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they are good pictures, stop hating

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On article Just Posted: Canon EF40mm F2.8 STM sample images (61 comments in total)

More lens in the line is always a good thing. I dont see why people are complaining. If you dont like the lens then dont buy it. Im sure there are people that would be interested in it.

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Just talked with Fuji, they told me it will be ready at the end of May. Kinda long ways but at least there is a fix now. The lady that spoke with me said something about a software fix so I'm kinda confused if they will replace the sensor or just do a firmware thing. Probably she doesnt know exactly what is going on.

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That's great but when will the new sensor replacement be ready for replacement now that there is an official fix?

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Anastigmat: Even though this camera is not aimed at the sports photographer market, I expect quite a few of them to use it. Basically, this camera gives the sports photographer 24 frames per second capability, compared to 11 fps for people who use still cameras like the D3, D4 and D1-X. Sure, this camera is not full frame, but the 24 fps capability is simply a godsend for them. I expect those people who realize the usefulness of this camera for sports to show up at the summer Olympics and other sports events with this camera, even if they don not use the movie feature in their work.

professionals almost never use AF while filming

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On article Making sense of Canon's 4K cameras with EOSHD (225 comments in total)

Canon is making this camera for people with huge budgets. Its a smart move if this camera can perform. No point in whinning if you are a consumer. They rather go after the people with big time money. Dont worry people canon will eventually make a camera like the 5D III with higher resolution.

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Nuno Souto: Once again, a supposedly manual-friendly camera designed by idiots who haven't got a clue how to handle manual operation. What a waste!
If only camera makers would LISTEN to customers instead of marketing surveys...
And has ANYONE checked if this thing has dioptre correction inbuilt? What, everyone has perfect eyesight?

well if its supposed to mimic a range finder the focusing wont be as good as 35mm digital and MF... that is why it is called range finder, you find the appropriate distance to focus with your feet. The camera looks interesting for me but i would not get it but its considered a bargain compared to the Leica.

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On article Canon launches EOS 60Da DSLR for astrophotography (229 comments in total)

Very smart of them. Although I wont be getting it, I am sure a lot of people will. And people were bitching and complaining about Canon. They never lost their mojo peoples

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On article Canon EOS 5D Mark III studio samples published (287 comments in total)

based on these studio samples the MIII performed better than its counterparts. would like to see some real work comparisons with the same shots.

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Are they going to do a first impression for the 5D MIII? would like to see the comparison.

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Umm the 5D MII, D4, D3s looks better at high ISO than the D800...its not surprising though, since the resolution is so high

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Lens looks interesting, especially for canon shooters since nikon already has a 14-24 which is spectacular. Canon doesnt have an answer for super wide angle at this moment so this lens will accommodate.
People in this site is always complaining about something, dont mind them.

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sterlinggold: To all the disappointed x10 owners, why wait 3 months hoping Fuji will fix this? Deep inside you know they won't. Unlike Fuji I put my money where my keyboard is offering a 375$ bounty on a good condition unit. PM me if interested. No hate mail please, just trying to help... :-)

They said they are going to replace the sensor for people. Stop trolling

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oh well, its a great program and having it a little more in advanced and upgrading it is fine. I think anything really compares. I got mine the previous version 3 months back. Dont think I will upgrade until I get the 5D MIII which will be sometime next year

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Most of the time when I use this camera its not an issue with the style of shooting. When it comes to night time or low light conditions I use my 7D... The reason I bought this camera is because I wanted something small with DSLR like features when I travel. Im sure they will fix it eventually. I also think people that most people that complain here do not even have this camera.

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On article Canon EOS 5D Mark III low-light ISO series samples (319 comments in total)
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d3xmeister: What a bunch of spoiled whiners. Louie CK was right when he said ,,today everything is fantastic and nobody's happy,,

He also said, what contribution did you make to society you nothing. Companies like Canon, Nikon have been serving people for decades and capturing their most precious moments.

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On article Canon announces EOS 5D Mark III 22MP full-frame DSLR (488 comments in total)
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oscarvdvelde: The 5D III is really an upgrade of the 1Ds III in a smaller body, 1 fps faster, HD video, HDR, upgraded AF and metering systems, improved sensor, for a price reduction of 57%. From this perspective it doesn't look bad at all.

I find your post inappropriately correct! I dont find the price outragious at all. Yes its out of my budget, which is why I want to wait for a year later to get it. I think the people that are complaining are mostly amatuer hobbyist. People always want the most for the least but thats not how things work people.

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METROMODEPHOTO: Okay, i was a little-bit hard with my comments yesterday. sorry to all.i was just simply expecting for the 5d-3 to be a real upgrade from the two and, have a more competitive edge on the d800 since i own the 7D. i was looking to upgrade to a full size sensor SLR but canon did not hit the bulls eye with an upgrade. instead , only made a better 5D-2 and called it a 3 with 1more pixel ad-on.nikon on the other hand accomplished the job thoroughly with the d800 with 36MP .the fact is BOTH camera manufacture are really good, thats why they have been head to head on for years.i was one of those people who switched from nikon to canon during the film to digital transition era.canon just had the digital edge over nikon in that era. but i refuse to go from my 7D to the 5D-3 just to get a generic 5D-2 upgrade. if that was the case i would sacrifice and go back to nikon and get the d800. however i will wait and see to see if canon will surprize me with something better than the 5D-3.

The image capabilities between the 5d II and the 7D is already a big difference let alone the 5D III. Wedding photographers that use the 5D II will definately be interested in upgrading to the 5d III

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A camera that I can shoot 6400 ISO and get acceptable photos at 12800 is a camera for me. It will be fun to tinker with the video function at almost 60fps.

Its clear canon is targeting film makers and professionals whom are looking for ISO performance over resolution, which is a lot of people.
Ya the D800 looks more interesting, but I already purchased a lot of L primes and doesnt make sense to change systems. Anyways anyone were to push the 5D MIII to its full capability it will produce astounding results as with any of nikons or canon DSLRs. Most people that are complaining are the ones not using their camera enough or do not know how to use it to its capability.

Ya the 5D III is expensive, but I am sure the price will drop in 6-12 months. Im happy with my 7D so far anyways.

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On article Just Posted: Nikon D4 Studio Test Samples (309 comments in total)

I think this camera looks great. Funny how people are whining about the 5D MIII being only 22mp when this one is just 16mp. Im actually pleased with the new 5DIII personally also.

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