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jtan163: Carbon fibre body?
Hmm, well according to about 50% of the Nikon FX forum it must be an amateur model.
Pro cameras are made of magnesium alloy and wireless is just an affection for amateurs and soccer parents...
I'm just saying.

Can someone post a youtube video of a brick wall so we can see how truly awful it must be...

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Just another Canon shooter: Google just analyzed these forums:

"A group of photographer wannabes throwing insults at each other".

Isn't that 90% of DPreview?

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Used to own Nikon (D80, d30, D700, plus a number of primes and zooms) enjoyed them. I shot family pictures, events, publicity shots, and weddings. Things were great, except for a few nagging things that got more problematic over time (wanted more direct control without resorting to delving into the menus, the weight of the gear when hung about my neck and waist all day, the difficulty of disappearing into the background to take that decisive shot, etc.).

I had also developed a severe case of GAS (gear acquisition syndrome) and eagerly awaited the D800, 600, and the successor to the D700). I got on waiting lists for gear (and waited, waited, waited......). I wound up getting a Fuji x100s for candids - wow, even with its quirks, it allowed me to shoot the way I wanted. I later acquired an Fuji X-t1 and sold all my Nikon gear.

Sorry Nikon, this is too little, too late.... Now if it were smaller, lighter, and you took the gold off (nah, still too late!)

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Sorry Nikon. I used to be a 100% Nikon shooter, but I was waiting soooo long for a replacement for the D700 that I wound up selling off my entire system and switching to another system. (D300, D700, 18-200, 18-300 for reportage, 28-70, 16-35, 80-200f2.8, 50f1.8, 35f1.8) Replaced it with a Much lighter system in fact - I no longer hear my back creak when I pick up the Pelican cases carrying the gear, not to mention the pains at the end of a wedding shoot.

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It's the Sony HAL 1000 ("I'm sorry Dave, I cant take that picture").

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vFunct: Look at all these scientists with their own research disproving this one!

Didn't know we had so many scientists on this site.

Everyone that posts is SO awesome! They must be superior to other inferior people!

Yes, but most photographers think the world revolves around them...

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A reminder to EVERYONE, you DO NOT OWN the software you use, unless you wrote it or purchased the intellectual assets of the company that created it or live under the delusion that you are the center of everything.

If you don't like the subscription model to lease the license, go somewhere else.

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Photography is DEAD...Long live the Photographer!

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To sum up the comments so far -
1. Photojournalism is dead, Long Live Photojournalism
2. Oohh look, something shiney.....
3. what was I saying, oh, yea...
4. I can take art pictures as good as the next guy...
5. No you can't, you need xyz camera
6. Can! (repeat 4 through 6 until internet connection drops out)
8. Your mother wears army boots and you smell funny.
9. well, you cant spppel good andm your teeth are crooked.

In all seriousness, I am sad that this has happened to the photographers recording news, there will always be a place in my heart and mind for them, but this is inevitable. It is possible to take photos that grab your heart and soul with any camera, after all your eyes are really cameras.
What is hard to separate out are the art shots suitable for the front of a refrigerator (or f*book), and those that hang in a gallery - they both in theory will last indefinitely on the internet.

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On Fujifilm releases FinePix REAL 3D V3 viewer article (36 comments in total)

...It's a glorified digital picture frame...
Granted it does have a higher resolution than what you normally find.
Yes it will play back 3D images and movies.
BUT the form factor and most of the functionality is more like a picture frame...

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Vincent Jacobs: Doesn't even look good: just a wood cover slapped on top of the plastic body. What would be more impressive is a fully integrated wood veneer. Or even better, how about, uh, an all metal dslr???

Bet it is held on with double-stick tape....

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