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On Travel tripods: 5 carbon fiber kits reviewed article (84 comments in total)
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Alan Ernst: My favourite "rig" for travelling light and for hiking is the Promaster 525t. If you can get this brand in the area you live, do consider it as well (in Canada it is sold through Photo Source). Combined with an older Manfrotto 486 ball head and a Cullmann quick release plate, specs are as follows:
Weight 1.4 kg (just over 3lb)
Lowest height with center column removed 22cm (9")
Extended without center column, 127cm (51") incl. ball head and q.release
Extended with center column raised 147cm (59")
Folded 45cm (18")
This carbon fibre model has five sections but is easy and fast to set up. Included are a bubble level, insulation on one leg, hook on center column to add weight.
Have used it for two years and no issues whatsoever.

If weight is an issue but I need more height, I use the 3 section Promaster T325P which is still ideal for travel and also very light but, with ball head, extends to 170cm max (68") with center column raised.

Ditto for me regarding the Promaster T525P. Very well made and flawless leg locks. I use mine with an old Gitzo 175 ball head which is super light.

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On Readers' showcase: Landscape photography article (107 comments in total)

Considering the lack of new equipment news of late, I think DPR is doing a great job with other topics and this one's no exception. I imagine it was a big job going through all the submissions and the results are just extraordinary. Congratulations to all of you whose images were chosen.

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A 36MP camera is all about image quality, so I'm happy to see that Nikon has addressed the shock problem with mirror box improvements and an optional electronic first curtain. Wondering if the electronic first curtain mode will slow down the 5 FPS ? I am a little disappointed with the bracketing only offering a maximum of 1EV separation.

Direct link | Posted on Jun 30, 2014 at 13:26 UTC as 22nd comment | 1 reply

Interesting technology. I remember there was an old Kodak Brownie camera that had curved film rails and pressure plate to match, which combated the problems of a very basic lens design.

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On 2014 iPhone Photography Awards winners announced article (102 comments in total)

Wonderful images. Photography has always been about composition and light. It matters not what you use to capture it, as long as you're comfortable with it.

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I could be mistaken, but aren't most of those © imbedded images rather small to do anything with other than share online? If that's the case, why make a big deal out of it. As someone else said, there are plenty of instructions available on how do remove a watermark despite the legality issue. I guess the issue here is that someone working for a company as large as FB, should either know better or have been censored.

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On Leica M Monochrom now available in grayscale (sort of) article (137 comments in total)

B&W is traditional and so are chrome cameras. It should have been made this way at the onset.

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viking79: Pop up viewfinder is nice, but how does one hold onto that camera? It looks like it has no comfortable way to hold it.

I agree. I can't understand why a little grip isn't added to many of these small cameras. It's not going to add to the overall size. The only reason I can think of is marketing. Drop the camera and buy another.

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On Olympus PEN E-P5 Review preview (497 comments in total)
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rich889: Has anyone with an E-P5 had a positive experience with this “Anti-shock” delay in actual practical use? Or is it too intrusive?

Can't attest to the EP5 but on the EM1 it works perfectly. It can also be used in continuous shooting but the anti-shock setting needs to be set to 1/8 second or longer for either of the two continuous settings (with the little diamond next to it) to be available in the drive menu.

Direct link | Posted on May 15, 2014 at 11:38 UTC
On Olympus PEN E-P5 Review preview (497 comments in total)
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Stupidco: Having had the E-P5 for three months, I've re-read your review and make the following 2 comments. (1)Your review states you used the IS Auto setting for the stabilizer. That setting is for Landscape Panning. eg Panorama mode. For the photos in your examples, the general IS-1 would be appropriate. If your problem is vertical use IS-2. If horizontal use IS-3. (2) When I turn on my machine and press OK the focal length 15mm is shown at the bottom right of the screen. (The last length I entered.) If I mount a Sigma 30mm, 30mm appears at the top right of the screen. The stabilizer setting remains at 15mm. Which is why I change the stabilizer setting the match the lens. I don't suppose this would be relevant, unless pixel peeking is practiced, but if the stabilizer automatically recognizes a native lens, why does the recorded stabilizer setting not change automatically?

The stabilizer focal length setting will always show the last focal length that was manually set. When using a native lens though you should notice that the FL in the bottom right corner is grayed out meaning it's not being used. It only becomes active (white) when using a non native lens.

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On Little beauty: Nordin Seruyan's macro images article (352 comments in total)

I think there would have been less negative comments had the title been "macro creations". Personally I find most of them to be very entertaining. My personal favorite is the damselfly carrying the seed pod, or perhaps the damselfly is catching a ride.

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Mapes: Can't turn on anti shock with the new 1.3 update installed.


It's not available in iAuto, Scene mode or any of the HDR settings. Hope that solves your problem.

Direct link | Posted on Apr 4, 2014 at 11:37 UTC

I've been playing with the EM1 with the 1.3 firmware and discovered a few interesting things. First, when the anti-shock setting is set to anything other than '0' via the menu, it does nothing, i.e. no delay. That's fine with me because prior to the upgrade I found that it was really only as effective in eliminating shutter shock as using the self timer, which didn't solve the problem at all.
Secondly, when using the dedicated button to set any of the 7 HDR bracketing modes, the anti-shock option in the menu is turned off and grayed out. So I had preset the anti-shock setting to ‘0’ and tried an HDR bracket mode anyway. Sure enough a blurred image from shutter shock appeared when using the 9-18mm at 1/200 sec and 9mm. Fortunately using the bracket settings from the menu does not obviate the '0' anti-shock setting. Hopefully this is an oversight and can be corrected in a future update.

Direct link | Posted on Apr 1, 2014 at 12:41 UTC as 8th comment

I had been in contact (indirectly) with Japanese engineers at Olympus a few months ago. I sent them examples of the shutter shock problem along with my humble analysis. Olympus USA called me and relayed a big thanks from Japan and was told that they would have a solution to the shutter shock problem by April. Not only was the solution on time but it works perfectly. I'm very happy that it could be solved via firmware. I no longer have to keep the grip attached, which had partially solved the problem due to the extra mass. THANK YOU OLYMPUS.

Direct link | Posted on Mar 31, 2014 at 19:12 UTC as 26th comment

Not sure what Olympus is thinking here. Everything I read lately indicates that the compact camera market is dying. Perhaps super zooms are excluded from that? On the plus side, it might be a good camera for someone graduating from a phone camera.

Direct link | Posted on Mar 31, 2014 at 11:32 UTC as 24th comment | 5 replies

Kudos to Olympus for yet another revolutionary first. If this becomes available, it gives new meaning to "Getting it Right in Camera".

Direct link | Posted on Mar 18, 2014 at 12:50 UTC as 8th comment | 1 reply
On Am I missing something here? article (637 comments in total)

The way I see it, Nikon wants the 1 series to be a supplement to their DSLRs by having some features that DSLRs can't touch while leaving out many features that will be exclusive to their DSLRs. In other words they want to have their cake and eat it too. Only time will tell if this turns into a success for them, but I think not.

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On Revamped camera and lens feature search now live! article (31 comments in total)

That must have been a lot of work. Nicely done.

Direct link | Posted on Mar 11, 2014 at 11:16 UTC as 17th comment

Very excited about the 300mm. I've been using my 300F4 Nikon on my OMD bodies and loving everything about it except the MF. This lens will complete my MFT system and I can finally dump my Nikon bodies and Nikkor 600mm. A 1.4x tele converter would be really nice. I'll have to think about the 7-14 though as I love the performance and size of the 9-18.

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On Sony Alpha 7 Review preview (1609 comments in total)
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topstuff: I am amazed at the number of people discussing the Olympus EM-1 in comparison to the A7.

This makes no sense at all. They are completely different cameras designed for completely different shooting styles and purposes.

All they have in common is relatively small size.

One is absolutely not better than the other. Which suits different people is entirely personal to them, the way they like to shoot and the subjects they like to shoot.

I think the comparison is valid considering the style, price and that they're both high end mirrorless cameras. From an image quality standpoint they're really not that far apart until you get into the higher ISO values and even then the difference is a lot smaller than I would have suspected.

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