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dialstatic: "The decision to shift the company's focus was not taken lightly."

Well, if they don't like it, they can always refocus after the fact :D

he he...good one

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papa natas: OMG...!!
What will they think of next..!!??
I marvel to think how many lives they will be saving with this invention...
I'm still waiting for their Google Toaster who will toast EVENLY both sides of my bread.
And some people think we no longer have great moments in history...

Why so much hate?. It is just an another patent for their product. Google has been making great products but this may not be on among them. Again..why so much hate?

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In recent days, DPReview have become good source of getting information related to any imaging (not limited to commercial photography). Some of the news are very useful for me (who works in industrial vision and vision software). Kudos for keeping your eyes open.

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On article ACDSee Ultimate 8 introduces layer-based editing (67 comments in total)

I have been using from ACDSee Pro 3 and my primary cameras are from Olympus (E500, E30 and EM5). I have not found good alternative for ACDsee Pro. Recently I tested Lightroom, Silky Pix, DXO Optics, Phase One. Finally, upgraded to Ultimate 8 (from Pro6) because other tools have not given me balanced feature set among Content management, Editing and RAW workflow. Others(LR, DXO, SPix) may be little (very!) better in noise rejection and editing quality. But ACDSee Pro offers nice balanced set which is best suited for me.

I like
1. Best in class content management (No Match)
I wish LR provides calender view for quick browsing.
2. Non destructive editing (RAW, JPEG).
3. Best in class Lighting module (Again No match).
4. Non Destructive brush editing.

I don't like
1. Noise correction (Not very good)
2. No correction for Moire patterns
3. No automatic noise correction based on ISO (Tired of applying presets).

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On article Leica M9 users report sensor corrosion issue (378 comments in total)
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iAPX: "For us, it is important that we offer only technically faultless products. We are therefore particularly sorry if the imaging quality of your camera should be adversely affected in any way. We hope that the goodwill arrangement we have decided upon will allow us to remedy the problem as soon as possible and rebuild and maintain the trust you have always placed in our brand."

Sensor will be replaced over time, in the future, without any time limit, without any fee. Great response!

They recognize the problem, they explain how and why it happens, they apologize, then they offer an unlimited replacement solution for sensor.

It's an example for all the other camera makers!

PS: i was on my way of buying an used M9 to have it with me, on my messenger bag each and every day, with one or two great lenses, and was freaking out reading the first news. Now I am at ease with buying an expensive price for a full frame camera that is backed by an adult company.

Well said. I would support the brand, who realizes the problem and coming up with action steps to solve them (instead of masking them).

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Earthrise: Being doing blurred images for years, e.g. Streetspirits on But do I get a dpreview mention? :-)

I went though your gallery. Very good collection. I really liked streetsprits.

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knize10: Designed somewhere in the west, Made In China. No way Jose.

I don't understand when people would come out of made in china mentality. Most of your house hold items and electronics are made in china (well including your phone). If you start buying items only if they are NOT made in china, I believe you will be living 10 years back. Grow up and accept the fact. No other counties have mastered the mass production like they do. That is the reason many OEMs go there, not just because it is cheap. By the way, I am not from china.

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On article Best Camera of 2012: And the Winner is... (1414 comments in total)
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keeponkeepingon: So if this is a poll with 15,000 votes.... what are the numbers?

Exactly what percent of the vote did the OM-D/5DMKIII/D800 get, and where's the rest of the data?

Or is this simply dpreviews pick based on suggestions by the readers?


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On article ACD Systems issues ACDSee Pro 6 and ACDSee 15 (75 comments in total)

I am not a professional photographer.I have been using this for last few years. I gave a try to LR for sometime but finally settled with ACDSee due to better rendering of Olympus ORF RAW files. The workflow is really quick. Lighting tool is best in market, LR is not even close.

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