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wansai: for the price of admission, surely any sane person would get one of the more recent and VASTLY superior mirrorless cameras like the Nex 5R, which incidentally is about the same size roughly (possibly even smaller). the price is about the same and you have some connctivity options as well as options to change your lense specific to your style of shooting.

these phone cameras, the thing is, you must work around the tool. i have always felt tat the tool should work towards my needs, especialy if i'm going to spend half a grand upwards for it.

the quality of the picture is poor even by modern phone camera standards and the price high for a poorly performing superzoom.

what i don't understand is, why are mobile photographers not more discerning or critical about their tools? i think it's a valid form of photography and i enjoy viewing it, but one should not be so dismissive about the critical flaws of a product you're about to spend money on.

@wansai I think you're missing the huge point that for many people, this thing can be a single device to carry, rather than two (camera and phone). I have several ways to make and receive calls on Android with VOIP, and I use Android mainly for email anyway, so the lack of cellular calling is irrelevant to me. As for the price, it's cheaper than most smartphones.

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On article Fujifilm XF1 hands-on preview (133 comments in total)
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Reg Natarajan: This is shallow of me but I do wish it came in black.

I meant all black. I've never been into that two tone silver/black look.

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Pity. I enjoyed his comments here. Straight shooter.

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ProfHankD: Hmm. Isn't this most directly competing with the Fuji X10?

The specs and form factor are strikingly similar, as are the dpreview scores, although Canon's late entry somehow gets gold while the year-older X10 gets silver? Not saying I love the X10 (I only have one because of software I wrote to fix the white orb problem), but I don't see why it isn't at least one of the defaults for comparison with the G15.

I agree with all these comments. The X10 is far nicer looking, has as good a lens and imaging system, and has its advanced modes which combine multiple images to reduce noise and improve detail at high ISO (as opposed to Canon's HDR-only, tripod-only multiple image capability).

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KeeChiuPeng: How does it differ from eyefi ?

AmnonG, sorry for the slow reply. I don't come to this site every day. Like Jack1611, I also don't experience any slowdown. Both my cameras start up quite quickly and EyeFi cards don't seem to affect their start up time, but I don't have any experience beyond those two.

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On Connect post Transcend releases new Wi-Fi memory card (47 comments in total)

What we really need is a wifi MicroSD card, as several newer pocket cameras are starting to use that format.

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On Connect post Transcend releases new Wi-Fi memory card (47 comments in total)
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KeeChiuPeng: How does it differ from eyefi ?

Just a quick comment on "Eye-fi has not allowed you to upload to anywhere but their servers". Eye-Fi (which I currently use) lets you upload to Flickr or Picasa (not both), and you can also configure the client to download both RAW and JPG into your Dropbox or Google Drive cloud storage. I do all that in production and it works fine. I know some have found the client buggy, but I have never had any issues with it, myself.

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What's next? How about emails? In my company, many people who work for me write emails. Some of them are really quite creative and well written. Barring a contract, can these employees now republish their work emails without my consent? I suppose it's no sillier than Apple winning a billion dollars from Samsung for having copied Ericsson first.
People can say it's an unfair comparison all they want. It won't make it true. The fact is that art was BETTER before copyright law. All copyright law has gotten us is huge media companies peddling trash. Now those companies protect their turf by suing our kids for downloading music. This is not in the public interest.

We are over-regulating and over-legislating EVERYTHING. It is not leading to more innovation. It is not leading to better art. It's not leading to anything except more lawsuits and more lawyers. We need a serious rethink of all intellectual property law, the sooner the better.

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Eleson: Does this cover pictures taken in Canada by anyone, or by canadians anywhere, or only canadians in Canada?

Canadian law covers anyone in Canada, citizen or not. When outside Canada, Canadians are subject to the laws of the jurisdiction they are in.

Link | Posted on Nov 9, 2012 at 22:17 UTC

Terrible change, and I type that sitting in my office in Vancouver. Copyright law and patent law are destroying innovation, exactly the opposite of what they were intended to do. Before copyright law, we had Beethoven, Bach and Mozart. Since copyright law, we have Justin Bieber, Avril Lavigne and Nelly Furtado, and it's not lost on me that the latter three are all Canadian. This is an improvement?

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Vincent Aquilino: For all the cry babies who complain about the small sensor,If you can't take a
good picture with a small sensor,you certainly can't take one with a bigger sensor.

Maybe the best comment I've ever seen here.

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On Connect post Wearable Memoto camera offers another way to 'lifelog' (6 comments in total)

This whole concept isn't my cup of tea, but even for those who like the idea, this thing is doing it wrong. Two shots a minute mean you need to spend hours sifting through the hundreds of images a day it will take to get the good ones. The Autographer has some logic built in to shoot when things are interesting. Much better. Much fewer junk photos to sift through that way.

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Francis Carver: 528 comments already on the Nikon V1 camera, wow!! Heck, that's probably more comments than actual V1 copies Nikon was able to sell so far, huh?

"It can shoot at up to 15 frames per second."

That's good, now let's see if the Nikon V2 can do that 15fps frame-rate sustained with 4K video as well, like the $399 GoPro Hero3 Black Edition can?

As usual, the gearheads here have no clue about what the market actually wants in a camera, or what actually sells.

"sales of the newly released the Nikon 1 series and Nikon 1 interchangeable lenses have been robust. Despite a reduction in the market for compact digital cameras, we have been channeling energy into expanding sales in this area, and as a result, achieved record sales for the quarterly period."

Link | Posted on Oct 25, 2012 at 19:56 UTC

I know this is entirely subjective but I think this thing is hideous, and I'm partial to Nikon, generally.

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Phototaker41: MY dream camera is: small, pocketable, full frame with interchageable lens and low ligh High ISO , very low noise good details at ISO 6400

Pocketable full frame with interchangeable lenses. lol. I want one, too, but I won't be holding my breath. Those pesky laws of physics.

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On article Fujifilm XF1 hands-on preview (133 comments in total)

This is shallow of me but I do wish it came in black.

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On article Fujifilm XF1 hands-on preview (133 comments in total)

I didn't pay a lot of attention at first, but in retrospect, I think this may be the perfect take-everywhere camera. It appears to be an X10 that fits in my pocket.

Link | Posted on Oct 16, 2012 at 08:38 UTC as 23rd comment
On Connect post Cameras get 'smart' to stay competitive (58 comments in total)
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jhoff80: I really just wish there was an option like the Toshiba card and like the EyeFi card that just made the camera show as simple network attached storage, instead of needing a specific client like EyeFi, or having to do stuff through the browser like with the FlashAi card.

That's interesting. I've never had a single glitch with the client, myself. I can see the appeal of a wifi NAS mounted as a drive, but if they ever do adopt your proposed method, I hope they also leave the current system alone for those of us who like it. I don't want to do it manually.

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On Connect post Cameras get 'smart' to stay competitive (58 comments in total)
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Deleted pending purge: Without having tried it yet, I wonder how the WiFi card works out of all-metal camera casing, since EM waves can't pass through it. At a first glance, it would work as expected only in plastic cameras, and even then, there are sometimes metal-shielded card slots...

Sure, and I'm respectfully suggesting you're inadequately covering the best way to "upload or share when you're away from your computer". Many people get stuck in the workflow they're familiar with, namely "copy files to phone, then email/upload to destination". They don't realize there is a much better way, regardless of where you want the photos to end up.

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On Connect post Cameras get 'smart' to stay competitive (58 comments in total)
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keeponkeepingon: Great subject!

However this article is missing any sort of metric to objectively compare the devices. What we are left with is basically a survey of the companies marketing material and technical specs but we are missing what makes dpreview great: Objective measurements of performance!

For example how long does it take each device to transfer 100 pictures to an iphone? To face book? To my computer?

Also under connectivity you are omitting connectivity to a computer: Do all of these devices allow transfer of full size raw and video files to a computer?

Actually I don't think you mention if all of the devices support transfer of videos? Do they?


To answer your question for the tech I use, EyeFi supports transfer of full size video to your local computer (and therefore to Dropbox), and to Flickr and Picasa (at whatever resolution those two services permit).

I totally disagree on the topic of objective measures, however. They are just not relevant here. Who cares if one takes 20 seconds and the other 25 seconds? That's not relevant at all here. Feature set (such as your video question) is important. Overall convenience, ease of use, reliability and other such intangibles are important. There's a time and place for metrics and this isn't it.

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