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On Fujifilm announces X-A2 with selfie-friendly LCD article (132 comments in total)

Except the tilt screen it looks like an enlarged copy of Pentax Q-S1.

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Does the new firmware feature longer battery usage? Or lower price? Or bigger sensor? Or non fisheye? If not, the GoPro are still not interessting to me.

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rpm40: I want to see a phone that basically just adds in a good point and shoot. Squish the s120 into a phone, and I'm in.

If not, maybe they can use the periscoping design for optical zoom that you see in many of the slim weatherproof cameras. The Sony TX series, for example, was pretty slim with a 1/2.3 sensor and optical zoom, close to modern cell phone territory. These cell sensors are even smaller, so it should be possible.

Folded optics makes wierd out of focus rings, and have large nearest focus distance, but are a great option for lagre aperture cameras in slim phones.

I would love to se that in a phone with normal camera too.

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Lassoni: Does it have bokeh simulator? prolly better than my phone's camera tho..

That laser AF is going to make ppl blind tho!

Yes, because it's just like the one Darth Wader had.

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l_d_allan: I'll get interested in a phone/camera combo when the engineers can somehow shoe-horn in a 1" sensor. Even with the added thickness, that capability seems appealing.

As a sidenote, what cant be done with size, might be done with quantity. Two 1/3" sensor with software to combine the pictures is better then a 1/3" sensor alone. Four is better then two and so on.

Having cameras with different field of view, differens color filters, and other differences might add even more nice features if the software is up to it.

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The Squire: 3x starting at.... what focal length? Classic 24-72mm equiv?

Bluryness is easily added in post processing, making aperture control (diffraction control) excessive.

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Any chance it has a BSI sensor?

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cgarrard: 18-50 has a locking zoom ring, and focus ring in a very compact package.

That is a nice looking lens ;)

Clearly pentax know what is coming out and these are all teasers for a future announcment(s).

I dont think its a zoom lock. I think its the collapse release button.

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zakaria: As the 645z price is nearly the top full frame frome no pentax fullframe.645z is pentax full frame.

HowaboutRAW: There is no digital full frame 645 as far as i know. I would love it to be, but i guess the sensor would be far to expensive.

It was easyer in the old days when film cost was less then linear with area.

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ttran88: Hope this isn't it for 2015, really want to use limited lenses on full frame with AF. They have the lenses but why not the camera for it. My ideal pentax full frame camera that won't cannibalize their 645Z line, 16mp with no AA filter doesn't have to have video. They have so many great lenses for full frame why not release one.

Agree. If Pentax goes FF, i hope for two nearly identical cameras. One with high Mp count and no AA-filter, and one with low Mp count and AA-filter.

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Expat Nomad: Well the lenses still say Pentax on the top (rather than Ricoh). I'm guessing that it says Ricoh on the back of the body, though.

135-400 on the left? Looks very similar to the Tamron edition.

According to the roadmap its around 100-400. You might be right its starting a bit narrower since the hood is circular.

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EHDesigns: I might buy a Pentax FF if it ever gets released, but what I really want now from Pentax is a K-3 replacement (effectively) that retains the best of the K-3 (build quality, IQ, ergonomics), but improves on auto focus, including continuous/predictive tracking, and video to compete with the Canon 7D II, the Samsung NX1, and the Sony a77II. And, I want a 16-50 f/2.8 zoom that offers reliability along with excellent IQ, and of course weather sealing.

You must think of the K-5 series. The K-3 already has excelent AF tracking for stills.

But video AF tracking could be better.

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ifi: But DSLRs are dead, right? :)

Just like cars died when scooters was invented. :p

Im not saying one is better then the other. They just have different markets and will have that in the future as well.

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GodSpeaks: I think Ricoh needs to find a new marketing team.

A high magnification and a large diameter telephoto zoom? Really?

According to the roadmap its a 100-400mm and a 70-200mm. Large diameter probably means f/2,8. The shape of the lens hood on 70-200 suggest 70mm at the wide end. The lens hood on the other suggests maby more then 100mm at the wide end. The diameter of the super tele suggests f/5,6 at the tele end.

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LightBug: Could be interesting if this camera has the K3 core at reduced price point.

It probably has, but with a few marketing down positioning points:
1/6000s shutter in stead of 1/8000s
100 000 shutter lifte in stead of 200 000
0,92x viewfinder magnification in stead of 0,95x
One SD slot in stead of two
Not as fast continous shooting

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lightnfast: I know it is an impossibility, but goodgooglymooly, if they made a FF frame that would be decent and be in the price ranges of the midrange APS-Cs today. It is not a pipe dream, well maybe it is...I never thought the price of gas would fall as it has...but then again. Now that would set the consumer market on it's ear...

I dont understand why it should be quirky. Can you explain?

Lens choises are plenty. Almost all of the newer Pentax K primes has FF image circle. All older Pentax K lenses have FF image circle. Sigma, Tamron, Samyang/Bower and Carl Zeiss also have lots of FF lenses in K mount. Pentax should renew at least three older zooms, and one prime for FF and thats it for plentyful lens choises. The new 70-200 f/2,8 imaged abowe is one of those zooms.

I think Pentax FF makses sense.

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Raist3d: This almost reads like a "The Onion" press release/article.

Any chance of a BSI APS-C sensor?

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Gesture: Great progress. Finally a solid lineup of DSLR models versus one current model available at a time.

Welcome to 2012, when Pentax had K-30, K-5, K-5II, K-5IIs, K-r and K-01. I think they have had a balanced number of cameras at once for several years.

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marc petzold: Dear RICOH, you badly missed the point - we, the Users don't need especially a very slow 18-50mm f/4-5.6 zoom, especially not colappsile - if i need something way handy, i take a DSLM mirrorless anytime with me, over a DSLR, when space is an issue. But a traditional DSLR-styled body, with small lenses, especially F4 starting range....for whom is it made for? Take a NX3000 for instance with the PZ 16-50, and you do have a very nice Zoom Range from 24.5-83mm, starting at F3.5 to F5.6. Or any small NEX 3N to NEX-5N,R,T or A5x00 Series (Alpha) with the matching 16-50/3.5-5.6 PZ (the IQ is worse than the Samsung equivalent).

I would take a 18-50/4-5,6 with physicaly connected zoom ring and focus ring any day over a 16-50/3,5-5,6 with the iFN-ring or whatever Sony calls that.

Compacting kit lenses are a popular trend at CaNikon and Pentax should go that way too, in addition to have a nice selection of faster lenses. The new camera house also looks compacted but not as much as Canon 100D.

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zakaria: As the 645z price is nearly the top full frame frome no pentax fullframe.645z is pentax full frame.

You got a point, but actually 645Z is a cropped 645 medium format.

I would love a 645Z at the price of 6D and D600, with a competing lens selection, but that wont happen anytime soon.

A 35mm full frame Pentax could easily have a decent lens selection (renewed Pentax lenses and lots from Sigma and Tamron).

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