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Well, my hope now can be that 550D will decrease it's price. I wouldn't buy a 600D nor a 650D, they are just so... useless. I mean, ANY SERIOUS change since 550D?
Nothing really important for me.
And now... They added THE TOUCHSCREEN, so what?
I can use the good ol' buttons, and I don't need a touchscreen. What I need is a good sensor, and a good lens :P .

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On article Photoshop CS6 Beta: New Features for Photographers (154 comments in total)

Hopefully, one day when I upgrade, and get a better computer, I will also upgrade my Photoshop...
I didn't notice many reasons to upgrade to CS4 or CS5, but now upgrading to CS6 is really important.

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qwertyasdf: Why a smallish kit lens?
Why not a 70-200 or a 300 F2.8 lens?
Or a macro lens that extends a lot when needed...and would easily contract afterwards...
Then the girls would like it more???

Hmmm... Why not the sigma 800mm fF5.6 monster?

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satureyes: RAW?

It is a RAW camera, dude ;) !

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Jaime CaRa: Did you guys already watched the a77 preview video in sony website?

Look at the end of the video, the top control dial has a 3D Option, this means it has 3D video recording capability?

Here's the link I'm talking about

3D isn't important for images yet. I still like the "2d" photographs.And mos people do. 3D is just another marketing trick that we don't need .

Posted on Sep 17, 2011 at 10:42 UTC
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tkpenalty: Sony & Samsung have the same problem:
Bad JPEGs.... I think this camera would shine with RAW.

I actually prefer RAW's (you will need a FAST SD card in this case), they can be modified, and give great results. A lot greater than JPEG's.
Of course you will have to use the right software.

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dtwenty8: Sadly one aspect all the alpha cameras have lost is the rotation of the screen information when shooting in portrait. I still have my a200 and i prefer it over my a33 or a55 for portrait shooting. Being able to turn the camera around and see all the information on the screen is a key essential and should have been maintained...

But when you have a rotating screen this isn't really necessary.

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Rickard Hansson: well, it impress me when shooting low iso, but the iso 800 shot of the sun going down behind the mountains and water is just horrible.

The noise reduction is reducing the quality of the image to the bottom.

Well there is no technology that can deliver perfect results.
Have you been using any kind of a anti reflection filter ?

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Causio: I made a test with the cityscape photo:
Shot with Carl Zeiss 16-35 F2.8 at F8.0, iso 200.

Downloaded it, reduced the size to 16Mp, scaled up again to 24, overlapped with the original on a new layer. Enabling/disabling the layer, I could see NO DIFFERENCE at all at 100%. My friends had to hear the mouse click to realize that I was changing from original to down-up-scaled.
So, either we'd better wait for the raw files, or the question is: what are those 24 Mp for, if not just marketing strategy? They can't even be useful for cropping... And the sensor is more expensive. The quintessence of the market driven megapixel race? Or the lens is really that inadequate? I can hardly believe that the raw will have such a big room for improvement

The whole MP thing is a marketing strategy. Used not only by sony . At 3mp everything is great. But at 4 or more there are some losses. It's just a trick. So... don't expect to have an enoooormous image at 24mp. And..I don't think that images are "great at high resolutions. There even isn't a monitor at a normal price (1k - 2k$) that is capable to show them in full resolution. Just resize them to... 1200x1600 and they are great. Probably when the sensors are at 42mp there will be monitors that can show resolutions of about 24mp at "normal" costs.
You can google about the MP marketing strategy for more info.
Hope that helps :) !

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szepesitelki: I am planning to by a new camera. I am almos a beginner and completely unsure wich one should I buy the Nikon d 7000, Pentax K5 or Sony A 77? Can somebody give me an advice,please.Thanks

I'd buy the sony. Not because I'm a fan of sony , but because there are some very cheap almost unused Konika-Minolta AF lenses that are just great.

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Another good camera that I can't buy...

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The best in my personal opinion :) !

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This isn't RAM memory , this is a memory card ;) !

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