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Actually, one of the reasons that people don't buy cameras is that the one device they have with them all the time (i.e., their cell phone or tablet) has a camera that's good enough most of the time. Many people hate having to carry around another gadget, even if it's an APS-C or m43-based compact camera.

This device is more compact than a camera to carry around and they can significantly improve their pictures without needing a full blown dedicated camera.

I think it will sell and sell well . . .

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I can see a lot of potential uses for the QX1 - uses where you want a compact imaging device with a big sensor and can use some decent (and potentially fast) glass.
I see a lot of creative types jumping all over this.

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On Opinion: Do we really need the Fuji X30? article (312 comments in total)
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brownie314: Is this camera so bad that DPreview needed a propaganda piece on it to try and excuse it for not moving to a 1" sensor like all of its competitors?

Hipster - one of the most over-used, mis-used, and mis-understood word these days. Someone using something that has a style that was used 30 years ago doesn't automatically make them a "hipster."

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On Opinion: Do we really need the Fuji X30? article (312 comments in total)
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Jogger: We basically don't need any dedicated compact camera that doesnt have a large sensor, isnt a superzoom, or isnt ruggedised. Flagship phones are already using 1/2.3 sensor and some have even larger.

Even the best cell phones can't touch this 2/3 sensor for IQ. But only the photo buff will care. I have FX and m43 gear that has great IQ, but my wife thinks the images (in good light) that come from her Samsung S5 are more than good enough to share with her friends and family. So it all comes down to if you care enough about IQ to have a camera of this size. For some people the answer is yes, for others no. If I owned a camera like this (I do own a LX7) I'd certainly want to upgrade to the X30, not for the sensor, but for the EVF and lens.

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On Opinion: Do we really need the Fuji X30? article (312 comments in total)

"Design is disproportionately important to all X series cameras and I suspect a very large percentage of users are drawn by the way the cameras look and handle before they study the specification and read the test results. There's nothing wrong with that. Retro cool will be a winning factor for the X30 as much as it was for the X10 - and there will always be room for nice looking cameras that make it easy to take good pictures. "

Drivel at best. This article could have been so much better. The reason the shape and form of these cameras end up looking somewhat similar to cameras of decades ago is those film era cameras had great ergonomics for taking pictures and were not concerned with fashion statements. Just because something looks similar to something made in the past doesn't make it "retro" - what works works and will keep on being made that way - seems like all the modern, non-retro camera designs that attempt to be way different fail due to usability/silliness issues.

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That was one of the most incomplete and not very informative articles I've seen in some time. There were more upgrades from the D800(e) than what he even talks about. Half the words are not even about the D810 . . .

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On Nikon AF-S Nikkor 35mm f/1.8G Lab Test Review preview (80 comments in total)

Disappointing off-center for us landscape-types. What's the impediment to designing a lens that is sharp across the frame when stopped down to f/5.6 or f/8? Wide open I can deal with sharpness fall-off, but at f/8 really?

Lots of lens bloat . . .

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On 1939: England in Color (part 3) article (90 comments in total)

Very very cool.

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On Portfolio: Photography student Luke Evans article (172 comments in total)

Interesting, but nothing that really grabbed me. Same could be said of my photography too I suppose.

Not sure why this guy is featured on DPR - seems like there are more interesting budding photographers out there that likely deserve more attention.

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On Nikon issues firmware update for D800/D800E article (38 comments in total)

That last bug got me an annoying number of times: "In some rare cases, the memory card access lamp remained lit for longer than usual, and some time was required before any operations could be performed" Turn it on and the yellow light stays on for what seems forever, especially when you are in a hurry.

Just for this alone I'll upgrade the FW.

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On Fujifilm XF 56mm F1.2 R real-world samples gallery article (270 comments in total)
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Jogger: Really makes the $1600 Panasonic "Leica" 42.5/1.2 look even less appealing and more of a rip-off. Is it $600 better than the Fuji?

Been loving my 42.5/1.2 for the past two weeks. Is it worth $1600 - perhaps not, but I jumped on one of the white/open box deals and grabbed one for $1299 - just inside my comfort zone.

I now have a lens that I don't hesitate to shoot wide open, even with the subject off to the side of the frame and I know it will be sharp.
AF is extremely fast and accurate. OIS is very very useful for candid portraits/shots in low light when the subject is still enough. OIS in video mode is handy too. Aperture ring a bonus.
It pairs well with my 20/1.7II and 75/1.8 Oly. I only wish the 20/1.7 and 75/1.8 had OIS as well (but my GX7's IBIS somewhat makes up for that).
The 42.5/1.2 is expensive for sure, but I wouldn't classify it as a "rip-off" by any means.

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On Updated: Creating the Leica T article (196 comments in total)
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Antisthenes: > The incredible craftsmanship that goes into hand making
> a modern digital camera does not come cheap.

Let’s see:

a) Japanese robotic high-precision NC machining station (Makino)

b) Probably Japanese CMOS imaging sensor (Sony ?)

c) Probably Japanese lens manufacturing (Panasonic’s wavefront interference optical surface checkers ?)

The Leica T will certainly be a fine camera, but the results of this kind of “craftsmanship” can probably be bought for much cheaper by buying a Japanese camera, methinks ;-)

These cameras will not likely be a high production rate item compared to the competition, thus using CNC machining to cut out the body from blocks of aluminum is likely the cheaper way to go in the end (very little tooling and engineering costs) compared to other processes that require a lot of up front tooling/engineering. Cool, but not a process you'd use for making 100,000 of something like this.

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On A travel-sized large-format 4x5 camera? article (219 comments in total)

Ah, the sharpest, nicest image I've ever taken was with my 4x5 Toyo and Provia 100 with my beloved Fuji 400/8T . . . . don't miss the size and weight but man the IQ was amazing.

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tkbslc: I'd suspect most would find the 14mm f2.5 to be just as useful, slightly wider and much cheaper and compact.

m4/3 is already overcrowded in the wide-normal prime department. Not sure why we needed this one.

Because it appears to have much better IQ than the other offerings.

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Dimit: People,have you realized that m43 is an expensive system afterall??
...an ''ok'' performance with profound limitations??
...a system worth getting it ALWAYS in fire-sales period??...preferably combo...

A very simpleton way of looking at the m43 system.

I'm getting IQ that is as good or better than my D80 or D300 Nikon bodies gave (which was very good) in a system that has excellent AF accuracy, very small, and very light compared to my current D800 + FX lenses.
Sure there are times that my GX7 can't match my D800 for IQ in many ways, but it makes up for it by being way smaller and lighter and thus can go places my FX gear really can't.
Plus, for video my GX7 + OIS lenses walks all over my D800 + FX lenses in just about every way.
Just because it's small doesn't mean it therefor must be inexpensive.

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Too bad an electronic chip is not included for m43 mount. MF I can deal with, but having to input the focal length every time you mount it is a pain.
Also, they cheaped out a bit with the 6 aperture blades - it doesn't make the best sun stars.
Samyang is making some really great stuff lately, but it seems like they just fall slightly short in some areas of design. Give me 7 aperture blades and a chip for m43 use and they'd likely have a runaway winner of a lens (assuming it optically performs). I know these things cost $$, but it can't cost that much to add a 7th aperture blade and install a chip for m43.

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On Am I missing something here? article (626 comments in total)
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justmeMN: "This could be a cultural difference, of course."

No brand of mirrorless camera sells will in North America and Europe. We don't have a "if it's a little smaller it must be better" mentality.

I don't think that's the reason mirrorless doesn't sell well.
I believe it's because:
- Nikon & Canon have sold people hard on APS-C DSLRs that are more than good enough for the vast majority of casual photogs that there is little reason to switch. I.e. the potential customers are already pretty happy with what they have and it's expensive to switch systems.
- Advertising - or lack thereof it seems. Very little to no advertising of mirrorless systems here in the US and I suspect Europe as well. If the potential customers don't know about your product before they walk into a camera store or buy something on line they will buy the same system they had previously.
- And yes, to some extent, we in N. America equate smaller with inferior performance

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On Fujifilm X-E2 Review preview (316 comments in total)

If I had to choose just one system to have (currently D800 and GX7 systems) I would pick the XT-1 or XE-1 and the Fuji lenses. Fuji seems to be doing a great job on the bodies and their growing lens selection for the X mount.

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On Fujifilm X-E2 Review preview (316 comments in total)
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4054: @DPReview,

As tough as the crowd is, I'm sure everyone loves your reviews.

I'd like to share an idea. Time & budget permitting, I was wondering if you guys would entertain the thought of including a 'Tips and Tricks' section for the particular camera - the best settings and uses for certain types of shots (portrait, landscape, night time, increase in body sharpness to prevent, etc).

Now I know this adds an additional layer of work and time - but no other review web site does this (and probably because it would be so exhaustive) but since you guys already do a pretty comprehensive review, you guys might have insights that others may not. Could help and differentiate it from the other websites that do exactly the same thing.

Just a thought,

Why not have the users supply these tips and tricks to dpreview and then they organize/post them in some way.

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The GUI looks cool, but definitely lacking features that made NX2 useful.
Hopefully they will be added back in, otherwise it's not really useful to me and I'll have to fully convert over to using ACR. May have been a bad move to let Nik go Nikon.

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