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On article SLR Magic announces anamorphic lenses for filmmakers (29 comments in total)
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PowerG9atBlackForest: Given the new lenses would exist, will special projector lenses follow or will these lenses in reverse be able to serve as projector lenses as well?

I think the answer is mostly that it's made 2.35x1 in post and then stored that way digitally. It's possible, even likely, the projector itself might display the image on a 16:9 LCD and optically stretch it back out but the projector would be re-compressing it back to 16:9 internally.

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On Connect post Sony Xperia Z5 camera review (82 comments in total)
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BubbleGum: I was going to buy this phone, but the 24mm focal length is stopping me. It's too wide.

then the natural question Mr. Rehm is which aspect ratio gives which resolution?

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On Connect post Sony Xperia Z5 camera review (82 comments in total)

no OIS? Actually wondering with 23mp if their downsampled DIS is so good they may not need it to fill that screen.

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Stephen Scharf: Glad to see the X100T here, it has been the most-used camera of mine in 2015 (bought mine January 2).

One thing continues to trouble me about your editorial content. Why do DPR editors continue to foist on their readers that we need more and more megapixels? 16 megapixels in an APS-C sized sensor is more than sufficient resolution for 99% of photographers in 99% of shooting situations and the "sweet-spot" for the functional conflict of resolution vs. noise for an APS-C sensor. All that adding more megapixels will do is add *noise*. We need EVFs with faster refresh rates, AF with servo tracking, and a more comprehensive set of lenses for any given mfr's system.


They already have. 20-30mp is used in formats from 1/2.33" to MF. Highest possible resolution will always have it's uses but lots of cameras have already figured out what a useful resolution is and stuck with it.

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On article Heavy hitter: Sony FE 24-70mm F2.8 GM first shots (325 comments in total)
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Suntan: So these spectabular lenses need vignette correction? That's kind of a letdown.

True of course. CA can be corrected for in software but not without quality cost.

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Potemkin_Photo: they need 50 1.2 FF lenses.

It is so frustrating to watch video with shallow depth of field like that. This is the worst part of the video-DSLR era we're in. Hopefully people learn that there is practically no situation where anybody wants to WATCH that video.

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mosc: 50 lines per mm from a 36x24mm sensor is 1800x1200 = 2.16 MP. Did somebody miss a zero there? They saying 500 lines per MM? That's 216 MP.

18:40 time in the announcement video.

so what sensor resolution does that equate to?

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50 lines per mm from a 36x24mm sensor is 1800x1200 = 2.16 MP. Did somebody miss a zero there? They saying 500 lines per MM? That's 216 MP.

18:40 time in the announcement video.

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Michael Ma: No fully articulating screen like the GH4. I just need to know I'm in the frame all the time. Is that too much to ask? So with that flip down screen, good luck trying to mount it on a tripod or gimbal.

Some people actually prefer the flip screen because they can put the camera lower. I don't agree but sony seems to have bought into it. They don't put fully articulated screens on anything.

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Peiasdf: Some of you people are not thinking critically. SONY has the best interchangeable-lens camera system bar none.

A7R II + 70-200 is a few hundred grams heavier than X-T1 + 16-55 and E-M1 + 40-150 but it delivers 3 times the MP and twice the low light performance. A7R II + 70-200 is a few hundred grams lighter and far smaller than D750 or 5D3 + 70-200 while still delivering more MP and equal ISO performance.

If the f/2.8 lenses are too large and fast, you can switch to smaller, slower zooms or 3rd party lens and still have IBIS and native focal length. No DSRL can support legacy lenses and no other EVIL/mirrorless can support native focal length.

The a6300 announced today solved the EVF blackout problem that no other maker can solve. Coupled with Epson mass producing the 4 mega-dot EVF it means the next SONY flagship only have to deal with EVIL/mirrorless' battery disadvantage while offer so much more flexibility.

I still think they aught to make an A99 shaped E-mount A7Rm2 clone with a big battery and a big grip and an optional portrait grip with another optional battery as well. Throw on the viewfinder from an a6300 and you'd create a sports body. It'll focus giant EF canon super-tele's as well as anything else will with plenty of grip to hold on and at least 8fps (a6300) with full EVF.

They can bundle it with an LA-EA3 a-mount adapter too. No reason to abandon any existing FF A-mount people if they still exist.

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On article Video: A quick look at the Sony a6300 (211 comments in total)

I was hoping for a BSI-CMOS sensor in APS-C.

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photominion: the Messiah of mirrorless fanboys has arrived and he/she is ugly as fugg..
Oh, and he's also lacking in oh so many departments..

Handling must be amazing, with dozens of buttons and no proper way to change aperture AND shutter speed, iso, exposure comp, etc.

It doesn't even have a touch screen to navigate the horrific menus.
It also has no IBIS and no BSI..

How does that feel guys?

I agree it should have a front dial on the grip. The top's pretty full with a viewfinder, hot shoe, flash, mode dial, and function dial.

It is a BSI sensor.

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Raziel Orlando: If you wanted IBIS, the camera will be priced $1300 or more. At that price you could buy an used A7II with IBIS and full-frame sensor.

Pentax and Sony have made plenty of DSLR's with IBIS that didn't have significant mark-ups. The A7m2 is one of the cheapest FF sensors on the market and has IBIS. I don't think it's a $300 cost adder.

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nandbytes: Thinking Sony has a phobia for touch screens...

NEX-5N was a big win for them with the touch screen. Does seem weird that it's basically extinct since.

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surlezi: The only advantage of OVF over EVF is to be soon dead:

"The impressive new mirrorless model also has the ability to support full live-view continuous shooting on the Tru-finder or LCD screen at up to 8 frames per second, ultimately producing a real-time shooting experience that combines all the benefits of an electronic viewfinder with the immediacy of a through-the-lens optical viewfinder."

But I'm confident some blind DSLR fans will still find reasons not to acknowledge superiority of mirrorless cameras, be it still potential (AF?), or already current.

It also does 120 FPS. Won't matter how fast you pan.

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Zamber K333an: It's a nice camera. Iso performance will probably be as good or better than X-Pro2. Video seems great judging by the samples.

- Why no IBIS for APS-C flagship? Oly has it on almost every camera.
- Why no touchscreen ?

Also I was expecting new APS-C lenses.

If they wanted to make that camera, they would have called it the A7300

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dansclic: i would havé bought à such camera of only they could havé decent lenses....
Thé 16-50 is thé worse zoom lens ever tested !

Buy it body only with the wonderful 18-105 f4 PZ

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SidePod: oh wow .. how underwhelming ... but since its a Sony: "WOW!"

I think people were expecting a lot of the NX1 to not only be met but exceeded. Not sure how realistic that is in a sub-$1,000 NEX body. It's not a 16fps, 30mp, 5K video FF destroyer.

My top five were:
BSI CMOS - check
full senosr 4K - check
level gauge - ?? (seriously didn't buy A6000 because of this)
IBIS - fail
superior kit lens - fail

Although the live view still functioning at 8fps and a 120fps viewfinder is perhaps giving us the best EVF ever made so that was an unexpected (a la RX100's 1" sensor, RX100m3 having a viewfinder, or A7Rm2 focusing EF lenses quickly) type addition. Would be nice to see it focus a Sigma 18-35 f1.8 through an adapter at lightning speed too.

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On article The mighty PEN: Hands-on with Olympus PEN-F (167 comments in total)
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RingoMan: Well, the 34 mm equivalent is correct. The f stops are never part of this as an f stop is based on focal length devided by lens opening. Not sure why anyone would write this silly mistake.

it does vary with the size of the sensor! The pixel size is pretty irrelevant because once you downsample both to the same resolution the sensor size difference is the sensitivity difference.

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On article Extreme made easy: GoPro HERO4 Session review (62 comments in total)
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mosc: 1/3.2" 8MP sensor (with an F2.8 maximum aperture)

Kudos for actually posting that. Seems to be a state secret with most of these cameras. Now could you calculate the lens field of view?

Is it a requirement that an action cam have a fisheye lense? Something like a 22mm wide wouldn't make me as nauseous. Doesn't seem to be out there.

No matter how much you correct or crop a fisheye, it's still junk. Sometimes you have no choice but when you do, you always want rectilinear.

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