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Hmm, I've not noticed this problem even when I was messing about at ISO 12600.


By no means is it a perfect image but at that high ISO for snapshots I was happy. Unless of course Lightroom auto-corrects for it and I just never noticed.

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RedFox88: This is essentially a 24mm f/3.2 lens in terms of FOV and depth of field. Goes to show you can have really fast & shallow DOF glass on 4/3 like a 24mm f/1.4 camera for 35mm SLRs.

In terms of exposure, crop factor does not affect aperture but it's effective DOF is simply because the image is cropped.

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Ohh, might finally be able to replace my 14mm 2.5.

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To those wanting the viewfinder and tilting screen, my feeling is they release this camera at this price point so they have a reason to release a true "GF Pro" at 1000+ bucks. If they release the "GF Pro" first, then they might have to price it lower or they don't sell any GX-1 cameras if they released it after release the true pro camera. What stinks is, yeah I want viewfinder/tilting screen and all that but I want to be paying this $699 not $1000+ price point where I'd rather spend the money on a lens for my Canon. Now they are set up to release the camera that everyone seems to want at a higher price point. It's a smart move by Panasonic in terms of a sales standpoint.

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