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Nikon D300
Nikon 18-70 f3.5-4.5
Nikon 50 f1.8
Sigma 150 f2.8 macro
Sigma 50-500
Nikon SB-600 & SB-800 flashes


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Wow, that one is quite cool. I wonder about possible ways of attaching it to your body, such as we do with GoPro:s?

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photomedium: 16.5 stops DR...damn! Can we have that on a stills camera?

ET2, so we should not believe what you write either.

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MustyMarie: "News?", this is been used for decades !! I guess 'new' is in the eye of the befuddled or nuube ?

Maybe he was referring to ".... has turned to a process devised in 1864..."

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speculatrix: Counting down till Apple patent this and claimed they invented it


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Couscousdelight: usb2 in 2015 ?
Seriously Nikon ?

ewelch: So you are done with nikon because they are releasing an camera wit h specs you do not like. Does the introduction of this new camera autmatically make you take bad picturs with you existing gear? What about the day you would buy one of those new cameras such as the D7200, would you automatically start to take bad images because of that?
People are acting quite strange in here, almost every new camera released is often better than previous generation, still we complain about the cameras.

Is it that you envy peoply using other brands wher they might have some high tech cool feature that makes you feel smaller?

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M Jesper: I'm European, what's a 5lbs? ^.^

@Edmond Stuart.
Most (almost all) european countries use the metric system, so the question is not that stupid.

This image is for me quite funny but very valid as well when it comes to Imperial system vs Metric.


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Wally Brooks: Nikon did the "Next Big Thing" promotion several years ago too. The next big thing-Lower Case Intentional-that was announced was; nikon is the next big thing. Lower Case Intentional.

Note to senior management at chikon Lower Case Inentional......

Is anybody home?

Can you stop with the non sense of writing "Lower Case Intentional", it makes it easier to read your post(s).

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"Also the fact that we brought video to the DSLR world..."

Wasn´t it Nikon who came with the first DSLR with video when they released the D90?

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Bitpimps: Interesting comments from the nikon guy, I do not see the need for a lense specifically designed for DX camera body. I'm no engineer or expert but it seems to me that a lense designed for a high performance FX camera should at least in theory perform just as well if not better on a DX body. My FX lenses work great on my D7k so I base my assumptions on those.
I agree with the comment about remove flash from pro bodies, they could make better use of the electronics space occupied to add wifi or Gig-E port or something, IDK. No questions asked about usability optimization, MENU SYSEMS! They are such a pain and are not configurable by the user to only show, what I actually need to access the most quickly. Nikon's idea of 14 submenu's deep or something to access stuff is maddening.

What i would like to see is an addition to the rmote flash functionality and make it go over radio also (have both for backward compatibility), not only lightbased.
There are plenty of situations where flashes are hidden behind walls or stuff and the CLS system cannot trigger the remote flash. There are lots of 3:rd part products to handle radio triggering, but having it in camera would be nice.

The CLS is awesome, i

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On article Nikon D750 Review (1979 comments in total)
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jjlmoose: Had the D750 for a couple months now...this review doesn't even do this camera the justice it deserves. Having shot with the D70, D90, D7000, D7100, D300, D700, D3 and D800E I've witnessed the evolution of the DX and FX lines and the improvement of the sensors with each new model. With the amount of information that can be extracted from the D750s RAW files, it really is in a class of its own in that I've never seen a larger singular improvement. Other features like an orientation sensor that senses whether you're shooting in landscape or portrait mode and remembers and automatically changes your focus point for each, customizable auto ISO with a focal length dependent min shutter speed, being able to set the OK button to snap to a 100% crop of your chosen focus point all help to make this one of the best cameras I've owned. Great Job, Nikon.

Yes jjlmoose, even on my older D300 it zooms to 100% witht he focus point centered when zoomed, doesn´t matter if it is the middle or any of the outer points, the zoom is taken to the focus point area.

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Jun2: cloud means you have to rent software and data storage space, then they will study your files to figure out ways to make more money out of you.

Leandros - So you are saying that changin gdefault setting form "iCloud" storage to local storage is "extra work", when developing ONE image takes more time, talk about making an elephant out of an ant in that case.
Also, if you are so scared about what is going through your network, then you should abandon all Adobe softwares (absolutely CC versions), Microsoft 365 or any other rental software.
Also, your OS, may it be microsoft or apple are communicating thorugh the network a lot to chek for updates and stuff like that, do you know what is included in those packages?

I mean, there has to be an limit of what is reasonable paranoia and not.

If you worry to much, install a firewall that monitors your outbound and inbound traffic and stop what is not allowed.

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On article Apple to cease development of Aperture (425 comments in total)
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Jun2: cloud means you have to rent software and data storage space, then they will study your files to figure out ways to make more money out of you.

cloud != "not be able to use disk"

They will not remove disk storage option only because they have cloud storage also, so why worry?

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slncezgsi: While curved sensor will definitely help to get well performing optical designs that are simpler and therefore cheaper, there will be a problem left - all lenses that will be designed for such a camera will have to have the image plane curved in the same way. AND gone is using older or 3rd party lens on such a camera if the camera has curved sensor, but the XY lens.

Still this may be very interesting for fixed lens camera (again - the image curvature will need to stay constant over the zoom range)

What if they also release an adapter that can be placed between camera and lens that is "negative" in effect so that old lenses could be used?
Unsure how that would work because it sounds like it should add up to the length between lens and sensor (additional adapter between)?!

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Giklab: Guess what I found?

(Marker at 0:45)

Well, Nikon never claims in their video that they are alone with the technology.
What they do is they present it in a nice way.

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On article Nikon D4s First Impressions Review (1038 comments in total)
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RedFox88: No difference form d4 to d4s in RAW, but the d4s is better at JPG at very high ISO. Worth paying for the d4s if you have a d4 or d3s? No.

stu 5 - the difference is so small that it is irrelevant and will not be seen in most cases. The power of the new D4s is in the jpeg engine.

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rwbaron: It appears Nikon has cleaned up the RAW performance by a good half stop compared the D4 which is admirable. I would say 409,600 D4S is not quite as good as 204,800 on D4 but close. I also looked for the 1DX to compare but alas not on the list so I took the 6D and wow, I had no idea the 6D was that good at low light high ISO shooting. Very close to the D4S at 102,400. This is good news for all of us regardless of brand.

I have an hard time seeing that difference whe nwatching the raw samples. I would say they are almost identical in RAW performance. It seems that mostly JPG engine benefits from the new hardware.

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On article CP+ 2014: Things we found that had been cut in half (107 comments in total)

"One of the interesting things about telephoto prime lenses is how few pieces of glass they contain compared to a lot of zooms. This is the Canon EF 500mm F4L IS II USM, sliced wide open for all the world to see. Shameless."

Interesting that we pay so much money for so much air. ;-)

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ric63: Great video, would like to see more.
The 50-500 I have it a stunning lens, super fast, super sharp and the coulours are amazing.
I would not hesitate to recomend Sigma to anyone.

I have their 50-500 also, i had both the previouls version (without OS) and now i have the new one with OS and i liked both of the.
I can also recommend the 50-500 lens.
But i also have the new 70-200 2.8 OS lens and i am quite dissapointed about it, it is really soft and lacks contrast wide open and when the OS kicks in it shifts the image a bit.

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On article Nikon Df Review (1628 comments in total)
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halai: DPR, you forgot to mention "NO VIDEO" as a con. I was looking forward to purchase this camera, then found there is no video function. It would have been a perfect camera for me. Oh well, will save my money for something else.

I don´t see "no vid" as a con in a camera made for photographing.

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backayonder: I saw one in a shop in Sydney yesterday and it sure is big and clunky.

T3, D4 is a brick in size and weight to better balance and support the bigger lenses that are widely being used with the D4.

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