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K20D & K-01.
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Kenko Pz-AF 1.5X & 2X MC7 teleconverters.

Bags: Lowepro: Off Trail 2, Nova 5 AW, Toploader 65, 70 & 75 AW, CompuTrekkerPlusAW, Slingshot200AW, Tamrac4372.
P-cam-support:Manfrotto055CB w 029head; 682B self st.Monopod; 222-joystick head; Bushhawk.
Flash: PentaxAF540FGZ(july06).
Calibration: Spyder2Pro (for Eizo 18'L685&19'S1910).
Jan.2012: Pana GF2 with 14-42X.

P15mm. FA21mm. P150-450mm. New APS-C & FF body.


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On Huawei announces octa-core Honor 6 post (49 comments in total)

to Joe Ogiba...
hi Joe, i have a htc sensation and in fact i was waiting for the new max based on specs of the htc one m8. My wife has a one m7 glamor red... very nice phone. But than, i noticed rumours that the max m8 was not real and that htc might work together to realize the next 6inch+ phone or phablet with google, maybe.
Then Huawei anounced the Honor X1, i looked at the specs, good enought for me so... i went for it and ordered it, althought... not released here in the Netherlands, yet. I don't regret that and really...love this phablet...just the way it is...:-). Thanks for your message.

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On Huawei announces octa-core Honor 6 post (49 comments in total)

Personally, i like to read comment of people who know what they talk about. I'm writing this comment using my Huawei Honor X1 7.0 in my left hand. Ordered it at merimobiles and received it the 16th of june.
Mind you, i'm very! happy with it. The first day i thought...ooo...it's huge...now, today, 25th of june i'm already hooked and do NOT want to do without it.
Finally, a tip: it's something new, we should get accustomed to... try it and...you will!like it. And if not, no problem...i do!!!

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On New image viewing options for forums article (162 comments in total)

Many thanks for the update and ... nice done...! :-)

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On Pentax 6mp Digital SLR hands-on article (9 comments in total)

Pentax-Ricoh, here's your challenge and what the (Pentax) world is realy waiting for .... :-)

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On Just Posted: Pentax K-30 full review article (272 comments in total)

haven't read the review yet, but ... waw, that's nice of you guys there at dpreview and ... thx :-)

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On Photokina 2012: Pentax Ricoh Stand Report article (42 comments in total)

.... left out the ... K3-FF ... :-)

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On Fujifilm Canada offers sneak peek at X100 firmware article (47 comments in total)
In reply to:

fad: Thom Hogan is absolutely right when he says that Japanese companies are way behind the curve in software and don't even have a clue about how clueless they are.

Yesterday, I promised to send my neighbor a picture of my side of our common party wall (don't ask.) I already had a photo from a D3s shot with the legendary 14-24/2.8 on my computer one floor away. But I had my new Iphone 4 with me right there. I took a new shot and emailed it to him. Saved going up and down a flight of stairs. The iphone picture was good enough, and the software was far, far better from Apple.

Too many companies think that software, firmware, drivers are just an inconvenience and must be done at minimal cost.

The X100 reflected the mindset that software is a nuisance and not to be labored over. If the software had been competent, demand would probably have doubled. If the software had been competent, creative and transparent, they would have had to build new factories to meet demand.

or ... they're working ... smart ... and ... LEAN .... ;-)

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