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On Windows XP is dead. Long live Windows XP 'Bliss' news story (111 comments in total)

Would like to see a higher resolution scan of that slide!
Desktop backgrounds during the early 2000s were likely to be around 800 x 600 pixels so this file in Win XP is very scaled down compared to the original scan, needles to say.
Always liked this background but because of the low resolution provided I never used it.

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ThePhilips: > it accepts 120 roll film.

I wish makers have actually tried to build a digital camera...

I gather the sensor and the IC are the problem - but that's precisely the challenge: to try to replicate at home the expensive manufacturing processes.

I think the principle used here is what can make a cheap camera cheaper and better. Just look at the highlights for example in the samples, keep in mind the lesser quality (stray) of the lens used here.
Imagine using the same film in a high quality medium format camera.
Digital is for ease of use and ease of editing... also for speed!

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On moon movements in the At least three challenge (1 comment in total)

Amazing to see moonlight can actually look like sunlight!

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On Ten items you should have in your camera bag news story (287 comments in total)

Strictly photographic gear in my bag, there's no room for other things... since it's small and I like it that way. I Carry it around my sholder, no backpack because I like quick access.

Usually a Canon FTb, three fixed focal Canon FD lenses, a 28mm, 50mm and a 135mm. Mostly when I'm outdoors I put some films in that bag too... some Ektar and Portras, or the Elite Chrome Extra Colour (Kodak).

It's this that will fit the bag, or my Hasselblad 501C with the usual 80mm Zeiss lens, with lens hood and a Gossen Polysix 2 light meter in a pocket. In that case I have some Fuji Reala 100 or Kodak Portra 400 medium format film at hand.

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On Photo project documents rivers of the interior U.S. news story (14 comments in total)
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Felix E Klee: To me, the photos in the article on have a look which I remember seeing in the print edition of National Geographic about twenty years ago. (We stopped subscribing.) What's the secret of this look? Grading? Composition? Are photos with people staged?

These photo's are shot on film, cited from the article on

"All the work is shot on film with either 4×5 or 8×10 camera. Rich says he wanted to shoot larger format work because he liked the sharpness and depth of field you get on negatives that size. But it also slowed him down and created a pace to the photos that feels similar to that of the rivers he’s photographed."

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