is something really wrong with those bodies that need to be replaced every 6 months, or this is just the marketing people ordering the engineers around.


F3 was a stumble??

With F3 you got a proper grip, built-in flash, faster performance, 180 degree tilting LCD and industry leading battery life. Compare here:



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xc1427: I heard that when sigma lens mounted on NEX, it needs 3-4s to power on for the camera. Is that true ???

If so, I wll definitely go sony.

I timed the power up on my Sony F3 with Sigma 30mm f/2.8 and found it to take 2 secs.

According to the review by imaging-resource.com it takes ~1.5 sec to turn on and capture a shot:


They didn't tell which lens was used in the test but presumably a Sony E lens. So not so bad for a Sigma lens. you have to remember that this 30mm lens is incredibly sharp—beating even much more expensive Leica 50mm f/1.4 and Sony-Zeiss 24mm f/1.8 lenses @f/2.8:


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