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Not one in Scotland?! The quicker Scotland gets independence and gets out of this 'UK' that never includes us the better!

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All art is subjective...including photography...

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VadymA: I learned who Steve Jobs was years after I knew what a great product Mac was. This guy is like the opposite, there are more knews about him than about his product. It's a bit irritating...

Seriously? How old are you? The geeks who used Apple II's knew who he was. He was in a few magazines with Steve Wozniak in the early '80's and on...I don't like Apple or Jobs work ethics but he certainly knew how to promote the company,the product and himself!

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Labbai: It's like the original 10cc re-uniting, and they are bigger than God and the whole motherfucking Stone Roses and The beatles together, because The Beatles are more or less dead by now... I think I'd be annoyed with all those useless flashes. Why in earth all the newsphotographers need the flash for? Who the needs a flash outside the studio nowdays? Strange... (this post was first rejected because of the swear words??) What the wreck are those?)

I have never seen a 'pro' use a flash during a concert. If you mean during press conferences you don't know enough about photography to comment.

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ahson: Am I being too crazy if I am going to pick up this GX1 and the 14-42 X series lens to replace my Canon T1i + Tokina 11-16 + Canon 28-105??

I do care about the picture quality but the weight of a camera/lens is also a huge factor when thinking about this.

Well, My most used camera is my GF1,so much so I sold most of my Canon gear (1dmk3 and lenses) to go over to MFT. I don't shoot sports but the AF is fast enough (not 20mm) to keep up with fast action bands in low light and small bird photography (not in flight though but even the 1d3 couldn't do that very well). Most imprtanrly, the MFT kit is waaaaaaayyyy, no, I don't think you are being crazy... :)

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I'll give you £100 for it!

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Exec- We need to get into this mirrorless system
Marketing - But our compacts are still the biggest seller.
Exec- Hmmm.....Can we make a compact with interchangeable lens?
Engineer- emm, yeah, but the SNR is better with an APS (interrupted)
Accountant- So it can be done?
Engineer- Yes
Marketing - Great! The public will love it!
Engineer - Yeah, but, it would be better with a larger...(interrupted)
Exec - Can you put anything 'new' in it?
Engineer -Well, we have a hybrid AF system.
Accountant -GREAT! We can charge what we want for this 'new' gimmick!
Engineer - But what about image quality and low noise in high Iso? Shouldn't we be working on a system to compete with Sony.Olympus and Panasonic?
Marketing - OMG! Just think of it a camera small like a compact but with interchangeable lenses and a 'new' hybrid AF system.Loyal Nikonians will come in their droves! We will sell by the warehouse load!
Engineer- But shouldn't we...(interrupted)
Exec-Build it!
Engineer - (disheartened) Ok....

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