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Sorely missing link (oddly glossed over in the video): We have a need to transfer pictures to an iPad while simultaneously photographing with the camera...while holding the camera and looking through camera. This might be called Wireless Tethering.

Dear Fujifilm,
Please give the 'LiveView' feature in Camera Remote/Remote Control an 'OFF' switch so we can continue to look through the camera while transferring to the iPad. Free us from EyeFi.

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Here's my update on much needed Fuji camera tethering to Mac:

I spent a couple of hours working out Fuji app setups this holiday weekend.

The Fujifilm software is great in many ways...especially good for selecting individual images to transfer to iPad/iPhone for sharing or remotely viewing/triggering/reviewing an X camera; but for action 'tethered shooting,' sadly, it is not ready for primetime. Hopefully an update will add a LiveView OFF switch to the Camera Remote we can shoot handheld while smoothly transferring JPEGs to iPad.

If you want to shoot while looking through the viewfinder (I do), the Fuji app requires that you make photo transferring a separate process from shooting.

We are SO close...!

For now, the Eye-Fi ProX2 SD cards are the only way to shoot while simultaneously (s-l-o-w-l-y) transferring files to iPad or Mac.

(I guess all of this is the same for Android and PC users, but I don't have experience with those)

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While I appreciate this innovative approach, in this age of ever-so-slightly too slim weight limits on airline luggage, my first priority isn't how to condense more gear into less space. That said, I often find myself carrying my camera case in one hand and my naked tripod in the other. When closed, those gaps between the tops of the legs and the center column, foam padding sections included, provide the perfect grip and balance for somewhat comfortable treks...whether to Central Park or into Central Asia.

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On PT3C9478-ACR-processed photo in dpreview review samples's photo gallery (4 comments in total)

This photo appears to be slightly front-focused somewhere around the subject's jacket pocket and sleeve.

Anybody willing to have their portrait used for lens tests in unlimited worldwide distribution, for the benefit of all, at no charge, is definitely cool.

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On Olympus 24mm f/2: Sony NEX article (4 comments in total)

Thank you, Ashley Pomeroy, for your VERY helpful review! I just came across it, searching for intelligent information on 24mm options to apply to a new Fuji X-E1. Your thoughts and samples perfectly answered my questions.

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