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  • Or maybe you as a photographer happen to prefer photographs others would consider epoverexposed (eg, maybe you don,t mind blown highlights).  Or maybe you just consistently shoot the typs of ...
  • Cameras don't have underexposing problems; photographers do.  You have to learn how exposure works in order to use a DSLR; you can't generally just point and shoot and expect the camera to read ...
  • Replied in FA Lens K/PK?
    Saying a lens is a K/PK lens is basically saying, it's a lens that fits a modern Pentax SLR.  That is, anything you can physically fit onto a DSLR without an adapter.  As opposed to screwmount, or ...
  • The WR is optically identical to the DA AL II and the DAL.  Any difference you saw was ordinary sample variation or measurement error.  But the original DA AL - discontinued many years ago - was ...
  • It's really impossible to say if there is a probkem without seeing a sample image you are not happy with.  But I'm going to guess it's a matter of expectations.  Have you used a DSLR before?  Do ...
  • Not even close to the same boat.  The OP here is havng a battery problem - could turn out to be a defective unit, could turn out to simply be a fluke that will go away omce the bttery is fully ...
  • If your first statement is true - and I don't doubt it is at least close to the mark - then the second is false.  That is, it may be true that there are no more real signal to noise ratio gains to ...
  • I think you may be misinterpreting what I am saying.  I am not repeating the old myth that *smaller pixels* mean more noise.  That was indeed once a common misconception among many, say 5-10 years ...
  • ???  You're asking Pentax to change the laws of physics?  It's always the case that more pixels means more apparent noise *when you nake the mistake of comparing images at 100% for each camera ...
  • It doesn't work like that.  Variable-maximum-aperture lenses are normally *continuously* variable.  It's just that the camera has to round off the aperture when reporting it to you because it only ...
  • Replied in HD DA 15
    Not shake - it's the much shallow DOF of a DSLR compared to a P&S.  The plane of focus is perfectly sharp as far as can be seen from the posted images; but the portions of the image nearer the ...
  • Definitely post images you are not happy with.  My guess is that it will turn out to be a simple matter of your not having controlled where the camera focuses, so the specific part of the picture ...
  • FWIW, I still lurk some, posting only *very* occasionally. As people who do remember me may recall, I'm a musician.  As in, that's what I do for a living - teaching more so than performing these ...
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