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On article Benchmark Performance: Nikon D810 review (1980 comments in total)

Does this mean we can look forward to the review of the Canon 1d Mark iii any time soon?
(If you remember when DPReview used to have reviews within a month of a camera's release, you must be very old)
:-) :-)

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ProfHankD: Did Canon say something? Nope.

The "read between the lines" is that Canon can't figure-out how to make really new products while keeping their very cost-effective standard guts in them. Sadly for them, they no longer have the infrastructure to compete with engineering-intensive companies like Sony.

My suggestion to Canon is to embrace the main sources of their innovation over the last decade: CHDK and ML. If Canon can't afford to do the research and development, especially in software/firmware, there are people in the open source world who can and are willing to, including academics like me. All Canon has to do is decide to support rather than ignore/frustrate these efforts....

" but let's face it, the 1DXII isn't anywhere near the specs of the Nikon D5,"
LOL What a ridiculous statement. Define 'Not anywhere near' Have you even EVER used one of these pro cameras - I doubt it, because you will have known there is very little in it, in fact nothing for the skilled photographer.

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Not bad... But not much better than most of the imagery coming out of Africa of late

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On article Nikon D750 flare investigated: Why we're not worried (352 comments in total)
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Vignes: not sure what's the point of DPR creating this topic. DPR has done the review and Nikon stuffed up their camera. Who is DPR to say worry or no worry when Nikon has acknowledged the issue and are addressing it.

Yes, Nikon has obviously stuffed up as you said (again; and by their own admission this time...) Now it is as if DPReview is trying to cover for them?
To those die-hards trying to convince us there is no problem or somehow Canon and others has it too and therefore it is no problem: NIKON HAS ADMITTED IT; THEY ARE FIXING IT... So send in your d750's and move on... IF Canon has a problem, it will be addressed by Canon and its users, not by Nikon fanboys.

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...and THIS is dpreview's 'Gold Standard'??? BhwaHahaha. Don't worry Nikon users, there will soon be a d760 to solve all the problems :-)

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