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aerorail: welcome to 2012 iphone 6 so the saying goes....

Android's upcoming L is 64bit. Apple got a head start because people with iPhones play lots of games. Go figure. Thankfully for the developers they won't be forced to re-deploy their apps like Apple had them do. Android will automatically run the majority of apps as 64-bit applications thanks to the way Android’s VM is built.

In terms of a 128gb phone...no need on Samsung. You can add a micro SD Card for far less than Apple is gouging people for as an up-charge to their phones.

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aerorail: welcome to 2012 iphone 6 so the saying goes....

and Apple wouldn't be in the Phablet market if it hadn't cloned other manufacturers products......

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I've been intrigued by this type of product for a while now. I like the idea, but putting it in practicle use is a bit tougher.

I travel a lot for work and could theoretically keep this in my backpack I use for work but then I can do that with a dedicated camera too.

I could see smuggling this into a sporting event or concern easier than an SLR with simliar reach and the IQ should be quite good.

Hmm...just not sure at this moment for that price....

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I hope they aren't trying to represent actual photographic techniques in how those images are reflecting the use of a camera when shooting. I especially like the one legged pose. :)

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On Canon India teases 'something big' coming soon article (150 comments in total)

Big lens like a 100-400 successor? Probably
Big as in Full Frame 35mp camera? Maybe
Get your camera ready as in trade in program? Interesting idea.

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On RATED R: Bug's Version in the fankenlens challenge (10 comments in total)

Great shot!

Is this the end result of focus stacking?
Are you extension tubes manual only or do they AutoFocus?
Was this with a rail system or a tripod?

Sorry for all the questions. Just getting into this myself and am trying to learn.

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On LG launches G3 Beat with Laser AF post (31 comments in total)
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pdqgp: 1GB RAM? Why so little? No thanks.

Okay. the 3GB would be the way to go.

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On LG launches G3 Beat with Laser AF post (31 comments in total)

1GB RAM? Why so little? No thanks.

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Jan Luursema: If only they would make DPP faster. I bought a new computer just to make DPP work faster, but it's still almost as slow to use as on my old PC! Only the batch processing is faster, but making edits in the program is annoyingly slow.
Maybe they need to hire someone from Adobe.

I concur with KWEnz that the NZ Download of DPP 4 won't allow edits on a 70D model. Opens and runs but won't edit my 70D RAW Files. Just tiffs and jpegs, etc.

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On Preview:canon-eos-70d (1311 comments in total)
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mainvision: An important feature missing is GPS. Essential in a travel camera

interesting as I personally would never use it.

Posted on Jul 4, 2013 at 14:49 UTC
On Complete our survey for the chance to win an iPad article (73 comments in total)
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Andrew Booth: 200 questions? Yeah... screw that.

Agree.....started the survey by question 25 I was like WTF? 200 for a chance to win...no thanks.

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do you really need that resolution on a 20" tablet?

Direct link | Posted on Mar 1, 2013 at 17:06 UTC as 17th comment | 2 replies

no surprise, apple buyers often hold off towards the launch of the new models. it was like this last year too as I remember clearly.

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On Quick Review: Apple iPhone 5 article (217 comments in total)

Mssimo said it best. I use mine mainly for photos on the go as it's with me all the time. I use it a lot at work indoors in a lab to share images with co workers so they can see changes we are making to our set up and it works great, even under less than optimal lighting situations.

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Lupti: Hmm...Am I the only one who is concerned about the fact that this site gives smartphones with cameras too much room? At first the Nokia Lumia 808, ok, maybe it was a bit understandable because it has 41MP sensor, but now Iphone 5? The site name is "digital photographry review", not "smartphone review". And please don´t tell me what a nice "always-have-with-me"-camera a smartphone is, I don´t have a smartphone and don´t want one for a lot of reasons, ok? -.-

I don't think when a market that covers as many people as do all the top smart phones out there offers them all a camera in hand that DPR should dismiss it.

Do you really think all those smart camera phone users should be ignored or have their products ignored? Let's just say that would be a very dumb move by any site that covers cameras or photography.

Those same smart phone owners that you are so quick to dismiss as "just snapping pictures" likely are more prolific in photography than those here who don't own a smartphone but carry a camera everywhere.

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Prestidigitator: There is nothing new with this crApple iFruitcake. The iFan-gheys would still buy it regardless. For true innovation just take a look at the Lumia 920 and PureView 808.

SYMBIAN OS on a phone that you call innovative? Really?

The Lumia will prove that this isn't a race about hardware. The W8 OS nice but a bit late to the party and it's lack of apps is going to kill it. Good luck to Nokia once that happens.

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shahid11235: This article suits better on a mobile phone review site.

iPhone might have a good camera (compared to some P&S). But, to me, it is quite irrelevant to publish such an article on a serious camera review site.

I agree with Chekr. The iPhone is a device in hands of millions and is likely used more as a camera than most of the P&S cameras those same folks own.

Direct link | Posted on Sep 16, 2012 at 02:56 UTC

I suppose DPR is appeasing sponsors and vendors of all types but a $20k lens as news article on a site like this? Maybe I'm the minority but I can't see the target audience being very wide here. It's like all the car magazines writing up reviews on cars that are $100k+ Interesting reads but the value to the masses is nothing more than entertainment. Must be a slow news day as they say.

IMO I'd much rather hear about gear the masses will use and is a better fit for the majority. Someone buying a $20k lens is not likely the average DPR reader.

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On Wonderment in the Emotions and Moods but ... No Faces Allowed! challenge (4 comments in total)

Great shot! I've tried this some composition with my kids but unfortunately it's been in a public setting like an aquarium or zoo where 1,450 other kids are in the photo :(

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EmmanuelStarchild: I wouldn't mind giving the guy more praise if he wasn't such an arrogant jerk. How about showing a little humility while NOT trashing past track & field legends?

I agree that he's a bit stuck on himself, but I don't know his history or culture, etc. If this is all he's got and it probably is, he's not likely very educated, etc. I brush it off as due in part to all that. Not that he couldn't be humble....but in reality athletes are arrogant.

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