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On Drift Stealth 2 action camera is maker's smallest yet article (39 comments in total)

What is the focal lengh, crop factor and aperture range? How many lens elements, and any special lens elements?

No 1080p slow motion?

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On iON announces tiny rugged HD video camera post (42 comments in total)

I think an action sports camera should have 120 fps high speed video to make smooth slow motion clips afterwards.

Low light performance is bad on all small sensor camereas, but i greatly prefer decent framerate (30+ fps viewing framerate) over less noisy slideshows. 15 fps why i think GoPro3 BEs 4K mode is useless. 30 is absolutly minimum for viewing in my oppinion. 60 and 120 makes 2x and 4x slow motion possible. 60 fps viewing is smooth.

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On Can computer corrections make simple lenses look good? article (162 comments in total)
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Karroly: A smartphone taking good pictures is certainly interesting for many users, but long battery life is much more important IMHO. Using (huge ?) computational power to correct or not lens defects implies a trade-off between lens simplicity/robustness and battery life...

You probably dont need that sharpness on the phone screen. Deconvolution should be done when the pictures are imported to a PC or be sendt back and fourth to a server that do the intensive job.

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On Nokia launches 41MP Lumia 1020 for Windows Phone 8 post (147 comments in total)
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jdob123: A >35% percent shrinkage in sensor area makes it a mere good phone cam. With RX100 there is no chance against pocket cams anymore, unlike when the 808 came out. It won't hurt if this becomes more popular, but now the mobile phones went back to the megapixel race.

BSI and larger aperture makes up for the sensor shrinkage, thus remaing image quality from 1,5 years ago. Nokia could have buildt it the same size resulting in a fat phone like 808. I think its a good priority to slim it down a bit, even if it sets quality back to february 2012.

wlad: Downsizing is great. Cropping zoom is like using a smaller sensor. Thats not so great.

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On Nokia launches 41MP Lumia 1020 for Windows Phone 8 post (147 comments in total)
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Photato: You'll need a tripod to get 41mp worth of resolution, good light and when subject is still. Or when seeing resolution charts in review sites.
In the real world however, when handheld, 41mp is a blurry mess.
Bigger pixels is the way to go. Just like DSLRs

Pixel size doesent matter much. Its sensor size that matters. 1,12 micron pixel pitch on full frame would have been 562 Mp. Quality when down scaled to 36 Mp would probably be close to D800E.

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On Just posted: Olympus Body Cap Lens 15mm F8 review article (127 comments in total)
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Bali_Mirage: I wish Olympus would release a similar lens for Four Thirds.

Four thirds is dead. Get a MICRO four thirds camera, and this will fit.

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On Just posted: Olympus Body Cap Lens 15mm F8 review article (127 comments in total)
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StyleZ7: Ok, would love to see something similar from Canon, for example.
For 60$ it would be a good body-cap alternative.


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On Just posted: Olympus Body Cap Lens 15mm F8 review article (127 comments in total)
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Infared: Who cares! :-)

I do, and i hope we get a comparison between this and Pentax 07 Mount shield lens (11,5mm f/9)

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I wish dpreview would compare similary scaled photos. 100% 1:1 pixelmapping is NOT the same scale since each photo have different pixel counts.

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Edgar_in_Indy: Why does Tamron hate Pentax these days? You could say that Pentax doesn't need this lens since Pentax has in-camera IS, but Sony also has built-in IS. Tamron seems to have made it a policy to not release any of their new designs in Pentax mount.

I dont think SR blocks Tamron from launching a Pentax version. It should be easy to fixate the moving VC lens group. The problem is probably to control the USD motor from the camera.

To bad ignorant people are looking down at Pentax because of market share. The cameras and lenses do not stand back against the competition.

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kenyee: No more Pentax mount? :-P

I guess there is a compatibility problem between the USD focus and Pentax cameras. Hope they sort it out and launch a K mount version later.

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On iPhone 5 vs. iPhone 4S: Image comparison article (94 comments in total)

New crap looks better then old crap.

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Nice camera line up - crap lens line up. Whats the point of having slim cameras and 24 Mp if the whole package delivers either crap sharpness? I hope the 2013 snap pancake can deliver the sharpness the other pancake can't. That would make one interessting lens for me. Though, whats the point of having a system camera if only one lens sits on there?

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About exposure time and ISO. I prefer 1-5 seconds exposure to catch the "fibres of light". The higher ISO and noise are in my opinion worth it.

If the intensity is low its not possible and you have to opt for the second best. A fast lens and camera with good high ISO is always helping.

Both space weather and earth weather have to be good to take aurora photos. A couple of weeks dosent garantee you a match, but i think two weeks give you good chances (80%?).

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Jan3x5: Possibly the best photographic article on DPR so far, very comprehensive and full of stunning pictures, many thanks!

Just curious why namely the Tromsø is included, when you can capture that in so many locations in Norway (well, in Sweden, Finland or Russia too!) and there are better places even in Norway (possibly not in Troms but Finnmark county, which is the nothernmost part of Norway). Wondering if the reason is airport in Tromsø?

I guess its the airport. Its the largest airline hub in the area, and not nearly as expensive as tickets to I.E. Båtsfjord. Its also the larges city in the area with lots of photo enthusiasts spreading aurora pictures on the net. Me being one of them. Thus, probably the most known aurora place in the region, according to photo count on the internet. Its worth noting the that the dramatic landscape along the whole coastline from Kirkenes to Bodø could enhance aurora photos.

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Cy Cheze: The "skinny": To see auroras, one must go to the Arctic regions in midwinter darkness, have a clear sky on a frigid night, go 30-40 miles away from any city lights, and preferrably pick a year that fits one of the solar cycles (every 22, 87, or 210 years). To photograph them, you better keep the batteries warm and not freeze your own fingers or nose, either.

I'd truly wonder how you could photograph the auroras with a full moon in the frame. Do montage and layering help? I presume that most of the shots involve some enhancement relative to what the naked eye actually sees. This also happens with astronomical or microsopic imaging, but the boundary between nature photography and painting may be a dim swath of of green.

Where are the red, purple, or violet aurorae? The samples are all emerald. No multi-color "shows" on a given night? Is it necessary to pick another season or year?

Other colors appear mosty when its intense. Its when the solar wind reaches deeper in the atmosphere and exites other gases then those in the uppermost atmosphere. Colors can appear and disappear. Theese color briefs can last from seconds to hours. Most of the time its just emarald.

When its intense, you can have the moon in the frame without over exposing. But i like to shoot a different direction and get aurora pictures with moonlit landscape.

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About the location Tromsø, Norway. The city lights are easy to eliminate. Just leave the city and enyoy the dramatic costal landscape. The weather tends to vary a lot along the cost, so you should plan on spending some time to get the most out of the stay. Northern Sweeden and Finland offers a better weather, but far less dramatic landscape. Mostly flat and foresty. The northern Norwegian coastline has lots and lots of fjords surrounded by 1000m peeks. Nearby sites worth checking out is Ersfjorden, Lyngen, Senja, Andøya, Vesterålen and Lofoten. Google theese names + aurora.

The temperatures is usually not below -10 C near the coast, but it can be quite windy so bring a sturty tripod and warm clothes.

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