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Nowelly: To zyghom.... You are missing the point of a camera. A camera is for shooting still images. Today's DSLRs are just so crammed with unnecessary gimmickry (you want video - get a video camera, does the job better, you want to get the exposure right - learn about light, photography and exposure, then you will, and you won't just have to rely on the machine in your hands)... This camera is designed for the purist (and there are many out there who WILL buy it), young and old (or middle like me!). Some of the most famous pictures in history were taken on old Nikon F cameras, by some of the world's most highly acclaimed photographers. Did they need live view or video, or button, command dial and menus in a screen? Nope - none of it. Did they take their pictures effortlessly: yes. Dials are the most efficient way of adjusting the major settings in a camera - why change the winning formula? Why not turn it into an object of beauty too (which it is).

Zdman - this is exactly my point but it seems Nowelly did not get it ;-)
plus he did not answer at all what is the difference for the quality of the picture then between big DSLR and Df

Posted on Nov 7, 2013 at 15:55 UTC
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what is the reason of this camera to enter the market (apart from $$$)
why do I question?
because I see here:
1-smaller body than others (D700, D800 etc)
2-the same lenses
so what do we get here?
1-less capable body then bigger brothers
2-very slight decrease of the weight
3-completely unbalanced set of body (small) and lenses (imagine 80-200 or other)
do I miss anything?
no, I'm ok if Nikon tells me: we need more $$ - please buy it
but instead we are fed with some blabla commercials

in comparison to i.e. Fuji X100 or Leica or Sony this body + lens seem very strange
ok, for some people it might be NICE to have RETROISH camera body but again with NEWEST possible lenses...
anyway, let it be because more on the market is even better for the customers (although not always)

Posted on Nov 7, 2013 at 08:04 UTC as 266th comment
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from one point of view I really understand Fuji: why to improve X100 by means of FW upgrade if you can do it for $ by means of X100s
that is the life we live in nowadays
but on the other hand: is it worth to upgrade this camera for about 600$ (at least: I mean: sell old one for 600$ and get new one for 1200$) or more?
are these changes so important?
I've done over 10k pictures with X100 for last 1 year and due to AF issue I use only MF
I would be so happy to get back to AF, maybe even new sensor (with new filter and a bit more pixels) would be nice.
But again... are we - current users of X100 - lost now?
I don't know now, lets see
On the other hand: some improvements still could be done for X100 by means of FW and those changes would not change X100 to S version so many customers would go for new one anyway...
Am I dreaming?

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incredible! (mess, not photo) :-)

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One day I will have Leica, top one
This day will be my 25th marriage anniversary
At least my wife promised - and the promise is a promise
Till then ... just watching what Leica can do so I will be prepared when the day comes ;-)

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it looks like postcard! nice

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I'm wondering how real is the guy on the upper right ;-)

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that is nice pic!

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