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Randy Veeman: All the A7RII bundles with a lens are over $4300. OUCH!

Some are willing to pay that much, but I'd bet 98% of prospective buyers would laugh at the price.
Just get the D750 with better performance and near identical IQ. It is a bit bigger, but can shoot faster FPS and such, AND their are so many native lens bargains with great IQ. Try to find a native 50mm F1.9 prime on the Sony for under $200 - ain't gonna happen!

Re: FuhTeng.

What sort of warranty comes at this price? Authorized 1 year Nikon USA? Would be surprising.

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On Sony Alpha 7R II Review (2082 comments in total)
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Emphyrio2: A good review. Image quality is impressive. But the"Not so good for' list is longer than the same list for 5D3 and includes the photography i most like to do.

For Rishi,
In that case then, in future it might be useful to have a Small and Smaller/Smallest Cons List... in order to put things in a useful context. If it makes the camera less useful or even useless in some context, it would be helpful to know - and on the other hand where particular cons are simply a niggle. How specific and refined can a review become? DPR is getting there. Thank you as always.

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On Sony Alpha 7R II Review (2082 comments in total)
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JerryKraut: I would give Sony an innovation award for doing away with the SLR - in principle if not in practice. This particular camera, however, given its high price, does not deserve an award due to its many significant shortcomings. Back to the drawing board, Sony!

Seeing how Sony is fairly rapidly making newer improved versions, they will continue to improve each one as much and as quickly as possible. They don't at all appear to be sitting on their laurels to get to the finish line with each iteration. So at least they are trying, and by the looks of it, they are trying with some ferocity... the industry needs someone to try to beat anyway, and Sony appears to have stirred the pot in a positive way. All the camera brands using the Sony sensors have benefitted to some degree. This does help everyone potentially. Hopefully the other brands improve as well.

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Thank you for a very well written review. I 'm sure much time and effort was spent both before and after the event. Sony has come a long way so far... will be of great interest to see what happens down the pike. Maybe some of this tech might show up on Sony's upcoming DSLR's and something magic is in the future?

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kriztian: Dear god. Where is the video button!!!! Please let there be one in the final production. No 4k I belive not many people will buy the camera.

Not only that, but where on earth can one find video coverage of the Pentax FF booth? Nowhere. I wonder why? All this talk of video in a slr and nobody takes a video, just still pics... curious!

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Mr. Alcorn, your portfolio is truly excellent. My hat is off to you. Best Wishes, Nic

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Catfish mode is hidden in the menus. Merman mode is hidden in the testoserone menu. Get with your inner feminine. Looks like a good camera.

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On article CreativeLive Photo Week: Watch DPReview on Media Panel (28 comments in total)

Excellent play of ideas and tips. Thank you!

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On article Sony Alpha 7R II: Real-world ISO invariance study (370 comments in total)

I do hope that we'll soon see BSI sensors for aps-c :-) available to Pentax and Nikon.

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xmeda: Rebranded TAMRON 24-70/2.8 .. not even worth the * designation..

At least they have FF standard zoom again... fast and cheap with little effort.

What *? Not.

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On article Ricoh teases spring 2016 full-frame Pentax DSLR debut (524 comments in total)
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HubertChen: Concept Idea: EVF option

Support for legacy lenses is a big thing for Pentax Users. I can see that with this might come in part a reluctance to use EVF. OVF is more traditional. Also in some shooting conditions it is superior to EVF. So why not have both?

Concept 1: EVF Module
Clip an EVF Module accessory to the top left of the camera. This converts the Gestalt to Rangefinder Haptic, which is a big plus. Much more comfortable to hold. The effective camera size will remain the same. Ideal for shooting video or to just get all the OVF benefits.

Concept 2: High Quality LCD Viewer
Place a metal frame around the LCD. Make the LCD viewfinder a magnetic snap on. Make it symmetric, so you can mount it either way. Use great optics with coating. Make sure the lens does not fog easily due to eye's humidity. And reduce the size. Third party products are 70 mm deep. They use only one lens element. Do it in 30 mm with fold back rubber eye piece. No need to be low cost. Be high quality!

The eyeglass division went with the previous overlord.
Telescopes and binoculars are with Ricoh.

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On article Ricoh teases spring 2016 full-frame Pentax DSLR debut (524 comments in total)

Quadraphonic sensors.

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For some reason I can't get the name Mulva out of my mind now.

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On article Readers' Showcase: Greg Krycinski (44 comments in total)

I find it enjoyable to see your work and learn something of your approach to photography. I like your shared blog too and have it bookmarked. You have much to add to our world Sensei... Thank you.

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On article Quick Review: PhotoKeeper (103 comments in total)

Hi .Sam
Stating which ones/companies/programs whatever, as being much better, cheaper etc. - is much more of a help. Thank you. Nic

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On article Sony a7R teardown! Roger Cicala gets his hands dirty (136 comments in total)

Do you think the other manufacturers are taking notes on the simpler and cheaper build? Would be nice to see things get this way across the industry.

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On article Capture One Pro 8 software review (316 comments in total)

C1 does not include Pentax 645 D or Z support... probably never will.

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On article Pentax K-3 II added to studio test scene comparison (177 comments in total)
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stanic042: I like the lack of moiré and increased detail

Corner softness. Doesn't sound like it will be great for FF.

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On article Behind the Shot: Watery Grave (94 comments in total)

Considering the conditions you had to experience, a great effort I think.
I imagine you had to smudge your clothing and equipment afterward
Thanks for sharing.

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Edgar_in_Indy: I've heard from a reliable source that the change was related to issues with the pixie dust.

*dust ;-)

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