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neil holmes: Phone cameras are already better than point and shoot cameras from not so very long ago.
Those older P&S cameras were good enough then for many but with all the hassle of getting people to see the photos.

Of course someone happy with the photos (and especially photos only for the here and now) from a phone who can get their family and friends to see them instantly is not going to bother with a real camera.
Those who may have ONLY had a P&S a few years ago and never needed more would wonder what all the fuss is about if they get better results from a phone than from a camera previously.....never mind the ease of sharing.
They will still hire a real photographer for weddings and the like (for now).
How long before there is a wedding pro only using phones??
I am sure it WILL happen at some point (even if the device is not JUST a phone).

My first digital camera was a Minolta Dimage 7. It cost me almost $1000 .00. It was touted as a Pro Sumer model and was a wonder at the time! That time is long past. Incidentally, when I gave it to a friend almost 10 years later..it was still taking great photos! I would not want it now..too many wonderful cameras at a lower price point, with better resolution and many more features! You just can't compare apples to oranges!

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Gesture: DSLRs-the cockpit of the space shuttle is less complicated. Pentax tried to simplify the DSLR interface with the K-01, but was never followed up. No courage to rethink the camera and clearly the OEMs are locked in standardized subassemblies, dial placement, etc.

I have and love my Nikon SLR Camera. I have and love my Canon EOS 60 D DSLR. But most always, I have my iPhone with me, while my Canon and Nikon sit at home unless I am shooting for a client. As for the capabilities of the iPhone...for around $9.. try the 645 Pro Mark III software. It gives you filters, "film choice", formats covering pretty much the whole range needed. In a few words..it gives you "almost" the functionality of a DSLR. Combine the iPhone with an inexpensive shutter grip and a radio (not infrared) shutter release..and your ability to be creative goes to another level. That software has a complete menu system to adjust for ISO, white balance, JPEG, Raw "or it's equivilent". So... an iPhone has the ability to do more than just take a snapshot for Facebook! As always, the end result is up to the user and his or her vision. If you want a large print..use an SLR or a DSLR. Just don't disparage the "lowly" iPhone. It's a technological wonder at a reasonable price.

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